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Introducing Mrs. Betty Bowers: ‘America’s Best Christian’

Posted by dorian on June 17, 2009


Mrs. Betty Bowers on video, explaining the definition of  Marriage according to christian tradition…


R-rated video. May be offensive to christians. Rumor has it that Mrs. Betty Bowers is really an irreverent, scornful and monied atheist in christian disguise, given to producing vile videos mocking christianity.


13 Responses to “Introducing Mrs. Betty Bowers: ‘America’s Best Christian’”

  1. hahahah, love it.


  2. Priceless.


  3. Cherryl said

    That video was absolutely fabulous. She nailed it, exposing the hypocracy of “christianity”. Jesus has to be is turning over in his grave over the nonsense spewed by “christians” today. Anyway, I pray to g-d every day, to save me from the christians.


  4. dorian9 said

    hi cherryl, the christian fanatics aren’t the only religious nuts around but they certainly are the most vocal and on fire! i like mrs bowers’ style. she explains the christian moral doctrines very well.


  5. Cherryl said

    I strongly believe it was the fanatical faux-christian Roman emperors who directly caused all the religious fanaticism in the world today. Literally all of it. But “heaven forbid” anyone dare expose the hypocrisy. Christianity? Ur doin’ it wrong! If there were any truth to the glimpses of the historical Yeshua we receive in all the mis-translated and missing documentation, the message was loud and clear. Stay out of “churches”. Stay away from “churches”. Churches simply ARE the problem. From a spiritual point of view, churches are a dead end. From a secular humanists point of view, all of the evil in the world comes from fanaticism, i.e., churches. As a mother, I cringe when I see a local babysitting ad that states “this is a christian home.” Hubris? Arrogance? Hypocrisy? All of the above! Run…run while you can!


  6. dorian9 said

    i ran far from the churches. they’re everywhere, beware. even in this blog, look around and you’ll see lots of religion. we used to have church service every monday morning, courtesy of our resident christian evangelical who is off on another church mission probably.
    and then we have the fabulous mrs. bowers, so we’re always with religion!


  7. Cherryl said

    I am not skeered. I’ve assumed my name on an anonymous IP. And I have a United Methodists bumper sticker next to my NRA emblem on my 4×4 truck. Hey, what would Jesus shoot? Anyway, except on the intertubes, I have my neighbors completely fooled!

    As basement cat would say to the religious ranters, “I’m on your intertubes stealing your lords.”, imprinted on a picture of him pouncing on a politically incorrect screensaver of the head bachelor’s illegitimate son looking beatific.

    I explained to my JW friend that it’s ok, she’s not a christian she’s just in a cult. Christianity is really all about two bachelors and a ghost.

    I am an atheist apostate and I approve this message.


  8. princessxxx said

    thanks for turning me on to my favorite new internet evangelist,



  9. princessxxx said

    oh and i like the new look sooooooo much better.
    it’s a sexier color.


  10. Lol its so true!


  11. dorian9 said

    i’m likin all these people on this here page. stick around, guys! what can we offer to reel you guys in here more often? where’s e_e? intra dimensional again? hey cherryl, i know you don’t believe in the two bachelors and ghost triad – what do you think of extra terrestrials?


  12. just1kitten said

    I think their is a possibility that extra-terrestrial lifeforms exist. I think it is possible that such life forms may have seeded the earth eons ago, though not necessarily purposefully of intelligently. As scientists find evidence of chemical compounds that appear to have arrived via meteorites, and are able to discern the makeup of these compounds, there is a suggestion that the chemical pre-cursors to earth-style lifeforms either came from elsewhere or are shared by “elsewhere”.

    And being mathematikoi (look it up), it seems that the probabilities do not preclude the potential that other planets in other solar systems exist, that might produce or have produced similar lifeforms. With that being said, it is better to have an open mind and understand that there are infinite possibilities for infinite diversity that may encompass lifeforms that may bear absolutely no resemblance to what we are used to seeing as a lifeform here on earth.

    What do you think of extra terrestrials? Do you believe in them, after the fashion of theists and deists? Or are you open to the possibility while requiring objective proof? I do require objective proof that helps me establish the probability of something, while being able to have an open mind that allows for the possibility of everything.



  13. dorian9 said

    greetings mathematikoi kitten!

    i believe in the possibility of the e.t existing just as i believe in anything that gives tangible evidence e.g. spirit entities who leave electronic voice phenomena on recording apparatus. i personally haven’t encountered any e.t. entities but it’s been known that others have. i imagine them to be far superior to earthlings technologically. how they’re pictured typically by those who’ve witnessed them (scrawny, grey little big headed things with humongous eyes) not so pretty to my earthling eyes. it’s possible that other e.t lifeforms not discernible to our objective senses at all. like energy. gas, ether….


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