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OUTRAGE: New Movie Outing Gay Politicians! YEAH!

Posted by princessxxx on June 4, 2009

i apologize for no video clip, click below to find out why



3 Responses to “OUTRAGE: New Movie Outing Gay Politicians! YEAH!”

  1. dorian9 said

    i heard there are great places to party in d.c. if you’re gay. hard to understand why gay legislators, etc., would work against gay rights. self-denial or whatever the reason may be, the ones that do that should be outed if they’re hiding in closets.
    gay republican? an oxymoron and a curiosity. i’d like to meet one.


  2. anywhere there are gays, there is a party.
    closet queens are everywhere.
    i am pro outing of everyone.
    drag those suckers out of the closet screaming & clawing if necessary.

    big fan of michelangelo signorile since ‘OUTWEEK’ magazine. smart and a beauty.
    the log cabin girrrrrllll in the video, i bet she’s a lousy lay. a real whiney b!tch.


  3. Well only up to a point of course: but that’s cool.


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