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BAAL KELLER FANATIX! – a dollar for Baal Keller is 50 cents for Satan 5/24/09

Posted by princessxxx on May 24, 2009



This according to: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/996188211.html 

that is the christiannewswire, the christiannewswire for christ’s sake.

from baal's website votingforsatan.com

from baal's website votingforsatan.com






a dollar for bill keller is a 50 cents for satan



and if you do not believe the christiannewswire AND votingforsatan, well, listen for yourself.







54 Responses to “BAAL KELLER FANATIX! – a dollar for Baal Keller is 50 cents for Satan 5/24/09”

  1. princessxxx said


  2. PrinceWilliam said

    Baal Keller’s lisp is getting worse.


  3. PrinceWilliam said

    Wasn’t it the religious right that got us into this mess. The primary reason being our agression and know it all manner. Didn’t it all really start with an attitude that christians are superior and can dictate to the rest of the world.

    Sounds like Baal Keller is right there again trying to dictate, and now he thinks there is a simple fix to the economy. Just believe. That is exactly the philosophy that got us into this hole.


  4. princessxxx said

    yes, Prince William, baal does think he can fix the economy. he even said on his show several times that he,(baal) could do a better job of running this country than obama or mccain.
    oh really? i think more like run it into the ground like he did his, LOL!, ministry.

    here is from baal’s dullvotional today 5/25/09.
    ” ***MAY FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we are just 6 days before the end of May, we still need to bring in just over $50,000 to cover the balance of this months operational expenses. As we wind down our 117th month online, it has been those faithful friends like yourself who have enabled us to impact tens of millions of live worldwide during this time. Each month, we have simply asked God to provide for that month’s needs. Each moth, God has moved on hundreds of hearts to make the sacrifice to give to support His work here, and moved on 2-3 hearts to send a major gift of $5,000- $20,000 that working with the smaller gifts enabled us to more to the next month. I am simply asking you to pray today, give as the Lord guides you, and according to your ability to give. God will honor you heart and bless your faithfulness! Thank You!”

    of course Kay won’t tell you that.


  5. dorian9 said

    okay now i won’t watch a video entitled ‘economic meltdown is God’s judgment on us’. that is a wrathful vengeful god, certainly not one i can relate to. there is no love in a message that incites fear. if the preacher is seeking converts, that would not be the effective strategy. i would not want a spiritual leader that espouses fear of God. the most despotic rulers in history have ruled and controlled using fear.


  6. kay~ms said

    Dorian, do you believe that God will judge us when we die? God has a right to judge us and that doesn’t make Him vengeful.

    That all too popular “new age” notion that God is a loving God and therefore wouldn’t judge us has no basis… it’s not what the Bible says…He IS a loving God but we will still be judged. What book or source are you using to decide what you believe? It sounds like you’ve been watching Oprah or reading “the Shack” or Deepak or any of the many others that write / sell these lies and make lots of money doing so because it’s exactly what people want to hear. These poeple are no different than the ones that John and Paul and others warned readers about 2000 years ago… it didn’t take long after Jesus died for people to start changing the true meaning of Christianity… even saying that sin was ok because it was our physical bodies that were evil, not our spirits…so it was ok to sin in the physical body…hmm.. wishful thinking you think? No different than “believing” that God doesn’t judge. It’s wishful thinking, and thinking it or pretending to believe it won’t make it true.


  7. kay~ms said

    P, yes, you are right.. Bill ends every devotional now asking for money and I don’t include that in the weekly review because most people won’t understand the situation. Again, if he doesn’t ask for money he will not be able to reach as many people as he is reaching now. And don’t forget… he became a millionaire twice… he probably could do better than McCain or Obama.


  8. dorian9 said

    nah, that’s all me. i don’t like people that think they are telling me what i want to hear. i’ve always thought God was kind and forgiving and yes there will be judgment when we die that’s why i try to be kind and forgiving in this life. i don’t need a book to understand that. it’s pretty much cause and effect, luke 6:31 that grandmother always reminded us about. that’s the simple rule i like to live by. why scare the little children?

    i don’t watch oprah but i do see that magazine with her face on the cover of every issue, when i’m at the supermarket. she seems full of herself. what’s “the shack”?
    deepak sounds like a nice man, a friend sent me a youtube link.

    i think evil starts in the mind and if the spirit is willing, then bad deeds – you like to call those “sins” – are committed. i’d rather listen to you than your preacher anytime, kay.
    he wants to be a superstar. try Matthew 5:5.


  9. Avertedd said

    И придратся не к чему, а я так люблю покритиковать…


  10. princessxxx said

    avertedd – “And pridratsya not what, but I love pokritikovat.”

    well said, avertedd.

    kay – “And don’t forget… he became a millionaire twice… he probably could do better than McCain or Obama.”

    child please! baal is a total hot tranny mess. more like Ronald McCobamadonald.
    oh, and i love how baal reminds everyone that he was a millionare twice. the last time until he got caught being a notty thief, and the government took his money away and threw him in the slammer.

    dorian9 – i am so upset. well, it turns out that my images are too large for some stupid monitors, like the one here at the library. son of a bitch, i’m gonna have to go and reduce them.
    i hope you are getting the full images.


  11. princessxxx said

    kay sez: “P, yes, you are right.. Bill ends every devotional now asking for money and I don’t include that in the weekly review because most people won’t understand the situation.”

    kay, i am always right. and i am sure that anyone that reads baal’s requests for money will understand the situation perfectly. unless they are retarded, like baal.


  12. Kay you bring up a good point so let me counter that with what if christianity is the organization spouting lies? I mean the majority of belief for any religion is faith. I mean this “new age” notion of questioning things that before we have said is the almighty and absolute truth. What if what you consider an absolute truth was really some stuff someone wrote while on the John? In many christian’s eyes especially in the eyes of the fundamentalist. The 44% of the christian population that truely believe Jesus is coming back within thier life times. And 60% of christians believe it is possible the tribulation will happen in 2012 because the mayan calender ends on that date. Must be some mystical reason and not because the european’s that came over to Mexico gave them all diseases and enslaved them. But your absolute truth really may not be an absolute truth anyway. The bible is 20% laws or “the will of God.” and 80% accounts of how godly men lived thier lives, most of them are parables, myths with a deeper meaning to them. And a myth in a religious aspect is a story that attempts to explain how something is through using Gods, Goddess, or whatever. While some stories in the bible may be true, Noah’s Ark was found in Turkey and it matched up with the biblical story but that does not mean the story as a whole was exactly how it happened. But where one person sees this is the truth and I am right everyone else is wrong, do you see where this could lead to a fanaticism that would start wars? I am not saying you are wrong Kay because you are not. It is impossible for me to say you are wrong, not because I believe that your absolute truth is infaliable but because you believe it is true makes it so. Dorian may believe in Dorians heart of hearts that the flying spaghetti monster is real and if she doesn’t eat spaghetti once a week or that if she doesn’t sacrifice a cat every year she gets eaten or worse gets turned into a flying lasagna monster. As proposterous as this is (and not what Dorian believes i do not think.) If a person felt just as strongly as you do about a guy who died and rose again on the third day (which doesn’t sound just as proposterous at all.) then it is the truth to that person. The problem with most religious beliefs we are egotistical enough to say that my belief is the one and absolute truth and all unbelievers are not going to a good afterlife but a shitty one. It was written in a book it must be true. The book says Holy on it so it must be the written word of God passed down to a man to write it. It must be true. But fact is Bill Keller’s version of the truth and Kay’s version of the truth is not the same and never will be. There may be things that you may agree with him on, but somewhere in your mind you have your own opinion that shapes your ideas on the subject. And maybe those ideas are different by what the church teaches “The biggest sin of man is thinking for yourself.” It’s not through words they teach this but by actions. And I can keep on going untill I am blue in the face but fact is you dont believe that my version of seeing things is truth. You do not believe that there can be no one and absolute truth due to the shattered perceptions of individuality. One person may say this is what I believe in relation to god and it will be different to what someone else believes. That is fact it can be seen read books written by christian scholors. Some call the pope that named Mary Magdiline the same character as the whore that washed Jesus’ feet an idiot because they are clearly two different characters. And other christian scholors agree with the pope. There is no actual scriptual evidence that supports either theory and because women are sinful by nature the church decided to omit writings and teachings done by women. Also any writings done that would have a devout follower of Jesus that helped him would also be heretical in the eyes of the church. Most women who are head pastors at a church are not recognized as a part of that denomination and is not allowed to be apart of that denominations organizational structure. Just some things to think about.


  13. dorian9 said

    man, e_e, you do say a lot of things for us to think about. i have to be careful because i eat pasta every other day and i could easily turn into a flying lasagna monster. don’t play with my head like that, i just teleported myself back and i still have time lag.

    seriously, though, i am sick of hearing religious fundamentalists speak of their truth as THE absolute truth for all. especially when they picture God as most unforgiving and discriminating. as if they had a direct line to God.
    i say just let the fanatics battle each other over whose bible and whose truth is the real thing and i’ll just avoid getting hit by the hail of stones. it’s their belief that all who think differently (including buddha, gandhi, that sweet little mother theresa and many others…)
    will burn in hell. theirs will be a very exclusive and a very small heaven with jerry falwell, the bakkers, bill keller, anne coulter, rick warren, that pink haired lady, glenn beck, rush limbaugh,etc..etc.. omg i really really do not want to be in that company. i doubt even God would.
    darn i’m setting myself up for some nightmare tonight.


  14. dorian9 said

    oh kay, i checked the chopra guy out and he makes a lot of sense. he is credible and i don’t sense any egotism. i suggest you check him out too. thanks to you and keller for mentioning his name. what else have you got? any others i should check out?


  15. kay~ms said

    Dorian…what is the shack?… go to this link… https://tothewire.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/bill-kellers-devotional-week-in-review-4/

    If you like Deepak, I’m almost positive that you will like the Shack also… it’s pretty much all the same thing… again, it’s what sells because it’s what people want to hear.

    Has anyone seen the new Ikea commercials? There is a woman putting together a dresser and in the room with her is a nicely dressed elderly black lady talking to her… but the woman doesn’t hear her..doesn’t know she is there… this is a take on “The Shack”. The black woman is “God”. She is saying to the woman, that maybe she might go out and meet a nice man.. “or woman” she says… “I don’t judge”.

    I have a friend who is an atheist… and she was telling me all about this book ( The Shack ) that a coworker got her to read. Which was shocking to me that she even decided to read it… but she couldn’t stop talking about it. (And then I got to tell her what Bill had just said about the book, which she was not too thrilled to hear, she doesn’t like him either…shocker.)

    The funny thing is, is that she hates to be judged, she used to always say to me..” don’t judge me” before she would tell me about something she did or said…. so naturally she is really attracted to the idea that God doesn’t judge. The author is making a fortune on this book and is no doubt starting another “religion” in the process. What is also interesting to me is that my friend is a BIG fan of Ikea… this is somehow connected… a generational thing that the company has picked up on.

    But anyway, Dorian, I was thinking…

    Matthew 5:5
    Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.

    def. meek
    1. Showing patience and humility; gentle.
    2. Easily imposed on; submissive.

    … do you think the truly meek are bothered by people like Bill? I don’t think that they are… meekness doesn’t allow us to be offended or bothered by things that others say that we don’t agree with.

    And that is when Matthew 5:5 really became clear to me… If the meek don’t let themselves become offended by opposing views then they are able to focus on the more important things… like for example… the message. When liberals (liverals) get so focused on Bill’s attitude, his arrogance, his disposition, his “judging”, they are NOT hearing his message. And his message, the most important thing, is loud and clear… put God first. And that is why, as Jesus, in His wisdom, said “the meek will inherit the earth”… They inherit the Earth because they are inheriting wisdom…. they are able to hear the messages that are important because they are not focusing on themselves and subsequently judging others for committing these “offenses” against them.

    And I just wanted to add…just incase you misunderstood.. I do not think of myself as meek… very few people are and I believe it takes a lot of work and perseverance to reverse our prideful ways.


  16. kay~ms said

    Bill is God’s “meekness” tester. And all of the liverals here have failed…


  17. princessxxx said

    if oprah married deepak chopra, she would be oprah chopra. (pikachupacabras)

    kay, bill is god’s meekness tester???. no kay, bill is god’s 1 ply toilet paper, in other words,
    @ssw!pe. 🙂

    kay, none of your arguments ever make any sense. your conservitudism to baal blinds you from what the bible really says.

    e_e, i want to start a “fight club”. you had the best idea, beat the crap out of something beautiful. i know exactly how you feel.

    i’m gonna start working on the graphic now.

    oh and kay, “***MAY FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we are just 4 days before the end of May, we still need to bring in just over $47,000 to cover the balance of this month’s operational expenses.”

    (beating the crap out of ugly baal is just pedestrian.)


  18. princessxxx said

    oh, good lord kay, i just went back and read that severely reverse ignorant argument of yours and all i can say is “Let’s just agree to be disagreeable.”

    the “black” woman is god?…the black woman is god?
    who told you this? baal?
    if he did, kay,
    i suggest you get all “helen keller”
    on “felon keller”

    i think she, “the black woman”, is suppposed to be the oracle from the “matrix”, but of course, she does not smoke.
    Obama doesn’t think he is “the One”, Keaunu Reeves does.
    i hope baal is planning a dullvotional on this like he did about the bratz dolls.

    tonite, baal is doing a show on the 50 million year old fossil. Ann Coulter?

    anyway, ikea is a good store, my cousin has a job there. the new one in tampa. she’s a christian & she don’t judge.


  19. dorian9 said

    maybe if keller was more meek he could deliver God’s message better and more people will listen. it’s all in the delivery. Keller failed God’s meekness test. that’s why he’s not successful.
    as long as you don’t follow your preacher’s example, kay, and think for yourself, you’ll be alright. i’m sorry, darlin, that man of yours is turning people away from Jesus and making his brand of christians seem stupid and bigoted. he says exactly what he wants you to hear. he is an atheist’s dream. any christian-hating atheist (correction, atheists don’t hate anything, they don’t waste time or regard for base emotion like that)would pay to keep someone like him ranting on because it just proves that religion is one big roadblock to society’s evolution.

    regarding our souls, God being judge is right on but all the prejudgment outside of the pearly gates of heaven? totally presumptuous and arrogant. i wouldn’t trust my soul to be judged by humans reading off a big instruction book written by other humans under duress. kjv was about what kj wanted to hear.

    princess is always our sacrificial lamb. she does set foot inside the reverse ignorance realm and lives to tell with visuals too. brava princess.

    kay, i do appreciate your bringing your perspective to us so consistently and honestly. tothewire and i knew you’d be good! baking any pies lately? good with ice cream!

    oprah chopra, pikachupacabras – that’s gotta be rap. the rhythm is fantastic.

    kay, here’s something for you. my favorite percussionist sheila e. is now christian and she worships the lord passionately with her drums. she used to be with the artist formerly known as prince. feel her rapture.


  20. kay~ms said

    Dorian, I agree, Bill would be more successful if he could pass the meekness test. I think God is trying to help him to understand that. But according to your response, I still feel that you are missing the point. Why do you care so much about Bill’s delivery and seemily not at all about his message? That is and has always stood out so much to me. I truly do believe that Bill is a kind of test for people and it seems that those who are bothered the most by him are the ones who have the same problem that he does. It just shows itself differently. It’s so ironic. It reveals the hypocrisy that we are all quilty of in one way or another. You know the verse..

    “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

    I think this verse applies to ALL of us.


    ” kjv was about what kj wanted to hear.”

    That’s E’s oppinion… you’ve been brainwashed. There is nothing to support that statement.


    No, I am not baking any pies to go with your’s and TTW’s icecream until you guys give Bill some credit for the good that he does do.


  21. princessxxx said

    take it to the fight club you 2.
    first rule of fight club, you must blog incessantly about the fight club!


  22. dorian9 said

    nuh-uh. no brainwashing for me. i’ve broken out of the mold at seven. i call it like i see it. i give mr. bill credit for his passion, but his message speaks his own agenda with scripture on top. tell me what good he’s done for people. has he helped with charities other than his own?

    princess wants a fight. okay i’ll copy this to the fight club. you should’ve put a cross in there somewhere. i see the esoteric word mentioned but no cross. i don’t mean a rosy cross, either.


  23. dorian9 said

    keller has a gigantic plank in his eye everytime he writes “i love you all so much” in his diatribe/sermons. a thin line between love and hate for the man. i recommend anger management therapy.


  24. dorian9 said

    or drumming lessons from sheila e.


  25. Wyndee said

    Princess, i would like to point out in line 17, you referred to bill as bill. hahaahahaa…

    i didnt watch the video, so i cant really comment. God is so many things. it would take us our life to discover all the things. thats why in Revelation, the elders cry “Holy Holy Holy” all day long, when another part of his glory is revealed.

    what we have to avoid, is taking 1 scripture and saying ‘this one is good, i’m living my life by this’ and say the rest is ‘mans word’ but this one is good. every subject, has more than 1 scripture that is relative to it. there are few words in the bible that are only in there 1x. there is a phrase in Psalm 139:16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.. thats one i cannot find anywhere else.

    sometimes God has to do the hard parent job of the Daddy and discipline us. it doesnt feel good. but its swift, quick, and we are back on his lap in no time. we are suffering as a country not because of 1 person, and not for 1 reason. but for a series of choices we have made. WE. we are all pointing fingers at the other ‘brand’ of people. the left, the right, this political group, this religous group… its their fault. like back to adam and eve. the evidence would point to the fact that God has simply taken his hand off our country because of our pride that says we dont need him. our actions say, we dont need you God. so God left. its a pattern with the children of israel. God got sick of their idolatry, and disobedience, and them saying they dont need God. so he let them get themselves in a predicament, until they realized they need him, and cried out for help. then he would rescue them, they would serve him for a time, then again, what did they go right back to….

    holiness, righteousness, its a process.. glory to glory. its not a line you cross. and we will never be perfect in this life. we are all sinners, our sin is relevant to our season and relationship with God at the time. i have been dealing with idolatry. i put myself b4 God. im selfish a lot of times. i dont lay hands on someone and pray for healing, or speak a specific word God asks me to because im selfish and lazy. but God shows me my sin, and deals with me gracefully and lovingly. not because he feels the emotion of love but because he IS love. its who he IS.

    but- jsut because he is love, and it never ends for us, does NOT mean he changes his mind about our sin. he said, do what i say, or i CANT be near you. or you WILL suffer the consequences. if my son does something i tell him not to, and i let him get away with it. what justice am i doing him??? and i am a wicked sinner, and God is a perfect judge and Father. if you dont believe the Bible, thats too bad, because it says Satan DOES transform himself into an angel of light. and without scripture to throw in his face, you have no way of knowing if what you are hearing is God. Hey, if Jesus threw scripture in satans face, why should i be any different….?

    i dont listen to keller b/c my spirit has no peace about him. and i follow my spirit. he does not offend me, i just dont know if i can trust his teaching. and i dont need to spread my reasons out and cant without dishonoring him. but its enough to know that my spirit is very uneasy. im not saying he is bad or everything he preaches is bad. but- if you knew a pastor that was in adultry, would you receive ministry from him?? sin is sin… not that pastors are perfect. but you should see a progression of righteousness happening. my pastor didnt know who bill was, i have to email him the link. im very interested to see what he thinks.

    you can label me whatever you like, fundamental, mental, left, right… idk where you see me. i see me chasing after Gods heart. and without the Bible, i was lost. with it, i know what he’s like, what he loves, what he hates.. how to have authority on earth over powers of darkness, demons, sickness. i can access Heaven here on earth thru the knowledge that the Bible gave me. without it i can only guess and imagine for myself what he is like, and what i should do. and my version of who i think God is, without the facts of the Bible, could be wrong. then im like the children of israel again. they fled from the presence of God, left Mosus and Aaron w/ God, went and made a golden calf. well, what did they say… “This is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!”
    5 So when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it. And Aaron made a proclamation and said, “Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD.”
    they made a calf that they called God. how often we do this. say, well God is like this- he is like this- no, hes a golden calf. and we worship him in this image. God is not hiding. we are just loving our sin, and not wanting to change. like israel. so we are saying God is ok w/our sin, he loves us… we ok. when in reality, he left us and we dont even know it. because we are in the valley w/our calf.

    if we really want to know God, and seek him. we have to be willing to accept that we are going to have to change. and it wont be easy. but its worth it.


  26. wyndee, i have an uncle that is a baptist minister for over 50yrs.
    i showed him some of bill’s dullvotionals & a few of bill’s replies to my emails.
    he didn’t agree, especially with the tone of the emails.
    well, for some reason, i feel compelled to point out false prophets. i dunno why.
    been doing it since i was a small child. started around 6. gets worse at the library.


  27. Wyndee said

    i can only hope my son gets discernment at his age. 🙂


  28. well, it is a good thing to have. discernment.
    check out your new look

    you are fighting evil on the cover of a magazine.


  29. kay~ms said

    Wyndee, great comment… but unfortunately Dorian will still only see God as “wrathful and vengeful” for correcting us and helping us to find our way back to him. I guarantee it. She is firmly stuck in that liveral new age mind set. “God doesn’t judge, he doesn’t exact punishment and there is no such thing as sin ( she calls them “bad deeds”…apparently not the same thing )”. She truly has made her own “golden calf” to worship. And unfortunately she represents a very large portion of society today. Her problem is that she thinks she can spot the wolf in sheeps clothing (Bill) but she doesn’t get that the wolf takes much greater effort that Bill would (if he were a wolf) to hide their true self. If Bill was in the business of being deceptive, he would behave more like the Deepaks of the world. Deception is the key here… WHO’S being deceptive? Bill is going by the writings of the Bible… NOT his own. And that should be the main concern. But she just can’t get past his “delivery” so that she can hear the message… or really she doesn’t WANT to get past his delivery because she doesn’t like his message. That’s why I say that Bill is a test of sorts… anyone (the liveral) who doesn’t like his message … which is straight from the Bible, uses his delivery as an excuse.

    P, Bill’s tone is always bad when people disagree with him… we saw it all the time when he took calls on his show. I hated the way he would just hang up on people who were giving him a good argument. It just made him look bad. He does have an ego problem but I was /am able to see past that to his fundamental message, which again, is to put God first. Not easy to do (put God first) but I have no doubt that his devotionals are positive motivation for doing so. That is the good that he does.

    You both asked what contributions to charities he makes.. I’m sure he makes some contributions to charities but look at it this way…. billions upon billions of dollars are given to needy charities each year but who is reaching people on a secular level telling people the truth of the Bible. Who on tv is doing this? No one. No one is out there reaching people “beyond the choir” telling them about what Jesus has done for them and what he askes for in return. Any money that Bill gives to a charity is not spent on reaching people who need to hear the truth… that NO ONE else is teaching them. And that also means warning people about the lies that are out there that are leading them away from God.

    I found these verses pertinent

    Jesus Anointed at Bethany
    6 While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper, 7 a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table.

    8 When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked. 9 “This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.”

    10 Aware of this, Jesus said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me. 11 The poor you will always have with you, [a] but you will not always have me. 12

    Bill is fully aware that people die every day without knowing Jesus… He’s trying to get the message out to them before it is too late.


  30. wyndee, keep your discernment & teach it to your children.

    kay, you are not fooling me for a second. i know who you are. you are evil just like baal.
    in it for the money. well, good luck with that. keeps us posted on your financial gains.
    or losses.
    you are ate up with your deceptions.


  31. “***MAY FINANCIAL UPDATE: THANK YOU to so many over the last 48 hours who have made the sacrifice to help me this month. I appreciate your faithfulness more than you will ever know. As we are just 2 days before the end of May, we still need to bring in just over $30,000 to cover the balance of this month’s operational expenses.” – baal keller.

    nevermind kay, i will keep you up with your financial losses. that will give you more time to spread your lies and your devotion to a false prophet.


  32. kay~ms said

    I’m being deceived into thinking that Bill is devoted to God? And your argument is that he askes for money?

    If he doesn’t ask for money… he goes “bye bye”… I don’t understand your argument.

    I’ve acknowledged his faults… so what am I being deceived about?

    He shows his tax filings… he’s not getting rich. If he were, I’d denounce him in a second.

    I believe in, and agree with his fundamental message, and so far, he hasn’t really done anything to make me question his devotion to God.


  33. princessxxx said

    well, kay, since you & baal are closer than this )(, why don’t you get those tax forms and post them for us?
    no one wants to drive to some shoddy used car lot in a bad neighborhood of st pete and deal with his “charming” assistant Susan.

    and get the tax forms for the liveprayer church and the jonah project and bkmedia while you are at it. then we can see how baal spends his money.
    billy graham would show his tax returns & probably buy you lunch while you read them.

    kay, you are a baal worshipper. plain & simple. good luck with that!


  34. dorian9 said

    kay, you’re confusing me with my twin again. daz is the new age fan. i like history including ancient religion. i share the atheists’ predilection for science and logic but i believe in God and Jesus. i do not like the christian fundamentalists’self-righteous insistence on their way being the Right and Only way to follow God. that, my friend, is as arrogant as the the narcissists’ way of looking at things. sin is misdeed and misdeed is sin however way you look at it. so what’s the point.
    yours and keller’s brand of christianity do turn people away from Jesus. those people you turn away may be the very ones that God wants you to save. could you cast the resentment aside and think about this?


  35. Anonymous said

    thank you d9.

    i’m glad someone can tell kay to tone it down, i am trying to be tactful.

    kay, wanna see what d9 looks like in a 3d hangover? go here, it is post #5.

    plus kay, i have a riveting new post on “conservitude christian approved porno!” the first woman commiting the first misdeed. “ladies first” as i always say.


  36. kay~ms said

    Dorian… as to the Christian fundamentalist’s belief that their way is the right and only way to follow God… that isn’t exclusive to Christian fundamentalists. Most who choose to follow a certain religion believe it to be the right way…. why are you just having a problem with Christian fundamentalists? Really… why does it bother you so much? What is so wrong with someone believing that their way is the right way? This is just more of that silly liveral dogma. It is impossible to believe that everyone’s way is the right way. It’s illogical.

    And by your way of thinking, anyone who believes that their way is the right way is self-righteous? What?? So if anyone believes that they are right about something, that makes them self-righteous then.. right? I’m confused…

    And that is the complete opposite of what Christianity teaches… we are all far from self-righteous…we are all sinners… and that is why we need Him.

    You call “our” Christianity a “brand” and have made allusions to Bill’s desire to “recruit” people to his “brand” of religion. You are just not getting the point. This isn’t a product to sell and Bill has proven that by NOT changing his “brand” to suit potential “buyers”.

    “yours and keller’s brand of christianity do turn people away from Jesus. those people you turn away may be the very ones that God wants you to save. could you cast the resentment aside and think about this?”

    What?? What you are really saying is… rewrite the Bible because it’s not what people want to hear. I just don’t know what else to say…

    That’s the whole idea with fundamental Christianity.. there is no rewriting… please just learn to accept and tollerate us… liverals are total hypocrites if they don’t.


  37. kay~ms said

    P, some of the same people donate thousands and thousands of dollars to his ministry… do you really think they are not smart enough to check his financial records before doing so? He doesn’t have national access like the other televangelists do so I would think that he would have to be legitimte in order to get a few people to support him with large amounts of money as opposed to the thousands who are willing to send in 10 or 20 dollars without thinking twice about it.

    Again, really.. I will listen / read anything that you “have” on him… I don’t want to be ignorant… I just haven’t seen anything yet that convinces me that he isn’t sincere. And there is much that he does do that convinces me of his sincerity.

    You and TTW claim to have information that contradicts his devotion to God… let’s see it guys… save me from my blind devotion to “Baal”.


  38. oh jesus christ you stupid f*****g idiot. the man makes false prophecies. how god damned blind do you have to be. and the money baal rakes in, you get your fair share, too. you are as much of the fraud as he is. you work for him. too bad there isn’t a hell because it would be perfect for the both of you.


  39. ‘sometimes God has to do the hard parent job of the Daddy and discipline us. it doesn’t feel good. but it’s swift, quick, and we are back on his lap in no time.’

    So it’s a long hot summer kind of deity?

    God appears after about three minutes.

    Do I look very flustered?

    Well I am.


  40. kay~ms said

    God does tend to fluster the atheists Betty.


  41. Wyndee said

    im not gunna lie, im lost…..



  42. princessxxx said

    3 minutes and 27 seconds and you get mrs. slocombes regrets. hahaha.

    angela lansbury, she is all the rage.

    kay you are an idiot. you are an employee of baal’s and you are lying about it.
    just like when baal’s assistant, that fat ugly stupid susan, gets caught in her web of lies on other websites. susan doesn’t know how to spell and abuses…..ellipses…..
    and argues exactly the same arguments that you make. down to the letter….sans the LOL!!!.

    you can see this miss piggy doppelganger at liveprayer . com. check out the cribs video.
    susan, who is a real “Babe”(as in babe the pig)on l.d.s.c.i.a.l.s.d.
    well this stupid idiot can’t even muster a word out of her mouth, not even a grunt or an oink. and this is just my opinion, but, i bet she fantasizes pulling a monica lewinsky on her boss. oh, in the name of jesus and all the blood of the martyrs and the saints and all things that are holy and good.
    i.e. chocolate.

    wyndee, maybe i ought to get saved.
    i had a dream last night were i died of boredom and went str8 to hell.
    it was horrible.
    24/7 of baal’s liveprayer programs on the biggest wide screen near hi-def l.c.d. screen anyone has ever seen..
    played at full volume.
    toothpicks in our eyelids.
    and there were cigarettes everywhere,
    but nothing to light them with. not a single flame.
    the fire burnt out a long time ago, flames smothered in sh!t and vomit.
    that happened about 20 yrs ago, right around the time baal began his preaching and prophecies.
    and you aren’t allowed to blog in russian.
    thanks a lot baal.



  43. princessxxx said

    it’s the “NWO”
    “Negro Wannabee Oprha”.


  44. princessxxx said

    and kay, what does the ~Ms stand for? what does it symbolize?
    my guess: “Major sociopath”


  45. dorian9 said

    p, sorry about your recurring baal nightmares. we’ll find a cure yet!

    kay, i’m sorry i forget about our recurring discussion on our differing God/Jesus/christian beliefs. we’ve both known where we stand on that since last september . i promise to tolerate your views as much as you tolerate mine. good thing tothewire is not here, she’s saved from having to repeat her self too.

    wyndee, i get lost too. that’s when i forget about not falling into a redundant wormhole.

    betty, God’s name is Will?

    e_e. where the hades are you?


  46. kay~ms said

    Dorian.. you always drag me into these mini debates with your criticisms and then bail with “we’ve both known where we stand on that” when you can’t answer my questions concerning your criticisms… I’m glad Lawman and TTw aren’t here because then I’d be getting this X3… one is bad enough… now if I get more direct and ask you again why you seem to just single out Christians as being the “self-righteous” are you going to go into another diatribe about my shortcomings ( like you 3 always did) or could you just use that same time and space to answer the question this time? Lawman ALWAYS did that.

    And I had also asked why you hold so much more importance on the delivery as opposed to the message… you never answered that either.

    You never want to explain your statements… you just always give that same stock answer that “we both know where we stand”. And I don’t mind repeating myself again… by saying that you all never fool anyone by doing that.


  47. dorian9 said

    1) all religious fanatics are self-righteous. you are the only one here so my discussion is with you but i never diatribe about your “shortcomings”. don’t take it personally, i’m talking about religious fanatic groups in general. lawman was the one who did the personal attacks. he’s a brat. i never liked it when he did that.tothewire was a very patient christian and never was for personal insults. the only direct personal thing i said to you was ‘put a sock in it already’.

    2) keller’s bad delivery makes his bad message sound even worse.

    3) the stock answer stands. i mind repeating myself.

    4) forgive lawman, tothewire and myself already. that is the christian thing to do.

    5) i am actively seeking a scientologist for you and me to debate. you already drove away the mormons. i hope they didn’t claw their faces out.


  48. kay~ms said

    Dorian, you’re calling me a “religious fanatic” and I’m not supposed to take that personally? And how do you define a religious fanatic? Anyone who doesn’t share your liveral views? This is another reason why I like Bill… he see’s what is happening before most people do… he is right… Christians are quickly be considered “fanatics” by the liberal godless ultra modern “superior thinking” society of today. I don’t even want to see where this society is going to end up. It’s already obscene… we get punished for killing dogs (rightly so) but it’s okay to kill a human (unborn) baby? That’s societal evolution? Fighting for the lives of the unborn is a “roadblock” to society’s evolution??

    And see… I do tolerate your views… I’ve never asked you to “put a sock in it”. But you want so badly for anyone who doesn’t agree with your views to …”put a sock in it”.

    I’ve always wanted to debate these issues… with the idea that if I’m not seeing it correctly that I may come to a better understanding… you all have never wanted to do the same. Instead of constructive responses to my points and views, I get criticisms. I’m not holding a grudge…. just pointing it out.

    The Mormons went away because they couldn’t answer my questions, that wasn’t my fault…. and I’d love to debate with a Scientologist but I have a feeling they would be gone even faster than the Mormons.


  49. dorian9 said

    k – nobody can answer your questions because everyone’s answers are the “wrong” answers. the only “right” answers are the ones that you want to hear. the only real “truth” is your “truth”. why would anyone waste their time, then? don’t even try saying you’re open to a “better understanding”. you know you don’t mean it and you resent those who have opinions different that your own – don’t project.

    the mormons left because they knew they were wasting their time and you were very damning and mean-spirited with them. they were only trying to give you a “better understanding” of their religion. but of course keller knew better about the mormon religion than the mormons themselves. how would you like a muslim person telling you about what christianity is all about and why it is the “wrong religion?”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    ADKOB now officially recruiting scientologists, muslims, more lds, jehova’s witnesses, hindus, buddhists, taoists, etc…for their point of views, non-biased and equally biased welcome ~ ~ ~ ~


  50. kay, d9 is right when he said you are “very damning and mean-spirited.”
    you are. just like baal, that is why you worship him. you 2 justify your hate with the bible.

    well, you may have bored ttw and caveman and all the mormons to death with your redundant arguments, but honey, you have me to deal with now. and, i have no problem being more damning & mean spirited than you can ever dream of being
    and i don’t care who gets offended by it. big deal.



  51. dorian9 said

    seatbelts on, everybody!


  52. yup, you betcha.

    piano “D9” provenienti dallo spazio.

    ever heard of it. well, look up the word “queer” in the dictionary.
    i just took off my hair ribbons.

    non gravità o di ossigeno nel piano D9.


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  54. Denise Keller's Chicken said



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