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Is dorian9 a “real” person?

Posted by princessxxx on May 18, 2009

Or is he a “CHUPACABRAS?”

the evidence is compelling.



Congratulations Dorian, we have chosen you to be our cover girl for the Christmas issue of


sorry Kay, you were miss runner-up,…. again.   better luck next time.

anyway, as soon as I make up the facts, i will print up the article.


62 Responses to “Is dorian9 a “real” person?”

  1. princessxxx said

    dorian, i don’t think that you really are a chupacabras,
    i think you just play one on the internet.


  2. larry said

    as horny as he is i would have thought he would have a little white coller.


  3. princessxxx said

    keen observation, right randy keen, if you ask me.

    anyway, “SHUTUP”, larry, i don’t recall inviting you here.


  4. dorian9 said

    good one, hrh princess diana grace
    the picture speaks for itself
    all the facts are there
    on a silver frame it goes
    in the altar ‘neath the mirror
    oh! what’s this i hear?
    a whisper in my ear
    she forgot the guitar

    i’m prettier than chupacabra. more like one of tolkien’s warrior elves.

    i vote for kay as next issue’s cover girl. i rreally rreally want to see that visual. and e_e and betty and you and wyndee, visuals from the adkob artiste extraordinaire, hrh princess!

    who’s your friend larry? did he follow you from tbo.com?


  5. princessxxx said

    no, larry is my girlfriend,
    the musician in trinidad.
    he doesn’t follow baal.

    oh i got lot’s of visuals.
    they seem to make more sense to me.

    oh and d9, the guitar visual of you is at baal kellers dullvotional, 5/11.
    i think of you when i watch that.
    what with the chords and all.


  6. kay~ms said

    Well.. I love your post P… it’s hilarious… please, please don’t do me next! It won’t be nearly as funny… move on to E… or Betty… yes, Betty!

    Dorian.. only you can answer the question! Are you a real person? And even more… what is that between your legs?


  7. dorian9 said

    i’m a real person but only e_e and the secret societies know if i’m man or myth. and they ain’t talking.

    notty kay, that’s my tail i’m sitting on.
    if i could draw i would have drawn you already, kay. P is the one bestowed with the fine hand. i’ve been working on finding an image to portray you but i can’t find the perfect one. please do her next, P!! then e_e. oh, and i think he definitely should have a little white coller.


  8. Madone said

    Very cool pic….witty too.


  9. Madone said

    imagine that. chupacabra lives on this blog. we’ve been looking for
    him for all these years. his name is dorian9 and he’s christian?
    what’s that between his legs?

    nice work, princesxxx. are you a real person?


  10. princessxxx said

    well, gee whiz, thanks for the compliments guys,…madone, d9, kay.
    i don’t know about that larry, what’s her problem? i’m going to have to get back to her.

    well, kay, i don’t really think that d9 is a chupacabras, but certainly he must be some other “ungodly creature”.

    let me clue you guys in.
    he told me he was a musician, so i asked him to send me one of his songs.
    he sent me a link to a “chord”.
    then he sent me a link to another “chord”.
    not anyone human would do such a thing. what does he think i’m gonna do, cut and paste them together?
    well, i did and this is what is sounds like.


  11. dorian9 said

    brava princess.
    great cut and paste job on those chords! hey that even looks like my first guitar. stewie does those chords well, especially the minors. he’ll be a good musician one day and make lots of money but that’s if he doesn’t start a blog.

    “ungodly creature” you’re so right. D9 a cross between ‘gods and monsters’, ‘the picture of dorian grey’ and ‘lord of the rings.’


  12. Oh Princess you are truly grouse: I laughed like the drain. That has cleared the foetid air over here a bit.


  13. princessxxx said

    thank you betty, a compliment from you means something.
    you are the only poster on here that i have to employ a dictionary.
    at least someone is keeping me on my toes.


  14. dorian9 said

    betty is our english language lexicon.

    p on her toes


  15. Wyndee said

    hmm.. a real person. the world may never know.

    grreat drawing. you’re smart and creative. 😛


  16. I’m thinking Princess Margaret myself……


  17. I know the secret of Dorian and for the low low price of $6000 usd I will tell you the secrets of Dorian….psst Dorian is a pokemon….


  18. princessxxx said

    pikachu? well that makes sense. a pikachu-pacabras.

    but you are right wyndee, you usually are, the world may never know. especially when e_e’s esoterics are so pricey. maybe i can jew him down.

    internet buzz has it that d9 is just a program e_e whipped up on his lunch break between classes. sort of a “tattle-tale” spybot. anyway, this d9 spybot became self aware just like SKYNET in the terminator films. that could lead to some trouble in the future.

    or cia operative. that is why he doesn’t want the torture pictures released. he is in every single frame. doling out the torture, easy as can be.

    conspiracies are fun! we should do this more often.


  19. dorian9 said

    betty – it would be princess meg, right? she knew how to have fun.

    e_e i would’ve thought the secret info. would go for a much higher price than that!

    i like the sound of picachu-pacabras so that can be my code name. yes, a spybot that became self-aware and developed a conscience. founded a blog to recruit intelligences that could bring in clues to the whereabouts of JC, the boy messiah king skynet has ordered terminated. d9’s own mission is to protect JC from skynet’s robots.

    cia torture director is d9’s twin brother. that’s why he doesn’t want the pictures released.

    okay guys and dolls i created a new category for conspiracy theories. ready, post!!
    that should attract some interesting visitors.


  20. dorian9 said

    i changed the tagline, everybody. any changes will be made or approved by dean and headmaster betty. so be it.

    art director princess, if you can recommend any design improvements let us know – technical director e_e will advise. our most loyal and faithful deaconess kay will continue to pray for the blessing of our beloved blog, along with sister wyndee.



  21. Wyndee said

    LMBO!!!! good one.


  22. I love it so us…I wonder if ttw is mad because we ruined her good name…now that this blog is stablized a little I will work on project sanctuary any current authors that want to post about religious things since in the beginning God….err I mean myself, tothewire, and dorian all thought it was a good idea to keep religious articles on the sister blog…unfortunately like my lawn it has become overgrown and neglected. As kay and princess can tell you its been raining almost non stop in the tampa bay area since like sat or sun and my grass has become waist high in a week. (before my whole yard was one big brown spot.) That is our sister blog and I have taken time off RECENTLY from making posts on this blog to work on my like four or five posts that will fill my sanctuary post quota for the month….with that and school it is hard to keep up…but wyndee since kay has declined my invitations to post a kay_ms99 daily devotional thingy I will open up the invitation to Wyndee who i think has writers privlages if not post a comment I will get to it and add you as an author if you so choose. I need to start working on my blog and trying to recruit some spiritualistic writers from all religious disciplines that are willing to write articles on faith and whatnot. I am hoping to schedule a staff meeting about some other things all are welcome to attend the web location where this real time ttw blog staff shenanigans will happen stay tuned for developments!


  23. dorian9 said

    yes wyndee if you’re so inclined to author just let us know!

    has anyone other than princess ventured into our sister site? do i dare mention that there all will see our true esoteric side? yeah the original plan was to keep politics and debate here and all things spiritual/philosophical/mythical there but isn’t it a challenge keeping that wall of separation between religion/morality and everything else!

    e_e, i posted something there just 2 weeks ago have you seen it?


    i’ll start optimizing and advertising that site for traffic also


  24. dorian9 said

    p.s – i don’t think tothewire would mind – it’s just a tagline change and we just couldn’t add any more names; the header is already way too busy. besides, i’ve gotten at least three unsolicited recommendations re. changing our tagline! hmm. who were those opinionated people, i wonder?


  25. Wyndee said

    Thank You guys! Thats so nice. my time is very limited but if the door is open i very well might post something. saaaaweet! so do i have to have my own blog? i have one. somewhere….. it has nothing on it. lol. i have facebook and myspace.. 🙂

    where is this sister blog. does that mean girls only? lol. kidding. daily devotional is a lot of work. but maybe we should all take 1 day in the week. hahaahaha. maybe one day ill have the time. who knows.

    e_e send the rain to the north west please. we are in need. the days are beautiful, but we ususally dont see sky all of april… our weather has been odd to say the least. 70’s to 80’s then freezing and snow, all in the same week!!!

    well better get to work. have a great day guys.

    p/kay- do you guys have facebook?


  26. princessxxx said

    facebook is for squares.
    myspace is where you post your drunken party pictures shortly after you dump your daughters corpse in a trash back just down the street. (casey anthony)
    craigslist is for serial killers. (philip markoff)

    “ADKOB” is for the illumin-notties.

    wyndee, where are you coming up with those smiley faces? i can’t seem to find them anywhere.


  27. dorian9 said

    sister wyndee go to: http://enkilleridos.wordpress.com/ don’t let the vampyres scare you it’s just e_e’s way of saying there’s nothing to fear but tyra banks herself. jes kidding, she’s ok.

    p – you know you gotta have a smiley when you draw wyndee, yeah?

    i guess i have to post some news sometime today. i’d rather do something on the illuminotties.
    nah, i think i’ll send princess another chord.


  28. Wyndee said

    hehee. i have so many pet names now. ive moved right in. so P- does that mean no facebook…. i am square, thanks for exposing my sin to eveyone… you should have put facebook is for squares (wyndee) lol
    smiley is : (+) ) and = 🙂 it wont look smily until after you submit.

    ok D9 i will explore that page.


  29. dorian9 said

    :-/ >:) :-& :d >:p >:p:d


  30. dorian9 said

    mine do not come out as smileys must be my mac settings . curses, steve jobs why do you always have to be different.


  31. princessxxx said

    you see what i mean guys.

    that’s not a chord, it’s a recipe for disaster.


    that’ what is going on here. ungoly creature!!!!


  32. dorian9 said


    cosa posso dire sono annoiato


  33. princessxxx said

    è più facile catturare un chupacabras quando sono annoiati.


  34. Wyndee said

    dang i wish i was smarter and spoke other languages.

    does that mean use your spell check???



  35. dorian9 said

    aiuto!! aiuto!! help me!! help me!!

    not chupacabras but good enough:


  36. dorian9 said

    yeah no spellchecks for foreign languages so pick one up!! italian the prettiest so we pretend to speak italian sometimes, in spite of berlusconi.


  37. princessxxx said

    no, it’s directions for capturing things that do not exist. i.e. D9.

    i don’t speak other languages, igoogle.

    anyway, wyndee, this should make you laugh. i misspelled cryptozoology and december on my graphic.

    oh, and you will love this, i went to the dentist yesterday, they are gonna yank a lot of teeth out of my skull. that is ok, i am pretty enough, take a look for yourself.


  38. dorian9 said

    and the pope.

    anyone see ‘angels and demons’? notty illuminotties wreaking havoc with the men in robes and the shoe capital of the world, wyndee.


  39. princessxxx said

    dorian, that is the main reason i have trouble coming up with a graphic of wyndee.
    she keeps changing her shoes and her hairdos.
    but i love her for that and wouldn’t have it any other way.


  40. dorian9 said

    that only shows she’s an open person and not afraid of change.
    i’m optimizing adkob on alphainventions under the category of art also, now that we have your etchings here. we do have a chatango i’ll ck w/ e_e if it’s working


  41. Wyndee said

    ya actually princess, thats a scary mickey…. but… too bad about your teeth. and too bad you dont go to my office. heehee.

    D- its funny you say that, i really do hate change…. maybe i have split personalities… 😉

    i hadnt heard of the movie, but i guess google has. so they informed me. but i didnt read enuf to get clued in.

    i used to be called gumby in school. but those girls were jealous coz i was a supermodel back then.. well P see what you can do with that. lol


  42. princessxxx said

    wyndee, i knew you were a supermodel. i just knew it.
    so now i know how to depict you. it’s all good.

    anyway, kay is next.

    and that mickey, she’s not scary, just misunderstood.
    kay said it was creepy. she should have taken a look at my dental x-rays to really understand the concept of creepy.


  43. princessxxx said

    (+) ) and =


  44. Wyndee said

    lmbo. you crack me up.
    i love you so much.


  45. dorian9 said

    princess, wyndee baking pies? i’m in. is there enough pie for four?

    wyndee is gemini, counts as two personalities.


  46. dorian9 said

    wyndee, p, do you both have yahoo messenger or any other i.m??


  47. princessxxx said

    don’t answer him wyndee,
    he pulled the same trick on my chickens.
    drained every drop of their blood.

    just kidding, laugh out loud and all that.

    i will have to i.m and messenger you guys later. i’m off to eat oysters. yummy!


  48. Enkill_Eridos said


    I will figure it out later that is our chat room


  49. you may have to type /join #tothewire to get in


  50. Wyndee said

    thats right im feeding 2…. hahahaaaa…
    umm… i dont have i.m. at work. on my phone i do. but if im on my phone any more than the norm i will suffer persecution


    oysters eh’. yumm


  51. You see how I didn’t mention the spelling mistakes, Margaret. Tactful, you see.


  52. dorian9 said

    i too, said the ungodly creature…

    must be tactful around hrh meg.


  53. princessxxx said

    well,, it’s no surprise to you guys that i don’t have an editor.
    but i am pleased that my first post was somewhat successful.
    more comments than “was jesus real” (even though a third of them are my own.)

    my portrait, however, epic fail.

    provare, provare di nuovo.


  54. princessxxx said

    and betty,….”margaret”?….seriously?…
    you do know how to slay me with 3 syllable words.
    i’m gonna have to chisel you out of fine marble. i am afraid that you are just too ideal of a beauty for photoshop.
    plaster of paris won’t cut it either.

    at least i’m trying. hahahahah. (+) ) and =


  55. princess i need to ask you a question that I do not want the public to know you can IM me through my e-mail and I think you can view my e-mail.


  56. princessxxx said

    oh gosh, am i in trouble again? have dorian send you my email address and then ask away.
    i’m not following what you are saying about the IM.
    don’t ask me to marry you, i know that you already have a wife, and i don’t play any of that morman monkey business.



  57. Vlaserted said

    Зер гуд ставлю 5 балов.


  58. dorian9 said

    IM is instant messaging (yahoo messenger, AIM, etc..).
    i’ll give him your email. i don’t know if you’re in trouble but if you are don’t expect me to rescue you if you’re put in the tower.
    i don’t do heights.


  59. Wyndee said

    (+) ) and =

    hahahahaahaaa i like it


  60. Princessxxx said

    buterder – “as they say, nothing to live – untimely death”

    i couldn’t agree more 🙂


  61. This is the best post on this topic i have ever read. Having a baby is hard on the body no matter how in or out of shape you feel you are.


  62. Enkill_Eridos said

    Cryptozoology! I just read the book that picture is referencing..that was some cleaverness..


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