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Gary Oldman Prick Up Your Ears, betty, dorian & I are all airheads

Posted by princessxxx on July 16, 2009

betty, 4:20 in is for you.  4 minutes 20 seconds into the video i mean.  hahahah


18 Responses to “Gary Oldman Prick Up Your Ears, betty, dorian & I are all airheads”

  1. Gary Oldman has a nack for picking characters to portray. In many of them he lives and DIES brutally, like “True Romance.” It is Christian Slater who does the attitude adjustment in that one.


  2. princessxxx said

    this was a great movie, such a tragic true story.

    anyway, it’s a lifestyle i can relate to.


  3. Princess, would you relate to it if it was a story involving a man and a woman? It is, in reality, no different than MANY heterosexual relationships, if you think about it.

    One of my girls and I were invited over to visit one of the local activists. (I think he likes “Bears.”) One of the things he does is support local support services for domestic violence victims. A question I asked how well these same services worked for the Gay community. As he is Gay leather and I am straight D/s, I think he was a bit surprised I even suspected such an issue would exist.

    In fact, the domestic violence issue does exist among gays. I have always been a male heterosexual (I say “flaming”), but act more like a Butch Lesbian trapped in a male’s body. So, I have experience seeing the flip side of issues, regardless of whether they are male/female, bi, or same sex. I can even understand the point of view of Muslims, Pagans, liberals, and Democrats. I just don’t swing that way.

    However, I am not sure I could relate to having my head bashed in with a hammer.


  4. princessxxx said

    haha, that was funny john. i’m being serious.

    i have a fascination with romances that end tragically.
    think sid & nancy
    god & satan
    scott & lacey peterson.

    it’s actually a pretty common story.

    i’m flaming homo.

    anyway, the other nite i saw that movie again and it made me think that i could easily be the bastard child of orton & halliwell. i’m so much like the both of them. i could easily see myself bashing my own head in with a hammer some days. hahahahha.

    also, i once had a fortune teller tell me that i am most likely to be murdered by someone that “loved” me. whatever that means.

    i avoid relationships like the plauge.


  5. One of the things I thought about when I read the story of what happened in this case was that it might have been the case that he killed the other man and then was so angry at himself that he hammered his own head, nine times.

    My rationale for that possibility is that Halliwell’s body was stone cold while Orton’s was still warm.

    In my case, I have had drama in relationships for most of my life, but I adopted an open-door policy. If you do not like the way I live or am, the door is unlocked. You can leave at any time. I have only been in my present relationships for seven years, but it has been far more pleasant than the 21 years before in marriage.

    I respect my X. She is a good responsible woman and likes to have a plan for everything. I like to keep my options open in the present with a goal to the future. Also, the worst thing someone can do is try to set my priorities. Her “to-do” lists left me cold.

    Of course, I prefer sexual relationships. I have no certain agenda on it, but it has to be more than 24 times in 24 months.


  6. In essence, Princess, I highly recommend you get some help with your self-destructive tendencies. You have some unresolved issues with your sexuality, I think.

    From all you have written, I have seen clues that as much as you know your homosexuality is your nature, you have guilt left over from your beginnings about your sexuality. I do not think you can get right with God on this issue, but you do need to get right with yourself on it. I am not right with God, but I do not disrepect his position on this issue.

    To some extent, that is the feeling I get about people who swish in general. It is not female-like. It seems to be something put on to make heterosexuals uncomfortable. For some reason, gays stop that put-on when they are not trying to impress others. Individually, once I show I neither react to that nor am interested judging them, that facade seems to drop.

    When that does not drop in the case of a homosexual, it is a clue they just do not respect me as an individual. It is not a hard and fast rule, but if it goes with other factors, I get convinced and move on.

    I guess I could put on a red neck accent and spook them, but I am not that much into feeding stereotypes. It is easy enough to do. Just start talking about mud on my real man pick-up truck, sighting in the scope on my SKS, and why I went back to Jack Daniels from prozac.

    I do have an idea of what “real man” is. It is advice for Butch Lesbians, too. For cleaning pots, use a paint stripper attachment on your half-horsepower drill. That is a real man pot scrubber. I do not do that anymore, though. I did it when I cooked for myself. All I need do to threaten mischief is to pull out a pot to cook.

    When we first met, I already had a magnet on my oven that said, “If the smoke alarm has gone off, the food is done.” I miss the charcoal in my diet.

    On the other hand, I hate cars. I met a Black Irish girl that could overhaul your engine and was a great pool partner.

    Unfortunately, I thought she could not respect a man who drives a Scirocco. She had a Mustang she had supercharged herself. Other than that, we were too much alike. The one she married convinced me of that. It would never have worked out. She spoke… He hopped.

    My CAREER was about being assertive in supervising others. So is that of my X. She is a psychiatric nurse. I have learned to accept that it was a choice based on my nature and that is not going to change.


  7. OH, murder suicide using hammer:


  8. princessxxx said

    hey john, i saw that link you sent on a news blurb somewhere, killing a spouse or partner is as old as time.

    about my sexuality, i have no problem.

    and i partially agree with you about the ‘swish’ factor.
    i too indulge in that game. first of all, i am very effeminate. not an act. i’m one of those born in the wrong body types. i insisted i was a girl until i was about 10 years old.
    then i read about christina jorgenson the worlds first publicized sex change operation so i started my own lawn mowing service so i could save and afford to pay for my sex change. (pretty ambitious for a 10 yr old)
    it was at that time, my parents took me to a ‘specialist’ that said he could “cure” me with testosterone and scripture. well, neither worked. and as a side note, said doctor spent way too much time fondling my testicles to “see if they were developing properly”. yeah right.

    now, when i am just being myself, “girlie”, that is how i am. but when someone takes offense to my natural state, such as a redneck, i let them have it full force. with a swish swish here and a swish swish there. here a swish there a swish, everywhere a swish swish.

    but that is not a tactic i use just on str8 people. the majority of my friends, god rest their souls, and i use to engage in that sort of over the top gayness, or swishiness if you prefer.
    it’s fun, try it sometime. just for laughs.

    one more thing, my swishy comes out even greater against gay people that pretend to be straight. it really pisses them off, but they have to learn, it was drag queens that started the gay rights movement.

    the bashing my head in with a hammer was a joke, and i was using it to refer to the amount of comments on this blog.

    you know john, i think you and i would hit it off really well if we knew each other personally.
    i prefer jack daniels to prozac anytime.

    one more thing, i was just walking (not swishing) down the street one nite and was jumped by 4 teenage boys with chains. they told me they were going to “cure” my homosexuality.
    i beat the crap out of three of them, one ran. so, i am not all ‘that’ girly.

    it takes a lot of guts and courage to be yourself sometimes.


  9. johnlloydscharf said

    In my youth, I was an alcoholic. Never mix jet fuel with Jack Daniels.

    I quit for 21 years. I consider that a miricle, but am not going into details now.

    Then I went through a short bout of drinking hard. After that I was a moderate drinker. Since my diabetes kicked in, I cannot even do that. Also, I do not tolerate drunks well.

    I am bipolar and make no excuses about it. I had it as a child and was undiagnosed until my early 40s. I had long stretches of little sleep. In my 20s, it was 90 minute of sleep a day and 14 hours on Sunday. I had a lot of self-control functioning mechanisms that helped me through until my 40s.

    I started out on prozac about 14 years ago and switched to zoloft about eight years ago. The struggle stopped and I could be myself without freaking and peaking – passing through peace from extremes of fear and anger.

    In regard to my own sexuality, I have absolutely no interest in men. When I say that, I mean socially too. Those men that are most macho are homosocial. I am not interested in cars, hunting, fishing, or sports. If I had to discuss those topics, I would rather it be with a Butch Female. The worst is that they think they are authorities on sex when they cannot even be in a real relationship with a woman. I am heterosexual as well as heterosocial.

    I love women so much, I live with two, neither of which are jealous of me. In fact, they point out women to me. My X threw a fit if I talked to anyone female near my age.

    Regarding your sexuality, I still feel you have issues because you want to get back at people who are not out and want to shock heterosexuals. I disagree with you about Draq and Swish. I think it reinforces stereotypes.

    On the other hand, there are folks like Stu Rassmussen/Carla Fong. I never knew Carla as just Stu. She, or he, used to come to groups or “Munchs” I attended. We did not talk about the issue of transexuality. These were BDSM groups. I always thought of Carla as a top/dominant like myself. I never thought of Carla as homosexual, actually. Don’t know. Don’t care.

    Of course, while I live in Salem, Carla is mayor of Silverton. Silverton is an old logging community in Oregon. It is more conservative than most of Oregon. Carla had been mayor long before coming out when she was Stu. Carla quit for a term or two during the resolution of her issues.

    Carla did not like what was going on, I guess, in terms of how the town was changing. Carla ran again with cleavage (real) and skirts. Some stubborn and ignorant “evangelist” tried to destroy his/her campaign. In Silverton they still think of Carla as Stu, but would rather have her or him as mayor. One woman said Carla has the best rack in town. So, Carla is off to the business of being mayor of Silverton, which she did and does do well.


  10. princessxxx said

    hey john, i didn’t realize it but this comment got lost in the pending bin, too.

    i’m glad i caught it. there seems to be some sort of malfunction with wordpress…??????

    you and i have a lot in common. i used to drink to excess, bipolar to the hilt. i stopped taking psych meds. i think the handful of meds i take now is plenty. i do go to a therapist.

    carla fong is a hero of mine.

    there was a city manager in FL, i think largo, and he became a she. Susan Stanton. they fired her. such a shame because from what i understand, she was great at her job.

    i’m not interested in cars, sports, fishing and the rest of the macho stuff either.
    i used to go fishing with butch lesbians, but just for the boat ride.
    most of the butch lezzez i know, for some reason, see me as a hopeless case. but they get a big kick out of me anyway. they just about die of laughter when i try to bait a hook.


  11. Well, I have poor luck with attracting the Butch Lesbians. They do not like all that hair and I do NOT shave for anyone. One the other side, I think they think I want their girlfriend. I did get a hug from one. If I knew what sparked that, I would repeat it. She is muscular, but BUXOM.

    If I want fish, I go to the supermarket. They are far less expensive there than it is to go fishing….. after you factor in the cost of a license, the fishing pole, the boat, the trailor, and the over-sized pick-up truck to pull it. If I want “wild meat,” I can buy buffulo or lamb better than a goat sized deer or an elk smaller than a buffulo.

    I have chased big horns with a camera and gotten within 15 yards. At that range, I could throw a rock and hit one. I do not see what the thrill of the hunt is. If they want target practice, join a gun club and use that explosive paper punch on something ELSE that can’t shoot back.

    Regarding cars, I have done more damage than good in self-repair. From what I have observed in others is that this does not cure them.


  12. princessxxx said

    haha, i just learned last year how to check the oil in a car. but that is kind of excusable because i rode a bicycle for 20 years.

    anyway, thank god for lesbians.


  13. The lesbians I have had enough time to to get to know seem to be interesting conversationalists… We have a long in common from a certain perspective . . . . And they play a mean game of pool. I stick with the bi and straight ones, though.

    In regard to those who think they can convert a homosexual, I think they should start with a Butch lesbian for some reality orientation…. or even a lipstick lesbian. In fact, I would like to watch. I have yet to see someone pulled through a knot hole backwards.


  14. all i know,
    if i’m ever in a serious bind,
    call a lesbian first.


  15. francisca said

    hi thanks for share,i always came to visit ur Blog:)


  16. Princessxxx said

    thanks for stopping by Francisca


  17. Enkill_Eridos said

    hehehe Lesbians are more useful than men in many areas. I do agree with that.


  18. dorian said

    hug a lesbian today.


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