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The Belmont Stakes-Final Leg of the Triple Crown is this Saturday. Pick your horses!

Posted by dorian on June 4, 2009

PP Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Chocolate Candy (KY) G K Gomez J Hollendorfer
2 Dunkirk (KY) J R Velazquez T A Pletcher
3 Mr. Hot Stuff (KY) E S Prado E G Harty
4 Summer Bird (KY) K J Desormeaux T A Ice
5 Luv Gov(KY) M Mena D W Lukas
6 Charitable Man (VA) A Garcia K P McLaughlin
7 Mine That Bird (KY) C H Borel B L Woolley, Jr.
8 Flying Private (KY) J R Leparoux D W Lukas
9 Miners Escape (KY) J Lezcano N P Zito
10 Brave Victory (KY) R Maragh N P Zito

26 Responses to “The Belmont Stakes-Final Leg of the Triple Crown is this Saturday. Pick your horses!”

  1. dorian9 said

    okay everybody, drop everything. click on those horses names to see what they look like and to get all kinds of interesting information on them. pick your horse before saturday!!


  2. Dunkirk of course for me: our finest hour, unless there is a horse called World Cup 1966


  3. charitable man. my nephew picked him.


  4. Wyndee said

    so no shoe names eh… hmm..

    well ill go w/ Brave Victory!!! 😉

    go baby go!!


  5. princessxxx said

    hi wyndee, i printed out supermodel wyndee and the c.i.a.l.s.d. as a large poster.
    it is beautiful.
    you really inspired me. thanks.


  6. dorian9 said

    okay!! i’ll post everybody’s picks tomorrow. waiting on kay and e_e’s horsies. i like dunkirk and chocolate candy. a lot of action in the sports books!


  7. Wyndee said

    well D you seem to always pick the winner huh. 🙂

    oh P- wow…. i wont tell you where my real pics are posted then. since you like the “Princessed” me better. tee hee


  8. no seriously, i think you are gorgeous as you are. i’m gonna put you smiling on the cover of everything. fighting evil. with the best hair and shoes. like a warhol ‘superstar’
    can you runway walk?

    these horse races are something to look forward to, huh? i think it is kinda exciting and breaks the tension.


  9. Hey princess: you seem to have calmed right down: the lucid, expository you is much nicer, and long may you feel lucid and calm.
    love Betty


  10. i sometimes make a lame stab at being lucid. usually a temporary situation.
    dorian has been sending me positive vibes, so, that has a lot to do with it.
    anyway, thanks betty. i love you too.
    i will try to keep it up. the calm.


  11. dorian9 said

    woot! this calls for a group hug. and a toast to a calm princess.
    everybody’s special here. and sweet. i’m glad i didn’t jump off the blogship.
    i do love my horses too!

    maybe saturday
    my horse won’t disappoint
    he’ll wear a mantle of flowers
    and make me a hundred dollars
    fifty for my charity of choice
    and the rest i have to invest
    in paris, france where there’s absinthe
    instead of anise…
    oh dunkirk be strong, dunkirk be swift
    may this belmont be your finest hour!


  12. Wyndee said

    aweee group hugs are great!!!!! good idea. so kay-ster hasnt given a horsey yet eh’. hmmmm. where are you kay-ster!?!?!?!

    yes the chill (as the redneck westerners call it) princess is like a breath of sea air. =) pretty sure thats good.

    umm, i was not much for the runway, but i bet i still got skillz. somewhere… they may look more like martial arts now tho. lol


  13. martial arts, that is better than runway skills.
    that way you can battle evil with a kick and a punch.
    no weapons needed, unless you want a rocket launcher that matches your purse.
    lol…of course i am just kidding. you would want the purse to match your rocket launcher. 😉


  14. dorian9 said

    hehe it’s actually a purse comment that made me think this princess is a keeper – the one about a ‘smoking purse’ – referring to the incense holder they use in catholic church during mass. i asked mother superior if she could stay and play and she said yes she could (if she cleaned up the potty mouth) and that she did.
    well it looks like i won’t make it to paris for the tennis but i’m still counting on my gray horse to buy me a sniff of absinthe in october. i will send a real postcard to anyone who wants one cause i’m a real person! the stamp will have a hint of my drink of choice. damn you anthony bourdain for taking my job!


  15. the smoking purse. that is an old gay joke that goes back centuries.

    anthony bourdain, she gets on my nerves.

    well, if my horse wins, my charity is absinthe for the lucid.


  16. dorian9 said

    kay and e_e has until tomorrow , 9 pacific time for their pick. otherwise the money will go to [my] ice cream fund!


  17. dorian9 said

    the chubby one andrew zimmern seems like a nicer guy but he eats scorpions and beating hearts of snakes. samantha brown reminds me of a dancing martha stewart. but i want their jobs anyway. any job on travel channel. throwdown fishing, world poker tour, ghost adventures. later, gaters, time for breakfast. spam, anyone?


  18. princessxxx said

    ufo hunters, monster quest or ghost adventurers. zach bagans is so cute.

    wow, i would like to spend the nite in a creepy haunted asylum with him.


  19. dorian9 said

    notty princess. yeah the guy’s in good shape. he hasn’t really encountered a real demonic entity yet. i’m sure he’ll scream like a 12 year old girl. i’d like to see that.


  20. Wyndee said

    i need a new purse…. my rocket launcher is white. so i want a white purse.

    yes, martial arts rock! my 6 year old is teaching me… tee heee…


  21. yes, buff zak screams when a spider web gets in his hair. did you see the ‘ghost adventurers’ documentary when that brick went flying across the room? he screamed his head off. i probably would have, too.

    my 8 yr old nephew i am babysitting, just said, “kick them in the nuts”
    it’s gonna be a long, long summer.


  22. Anonymous said

    okay everybody in my teleporter machine, i’m taking you all to paris, wyndee needs a new purse!so much for work today. this is way more fun.


  23. i think we could all use a new purse. who doesn’t?

    it is off to paris with our rocket launchers.
    mine is encrusted with semi-precious jewels.


  24. dorian9 said

    ooops. anonymous me again.

    okay we’ll all go in p’s spacecraft. mine is kinda boring, minimalist design.
    how many seats? we can post to ADKOB in-flight. i want a new motorcycle jacket. so we gotta stop over italy. love those teleporters. we’ll grab betty and kay on the way back and we’ll all go to the races. i’m working so hard today…


  25. dorian9 said

    e_e must be inter-dimensional. i’m not getting a signal from him. although i did get a beeping sound in my ear just a few minutes ago…
    i’m working very hard today. i’d better take a break.


  26. Steven said

    great information in this post! Thanks for sharing =) cheers!


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