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Posted by princessxxx on July 9, 2009




  1. dorian said

    an all around genius, like da vinci. his contributions to the world vastly underrated. the evil banker and feds really did him in, eh?


  2. Check out the Handsome Family’s great song about him:


  3. Whoops I meant:


  4. Pamela said

    Happy Birthday to the man that stood his ground to the government…I wish i could shake his hand…


  5. dorian said

    hi pamela, ditto.

    thanks, betty, good song and sad lovely tribute to the man that made all this possible. i listened to the family’s other songs too, they’re good !
    i’m levitated and inspired. i feel another bad poem coming. isn’t there a bad poetry contest somewhere? i’d like to enter some of my worst. oh, here’s the quote for the day:

    “All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling”
    Oscar Wilde

    makes me feel forgiven. but then again it’s oscar of the triple entendre.
    did we leave the crocodiles in the arena, caligula?

    fiddle faddle here comes nero
    riding on a satyr named pirro
    he’s come for the spectacle
    dressed as an oracle
    mad as a hatter
    and spilling his wine

    bring on the lions
    he declared
    before he got to his chair
    that’s how he met his end
    the lions slurped
    and then they burped
    and the christians smiled
    and drank the rest of his wine…

    excerpt from ’emperor nero’s end’
    from dorian’s book of bedtime stories

    – this is why nobody wants me to babysit their children.


  6. iflay said

    Hahaha Good poem!

    Little kids will just hear the rhyme anyway.they’ll probably like it.
    I liked Grimm’s fairy tales and they were kind of scary.


  7. princessxxx said

    thanks betty for that song
    and that great crocodile little boy reference
    and dorian for the great poem


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