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nice men walk a mile in her shoes

Posted by dorian on May 27, 2009

Associated Press

40 Pa. men parade in women’s shoes to raise money

(05-25) 20:54 PDT Camp Hill, Pa. (AP) —

Dozens of men in south-central Pennsylvania have teamed up for a good cause and put their best feet forward — in women’s shoes.

Frank Baird is the founder of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes march. He says it’s an international men’s movement that aims to stop violence against women.

About 40 men wore footwear including fluffy red marabou slippers with 2-inch heels for the Memorial Day march in Camp Hill, a town of about 8,000 residents just outside Harrisburg.

Monday’s fundraiser generated about $5,000 for Rape Crisis of Cumberland County and Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry counties.

Source: The Patriot-News, www.pennlive.com/patriotnews


how about that! some good news. or are these just shoe fetishists having fun? good job, good job.


27 Responses to “nice men walk a mile in her shoes”

  1. princessxxx said

    that is hilarious.

    if anyone enjoys this story, they should watch this.


  2. Wyndee said

    thats awesome!!!!!

    man, i would have loved to see that in person.

    way to go guys!! 🙂


  3. dorian9 said

    divine, right? what a brat she played. “…your mother under the tree.”


  4. kay~ms said

    Hi Wyndee.. I listened to Jackson… he’s funny! And then I also listened to Craig Schlesinger, I listened to his sermon all the way thru, I really enjoyed it. And then I listened to Bill’s sermon. It was funny, they both were very similar… they both talked about employee / employer relationships and how that relates to our relationship with God. I liked Craig’s “biased towards action” point/lesson. I haven’t listened to Jim Anderson’s sermon yet..


  5. Wyndee said

    Craig is our senior pastor. he is straight and to the point huh. 🙂 we love him. hes one of those personalities that just keeps growing on you. at first my mom didnt like him at all. but now she does. YES! Jackson is so funny. but funnier in person b/c you can see his facial expressions and his big white smile and his dark black skin make you giggle.
    Matthew is PC’s (Pastor Craig) son, and he can bring it too. i love em all!!! the bias towards action was so good. we usually have very good alter ministry after things like that.
    so you had a good weekend?


  6. dorian9 said

    wyndee! lighter than air! how does your garden grow?

    she breezes in and out
    brings smiley faces in the mix
    telling us all about
    the cool and misty place she’s been

    tell us, wyndee, lighter than air,
    what flowers did you pick,
    what songs did you sing?
    last but not least,
    what shoes did you wear?

    40 second song for wyndee


  7. my weekend was super. today my nephew pretended to throw up, but it was just coffee. wisely i fell for it and got to work all day on my new site. 😉

    it would be fun if you could get your senior pastor to wear some ladies shoes. that is always good for a laugh. and raise some money.

    speaking of shoes, kay, why don’t you go put on some pretty little slippers and step on over to the fight club? it’s not really a fight club, more of a signature runway walk.


  8. Wyndee said

    Dorian you are so creative. how do you do it?? 😉

    P- are you ignoring me.


  9. princessxxx said

    no wyndee, i am not ignoring you, i’m ignoring the voices in my head that tell me not to do these things. 😉

    i know, D9’s song was great. loved it.

    now if you want to go over to the fight club and take the poll, please do.
    the point we are arguing:
    мы должны сохранить этот Kay из рук правительства.
    which loosely translated,
    “We must save this government from the hands of Kay.” 😦

    it’s simple really.


  10. dorian9 said

    it’s like this: i see something, my brain eats it up, then throws up words. i pick up the mess and type it neatly here. so be careful what you say, we’ll never know what projectiles can end up here! hehe

    your girlfriend p. probably on the other site, busy drawing…


  11. princessxxx said



  12. Wyndee said

    WHAT happened to (+)= ) or whatever i had…. :O

    good i was getting worried. and those voices are there for a reason…

    aweee… i got invited to the club house. that pic of me as gumby must’ve made some ppl’s days…. prob the shoes.


  13. Wyndee said

    what happened to my girl-ish figure??? (in your so-called pic of us)


  14. Anonymous said

    well, wyndee, anonymous is me, i’m at the library and must remain undercover.
    those pictures are from the video game left4 dead. an inside joke that probably only e_e will get. you are the zombie horde, but at least i gave you a smiley face. and i finally figured out the formula. 🙂
    kay is the boomer, she is always vomiting up bile.
    dorian is the smoker with that long 50ft tongue of his, getting victims all wrapped up in it..
    e-e is the tank, the big boss battle, he can throw chunks of concrete if kay acts up.
    betty is the witch, another boss, but if you turn off your flashlight and tiptoe past her, she won’t get too upset. just let her cry.
    and princess is the hunter, she will jump & strike out of nowhere and all you know is coming is the loud shrieks, just before she jumps you and claws out your innards. that is how you play left4 dead.
    zombie hordes with 🙂 are good things.


  15. Wyndee said

    library eh. so youre outa the house. thats grrreat!

    its so funny coz you picture ppl as guys and gals on here, then youre like, wait, arent you….? :O


  16. Wyndee said

    OH and i do feel special i am the only edited one…. tee heee… gosh i wish i had that smily con today, my smile is trying to hibernate.


  17. Anonymous said

    oh, hi wyndee, well, if you ever played left4dead you would know how funny that is. sometimes your a girl, sometimes not.

    well, i guess i get guys & gals mixed up sometimes. but have you ever looked around? sometimes it is hard to tell. lots of masculine women where i live.

    we should get guinness book of world records or guinness beer to see how many 🙂 “ADKOB” can generate.

    i sometimes go to the library, i don’t have internet access of my own. anyway, i’m working on some hard-hitting journalism for monday morning’s edition of “BAAL KELLER FANATIX!”

    oh, jesus, the guy at the computer next to me just cut a silent but deadly. i gotta run.


  18. Anonymous said

    if that fart joke didn’t make you smile, well, sorry, 😦


  19. Wyndee said

    actually it did. 🙂 im a mom of a boy…. hell-o! he giggles every time he farts. kinda cute.

    no i have never played. the only game i play besides board games is Lego Star Wars. 🙂 i have a 6 y.o. he graduated kindergarden last night. admit me to the old folks home now… spare me the years. lol.

    its just like, names dont tell you really if ppl are guys or girls. but i was specifically speaking of ADKOB


  20. Wyndee said

    so are you at the library all the time….? coz you dont miss a beat. never would’ve known you dont have internet at home


  21. Gallinka said

    Спасибо! Буду теперь заходить на этот блог каждый день!


  22. dorian9 said

    Вы Добро пожаловать! Мы рады тому, чтобы читатели из России!


  23. привет вам! Добро пожаловать на другой вид блога!

    wyndee, sometimes i am babysitting my 8yr old nephew & sometimes cats.
    if not the library.
    my nephew is where i get my best ideas.
    cats just make me have to get my inhaler for miasma.


  24. dorian9 said

    “cats just make me have to get my inhaler for miasma.”

    hehe one of your best so far, p.


  25. princessxxx said

    “коты просто мне нужно, чтобы мои ингалятор для миазмы.”

    for our russian speaking friend.


  26. Great article. Keep on sharing 🙂


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