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This is how you do it, Dorian

Posted by Peter Kenneally on May 12, 2009

a not unhappy ending

climbers tarry, stop

then wait.

cherried leaves lift, tilt, by chilled wind vibrate

before soundless form and senseless weight.

grey eyes ask and green reflect the shifting feet, distraught, caught

rock and void, soil lost in puff and gasp and laugh bisect.

hope is naught, closed lips don’t see.

growing gaping flying lost.

moss is left, a life the cost.


Pretty deep, eh?  or:

How I became a published poet in just 10 minutes

  • Gordon Farrer
  • I RECEIVED the email from Poetry.com (The International Library of Poetry) inviting me to take a poetry IQ test late on a Friday. It had been a lazy day in the office, I was bored, so I did the quiz: 11 multiple-choice questions and an assignment to write and submit an original, unpublished poem. I rattled off the answers, knocked out a poem and sent the lot into cyberspace before racing for the train

I don’t usually respond to spam, but Poetry.com (The International Library of Poetry) struck a chord. The name suggested dust motes floating in sunlight slanting on to an oak desk messy with gilt-edged tomes, quill in an ink pot, calligraphy flowing across parchment. Their address was 1 Poetry Plaza, Owing Mills, Maryland. This mob had literary written all over it.

My test results arrived the following week: a perfect score. The folks at Poetry.com (The International Library of Poetry) were impressed: this score, they noted, indicated an excellent grasp of poetic terms, structure, forms and techniques; they suspected I had undertaken advanced-level study in literature or advanced poetry courses; it was likely, they thought, that I had spent considerable time writing and developing my own poetic “voice” and techniques.

They dared believe that if I could apply this knowledge of poetic form and structure to my own work I would be considered among the most talented of poetic artists.

The poem I had submitted would be assessed by a judging panel and I would receive an evaluation by mail.

The rest of the article here


4 Responses to “This is how you do it, Dorian”

  1. dorian9 said

    is that all there is to it? without further delay i must dig up my best alliterating, rhyming, most colorful coupleted poem and send it to The International Library of Poetry so it can be marked for posterity. it would be worth the $49. i pray that i make the grade and qualify. if the judges say nay to me then i have no choice but produce a musical.

    betty what was this all about. i mean what was meryl streep thinking when she did mamma mia. and did i really pay $2.50 to rent the dvd? maybe french and saunders shared my sentiment, eh?


  2. dorian9 said

    good one, betty! if lawman is reading i urge to send your poem to poetry.com immediately.

    darn why couldn’t i have thought of something like that. they must be raking in the bucks! so many unpublished poetic geniuses in the world waiting for such an opportunity, yeah? deserves a ‘most ingenuous scam of the decade’ award.


  3. […] is how you do it, Dorian Collected by tothewire 3 hours ago from tothewire.wordpress.com // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]


  4. indir said

    thank you 🙂


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