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SUPERMODEL WYNDEE – notty, notty girrrrrrl!!!

Posted by princessxxx on May 21, 2009


26 Responses to “SUPERMODEL WYNDEE – notty, notty girrrrrrl!!!”

  1. princessxxx said

    ok you guys, i will cut it out….until monday morning/


  2. dorian9 said

    hello wyndee!


  3. I have one thing to say….*sings* Jesus Christ superstar I have a technicolor dream coat and youwho dont. (I dont know how the actual song goes but we played this in our marching band my junior year of high school so I know the beat.)


  4. PrinceWilliam said

    Wyndee is a masterpiece. True genius. She has the remarkable ability to be so professional, maintaining that smile, even though she has made a strong statement on race, by painting herself that gorgeous green. Wyndee appears to respect christians and all humans with her hermaphrodite apperance. Thank you gorgeous green.
    You go wonderful wyndee. I love you.


  5. dorian9 said

    p you got your work cut out for you on e_e’s image. that technicolor dream coat joseph had. with a white collar.


  6. Pokeyerhotass said

    i no’d dat bitch wyndeeva fer evva….she puts out big time….hore…dat bitch is on my korner all da time….


  7. princessxxx said

    yeah, well, so far, e_e to me is a lot of numbers and letters and symbols. i have not been able to envision what his physical appearance might be.
    i’m thinking he has black curly hair and glasses.
    i guess it is going to depend on how well he scolds me before i attempt that masterpiece. it could be a white collar or a dog collar. (do i have to reference everything as a joke?)

    you and wyndee laid out all the facts, and i am sure my visions of you two are right on the money.
    i think my portrait of wyndee is so adorable and pc and g rated, she can show it to her children and even hang it up at work. scrapbook it if she likes. i think wyndee is groovy.
    she is the voice of reason when it comes to christianity. i bragged about wyndee for defending me to my aunt. i will always be a fan of wyndee.
    and your portrait, you could show that to your nephew & niece.

    well, i canned my portrait as it was described as creepy & scary. that is because that visual was spot on, too.

    and thank you prince william, you have been one of my greatest inspirations for over 3 decades.
    and in my opinion, you are truly the ideal of beauty. much more so than anyone here. you are so lucky prince w. that i’m not a girl. i would have forced you to skip school, marry me and build me a castle in wyoming. no matter how much your mother protested it. hahahhahah.


  8. princessxxx said

    pokeyerhotass – oh, you american indians are all alike.
    you think every street corner is your corner.
    your just jealous. cause wyndee has cuter little outfits than you.
    and she wears size 2, what are you these days? size 18?

    if you have such a problem with that, why don’t you write a song. i have 3 chords you can work with. take that to the casino.
    keep this crap up and i’m calling mona.


  9. Wyndee said

    OMGOSH!!! put the blonde wig on me w/ the same color thats on my now and you have me.

    good job. i love myself.

    my friends at work are like, how do they know you so well….? im like IDK!!!


  10. Wyndee said

    wait, bragging….. tell me more… lol


  11. princessxxx said

    “EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S WYNDEE” -the association.

    Who’s peeking out from under a stairway
    Calling a name that’s lighter than air
    Who’s bending down to give me a rainbow
    Everyone knows it’s Wyndee

    Who’s tripping down the streets of the city
    Smiling at everybody she sees
    Who’s reaching out to capture a moment
    Everyone knows it’s Wyndee

    And Wyndee has stormy eyes
    That flash at the sound of lies
    And Wyndee has wings to fly
    Above the clouds, above the clouds

    “that song was written about an lsd trip.”

    i love that graphic i did of you, my personal favorite in some time. i was so inspired creatively and inhalantly. it took me about 20 minutes to whip that one up. true automatic writing.

    well, i have a suspicion i may be getting a reprimand or something. if that is the case, LOL!!!

    i picked out some really groovy shoes for you. i would wear them myself if they came in my size.


  12. Princess we may know each other irl or you are an excellent guesser I do have curly hair (loose curls lots of hairlicks) and do wear glasses…my hair is a muddy brown though (black when wet.) Joseph and the tecnicolor dream coat one of my all time favorite Andrew Loyd Webber’s musicals. The show any dream will do is my favorite as well. (Way better than american idol the gay ones are openly gay…where american idol is like he may be gay he looks gay and talks gay but he is talking about a girlfriend…is that like a platonic friend that is a girl or a romantic relationship. I am heterosexual but I am secure enough to admit that I enjoy musicals both being in them and watching them. And other things that homophobes call as homosexual activities. (not sexual only my wife can put things in my butt.) I don’t watch football the aggressive tackle people before they get to the big symbolic vagina not my thing. And the field goal symbolism do not get me started on the bleeding of sexual frustration into sports thing. I like hockey where it’s you checked me too hard? I am gonna know out your teeth kinda thing.)I may have leetle horns or may not…I am gonna change my pic to my dachsund. He looks like a beagle mix but the papers call him pure breed. He is also from arkansas but he looks kinda….slow…he is cute though. Or I can just be an enigma with a technicolor dream coat you will never know…


  13. princessxxx said


    oh good, e_e, i thought you were going to correct my attitude. ask anyone i know, that is a thankless chore. if you had to of had to discipline me, i would have made your picture out of macaroni and elmers glue, just like i used to do in kindergarten.
    i just knew your hair was curly and the glasses. i know that you are interested in psychic vampyres. well, i had one of the greatest psychic experiences anyone could have. i hope you have it, too. i will post on it later.
    i have been trying to get my sister to have my nephew play hockey instead of baseball. hockey is beautiful and violent and the players are so gorgeous. i would rather sit in an air conditioned stadium than some mosquitoe ridden ballpark.
    i have never watched a football game in my life. dreary.

    multi color dreamcoats and a dachsund? sound like i’m gonna have to go to the art supply store and stock up on some glitter. glitter is not gay, depending on what you sprinkle it on.

    my next pic is kay. i think.

    i am totally secure in my homo-ness. closeted fags really despise me. and i love every minute of it. i like to make them cry.
    my sister used to have a boyfriend that liked her to str*p one on and pl%w him bigtime. nothing unusual there. (i wonder if d9 has ever had that kind of fun?)

    i see by your current gravatar that you dislike palin as much as i do. yeah!

    anyway, i am so pleased that wyndee likes her image. it is too cute.

    i am kind of studying the capabilities and limitations of wordpress. i will catch up. give me a few moments.


  14. kay~ms said

    “my next pic is kay. i think.”

    great… I’m not looking forward to this… please do Betty or EE next… they are both so much more complex than me… they would be much more fun to do.


  15. princessxxx said

    wyndee, i changed your hairstyle, i didn’t want to post it here, it would make me seem like a space hog.

    i hope that is more like it. i hope you print it out and stick it on your fridge with a magnet.

    now kay, you are no different than the rest of us. we must all have our portraits.
    i may actually take more time on yours because i picture you on a horse. with a bat.
    or maybe that is just something i read somewhere. i will be nice. no ones portrait is going to be as disturbing as my own. i am egocentric that way. i insist on being the creepiest and the scariest, just like in real life. my favorite holiday? halloween.
    i’m not gonna promise who is next. if i make a promise, well, that is a lie.
    and if you guys want me to cut this out already. ok.


  16. Wyndee said

    i like the other pic. it rocks.


  17. I think what you are doing is fun I only discipline when I need to and unfortunately i think you would like my spankings too much no you have not crossed the line…just do it tastefully I really think the human form in anyshape is art and should be looked at and admired…but other people would call the naked form porn and looking at the naked form a sin etc etc etc. If you do show nudity think the sculpture of david by Rapheal (before the pope castrated the poor statue.) That in itself is art just dont make it vulgar…I have no problems with vulgarity but we have to think of the other viewers virgin eyes.


  18. Wyndee said

    YA!!! like my eyes!!!!!!!!!!


  19. princessxxx said

    ok, e_e, i understand.
    people are so funny about nudity. it is so so stupid.

    i’m not planning on anything of sexual nature.

    i used to do this for a living. got paid to make silly little flyers or advertisements. editorial cartoons.
    i’m really good at it. plus i know how to make subliminal messages, i studied under Dali.

    by the way, they are building a really interesting new Dali museum. i can’t wait. you should take your wife on a date there when it opens.

    and this is true, if you pray under this picture:

    it will make your nipples hard, it did mine.


  20. dorian9 said

    princess – you should have all your images in your princessxxx blog, make it like a gallery…


  21. princessxxx said


  22. kay~ms said

    Sorry P, yes, I did / do like your portrait of Wyndee… especially because it helps me forget about yours… just kidding… but I’m never going to be able to look at Mickey the same way again…


  23. princessxxx said

    my bad, then don’t go over to my other site, not for conservitudes or minors

    i was going to save this for monday morning but i am such an airhead.

    in gods world, anything is possible.



  24. Cederash said

    Неоднократно доводилось читать подобные посты на англоязычных блогах, но это не значит что ваш пост мне не понравился


  25. You studied under Dali? My Princess Margaret theory is firming up nicely: you must be getting on a bit……were you a Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity?


  26. princessxxx said

    El gran masturbador


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