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Dumb Blonde Joke of the Week – ‘MEGHAN McCAIN’

Posted by princessxxx on June 27, 2009

i apologize for no video clip, click below to find out why




5 Responses to “Dumb Blonde Joke of the Week – ‘MEGHAN McCAIN’”

  1. dorian9 said

    pretty brave of the little blonde republican to go on the show with the likes of maher, begala.they were kind enough, tho…


  2. princessxxx said

    well, she is not completely stupid

    but then again, we have this….


  3. Enkill_Eridos said

    Gay Republicans equal the same as Satanic Christian. Its an oxymoron. (When I say Satanic I do not mean what true Satanists call True Satanism I mean Church of Satan that takes the Christian Belief and worships the actual character Satan.)


  4. Liz said

    obviously the guy behind the news desk cant open his fkn ears…….he is saying that the whole party has been following the wrong path……..He believes what a republican is defined as has been misconstrued, by others previous….and HES DEAD RIGHT……..Enkill….pull ur dictionary out….conservativity is basically keeping to oneself, not allowing outside influences to distort your path…….that doesnt mean you cant accept those that do things differently….its about time the whole world seen it like these two young fresh faces…….

    On gay marriage though…..I support anyone in whatever the feel the need to fight for…..It doesnt hurt me so why would I stop it???? I would like to say this though…..marriage was made from the church…..commitment is what you seek…..the only thing legalising marriage will change is that other people cant question you out loud….

    the best way i can put it is the church is a guy named tony and the wedding is a party …..tony is having an open house party…..he hates your guts……You are welcome to go …. you have a bbq at home with all your friends
    but noone who hates you is there
    would you still go to the party at tony’s…….???? If you did I’d support you, but Id rather you stayed here with us 🙂

    if marriage came from the same place as commitment then I wouldnt bother having my piece….but it doesnt…..

    It’s not the laws you need to change its peoples way of thinking, the issue proving it to be out of the closet so to speak 😛 just think back 2 decades when I was born…….society is growing we just need time to let the oldies and their narrow minds die off 😛


  5. Hors Service said

    In the medieval times, marriage was purely secular. The church (and overall, the christian church) didn’t invented the marriage…


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