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Preakness 134

Posted by dorian on May 13, 2009

Preakness 134, 2nd leg of the triple crown takes place this saturday may 16.

betty, e_e,  kay, pick your winners!! princess picked big drama. dorian is liking the filly rachel alexandra. get your picks in by friday night…


Click on image for official Preakness 134 site!!



9 Responses to “Preakness 134”

  1. Princess said

    this is what i like about the ADKOB the most.
    D9 shares with us one of his most favorite vices.
    and we all join in.
    gambling isn’t a sin in the bible.
    there should be a horse race every weekend.


  2. dorian9 said

    yeah baby! we just know how to have fun don’t we…


  3. Princess said

    as long as you are paying for it. i’m there.


  4. dorian9 said

    i pay for up to two drinks only. okay, dinner too. your next ten drinks you gotta get your wallet out of the red clutch purse. maybe sam will pay for them but you gotta put up with the belching and stinky cigars…


  5. Princess said

    i live in a cloud of tobacco smoke.

    sam, i could service him. i have no problem with that.


  6. Wyndee said

    you said birkenstock was a choice right? 🙂

    thats my pick.

    GO baby GO!!!

    im feelin lucky.

    but, i should admit, i win everything, so, sorry bout your luck if you dont pick birkenstock!!! 😛


  7. Princess said

    good job Wyndee.
    now the money goes to a charity of your choice if you do win.
    that way, we all are winners.


  8. dorian9 said

    no birkenstock running in this race, i was just guessing what shoes princess had on yesterday. hehe

    here are your choices:

    * General Quarters
    * Terrain
    * Big Drama
    * Papa Clem
    * Take the Points
    * Pioneerof the Nile
    * Friesan Fire
    * Mine That Bird
    * Musket Man
    * Rachel Alexandra

    better yet, go to http://www.preakness.com/ so you can see more. i’ll put a photo of everyone’s horse up before the race on saturday. go girl go


  9. dorian9 said

    kay are you going with pioneer of the nile again? he came in second for the kentucky and has good odds to win this one…


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