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Is There a Christian Conservative Secret Society?

Posted by dorian on July 11, 2009

or is it that contemptuous ‘Liberal Poison’ yet again…


2 Responses to “Is There a Christian Conservative Secret Society?”

  1. princessxxx said

    thank you for posting this, dorian.
    i saw it last nite and could hardly believe it.
    i was going to post it myself.

    c street is registered as a church i.e. tax-exempt.
    the founder claims “god appeared to him and told him to make the ‘chosen ones’ more powerful?

    it seems that “christianity today ‘really is’ santanism tomorrow”

    i saw another clip where the current leader of the “family” speaks. real creepy.
    reminds me of the Manson Family.

    more evidence that “TRIG PALIN ‘IS’ ROSEMARY’S BABY”


  2. princessxxx said


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