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O J Simpson Murders- 15 year anniversary.

Posted by princessxxx on June 20, 2009








6 Responses to “O J Simpson Murders- 15 year anniversary.”

  1. dorian9 said

    wow. 15 years. this is a good video rundown of the case. i wonder how he’s doing in prison. has anyone read the “if i did it” book or did the courts prevent the book from being published? hard to believe that one. that was in poor taste and inconsiderate of the victims’ families’ feelings.


  2. I still do not think he did it. The way they were killed did not say big angry black man to me but skinny white guy.


  3. dorian9 said

    or maybe skinny asian guy with deadly martial arts skills!


  4. princessxxx said

    the library is ordering the book (if) I DID IT! for me.
    well, i think he did do it. i watched every minute of the trial.

    the goldman family won ownership of the book.


  5. dorian9 said

    give us an overview, okay? my feeling is that he did it because of the way the two were killed. definitely a crime of passion. that bloody glove? leather shrinks a lot when wet and left to dry and especially if the liquid substance was blood!
    was there l.a police botch-up?


  6. princessxxx said

    what? an overview of the book? well, i was kind of hoping they would make a movie so i could just be lazy and watch it.

    the gloves. try putting on a pair of leather gloves wearing latex gloves. in the court room he struggled to put them on, but had no problem taking them off.

    oj is just str8 up crazy. i’m glad he finally got jail time for something. he belongs there.


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