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Search the Scriptures – Robert B Greenblatt (1906-1987) Hurray, he’s dead.

Posted by princessxxx on July 22, 2009

i was just reading the posts of Stephanie


and i highly recommend this article.

i am a female born in the body of a male.

it wasn’t a problem for me, but everyone else seemed to have an issue with it. 

as a child, i looked like a girl, i acted like a girl, and that is because i was a girl.  period.

of course, my backwoods ‘christian’ parents couldn’t handle a second of that.    their problem, not mine.

so when i was around 11 yrs old, the rednecks that are named as my parents on my birth certificate, decided to take me to a specialist named Robert B Greenblatt, whose speciality was curing homosexual and transgendered behaviour thru,  (get this), hormones and bible verses.

what an ass.  i don’t care what other great medical achievements this man may have made in his lifetime, because he goddamned nearly ruined my life with his stupid theories on human sexuality.

i recall very little of this, probably because i have  chosen to forget it. 

all i recall is we had to drive to N Carolina or Tennessee or some such place.  No one told me what they were up to, other than to say i wasn’t “developing” normally.

so dr. greenblatt, prescribed testosterone and “made” my parents buy multiple copies of his stupid ass book, “search the scriptures.”  a read i do not recommend because it is just stupid and foolish and just a way for greenblatt to make a buck. 

the one thing i recall most about dr greenblatt, he spent an awful lot of time fingering my testicles.  and if anyone in the greenblatt family has a problem with that, well, hire the best jewish lawyers you can find.  they can fondle my nuts, too, if they want.

well, anyway, that misguided dr. robbed me of what i was naturally born to be.

after several years of hormones, by the time i was 14, i was 6ft tall and could grow a full beard.  the only thing that came in handy for was i could walk into a bar (legal age was 18yrs then)  and order a cocktail without being carded.  Loved those mai tais.

i guess what is really eating me up about this is, this stupid practice of curing transgendered children with pills is still going on today.  and as far as i am concerned, it is child abuse.

well, happy ending, greenblatts dead and princess reached her height of beauty despite the pills and leviticus.

(i hope it was a horrible painful slow death, maybe he got stoned to death.  or better yet, devoured by a python.)


27 Responses to “Search the Scriptures – Robert B Greenblatt (1906-1987) Hurray, he’s dead.”

  1. princessxxx said

    stephanie, i hope you do not mind me posting the link to your site.
    i couldn’t help myself, it’s just that what you have to say is very important.
    i do relate.


  2. dorian said

    curing transgendered children with pills? how does one ‘cure’ what is natural?

    the idea is worse than the electro-shock treatments they used for schizophrenia over 50 years ago. that ‘treatment’ sent an aunt of mine over the deep end and who knows how many others…


  3. princessxxx said

    it happens all the time. not too long ago i saw a program where this type of ‘treatment’ is still being used today.
    fortunately, some right thinking parents are allowing their children to be themselves.

    well, i could have allowed these ‘treatments’ to send me over the deep end. but i decided to just push my parents over the deep end instead. and if greenblatt were alive today, i would have pushed his wheelchair down a flight of stairs. after fondling his nuts with a pair of pliers.

    “survival of the fabulous” that’s what darwin should have called it.


  4. dorian said

    you’d make a good nurse ratched, princess…


  5. princessxxx said

    very funny, a community theater was putting on a production of “cuckoo’s nest”

    i wanted to audition for the part but i must have done something different that day.


  6. “survival of the fabulous”
    how groovy thou art, old darling.


  7. Stephanie said

    What an awful story. It’s incredible that doctors have this power to abuse patients in the name of some theory about “natural” or “normal” sexuality/gender. And people wonder why I hid my transsexuality when I was young? I’m sorry you had to go through this.


  8. Princessxxx said

    thanks stephanie. it was a really creepy experience.
    it saddens me that children still have to go through experiences like that even today.

    anyway, trust me, in the long run i made the best of it.

    and it was nice getting that story off of my chest.


  9. kay~ms said

    I’ve been so busy lately that I can’t eve answer Hors… but I will Hors :)… But I wanted to say how sorry I am also P, that you had to go thru that. It reminded me of this guy’s story I saw on tv who, when he was a baby, the doctor botched his circumcision so badly that they (the doctor convinced his parents) decided to remove his penis and bring him up as a girl. Of course, this arrogant doctor’s experiment didn’t work and this man, now an adult, wanted to kill this doctor and almost did.

    I can relate to your younger experiences. When I was little, I threw tantrums when ever my mom or grandmother tried to put anything feminine on me. I don’t remember many details except for when my grandmother wanted to put these “hideous” pointy toed shoes on me.. I was probably four or five. I remember fighting that hard (and won). I guess I was lucky and my parents decided to let me be me because all (most) of my childhood pictures show me in pants and shirts. All 100% cotton too.. I hated polyester, it was “itchy”.
    I had a few barbies that I liked but mostly I liked boy stuff. I’ve had my share of scateboards, motorcross bikes, and many tree forts. And I was good at sports. But, I am thankful that these masculine characteristics didn’t affect my preference for the opposite sex. I say that because I know that my life would have been even harder.

    This was the first issue that I strongly disagreed with Bill Keller on. When I heard him say that people are not born homosexual I knew that wasn’t true. The actual physical characteristics of many is one good argument to Bill’s stance.

    Bill’s view is clearly “black and white” as far as God is concerned. He believes that we should live our lives for God. So I guess that means (it would appear) that some would have to sacrifice more that others.

    This subject is confusing for me. Especially after I read the story of Jonathan and David in the Old Testament.

    So I have come to the conclusion that what a person chooses to do is between them and God. He who has never sinned can cast the first stone.

    However, if I had been born with an attraction to the same sex, I can say that I personally would try to abstain…acknowledging that that would be easier for some to do than others.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you turned out ok after those childhood experiences. The only other thing that I want to say is that, please don’t blame God for the misguided and abusive actions of those people in your life. Please don’t be a non believer because of the wrong actions and beliefs of some believers. Whether it is the actions of those in your life or the actions of the people who may have falsly influenced the words of the Bible. Don’t let those things keep you from having a relationship with your Creator, who, as correctly stated in the Bible, loves ALL of us equally and wants ALL of us to come to Him and be with Him in the afterlife.

    Ok, preach session over..


  10. dorian said

    hi kay!
    i think of sexual preference as something that comes natural to a person. like being born left handed. as much as you try and put the spoon on the toddler’s right hand, the spoon will always end up in the left hand if he or she is really left handed. i have a cousin who from the age of three was saying she was not a girl but a boy. liked only boys’toys and clothes so they dressed her up in jeans and shirts. except for church. every sunday was a big tantrum when she had to wear a dress. the parents gave up after a while and gave away the scratchy dresses. she is now happily gay and still goes to church. another relative was all boy, liked the sports and guns, etc. and grew up to be gay too, surprisingly.

    nothing wrong with preferring to abstain if someone is uncomfortable with the lifestyle. some would argue with that and say sexual repression is not good. but there those that choose to abstain and they’re just fine, so i guess that’s okay! here is the evil nurse ratched. watch and see all of us adkob family and guests in the asylum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-HaxWnNEFE


  11. Hors Service said

    Nice to see you back, and I hope that you will be able to comment further on soon.

    Gosh, you’re not being manichean in this post, you’re even showing more personal reflexions than religious slogans, I’m lost!
    No, seriously, it’s good to see you being so sensible.

    I don’t think that having “boys” or “girls” activities on themselves have an influence on your sexual behavior later on, but the way the others see this activities categorize you…
    A lot of boys are in fact interested in sewing^^

    Would you have abstained? Full abstention (and live a life without love), or just abstention of sex? One could say, there’s no sex until there’s penetration^^ Why do you think God would desapprouve same-sex sex?


  12. Princessxxx said

    kay, you and i have become practically BFF’s.

    first of all i hear sarasota is trying to get the cardinals or some such team to come to ed smith stadium.

    my sister was total tomboy, but she is str8.

    you will love this, in kindergarten i kept getting in trouble for convincing the other little girls to switch clothes with me because they wanted my corduroy pants and i wanted to wear the dresses. it happened all the time. i’m such a riot.


  13. kay~ms said

    Hi P, yes I think so 🙂 Yes, we finally sealed the deal with the Baltimore Orioles, just when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen because the funds aproved by the state for the Red Sox, was not a given for the Orioles. But Charlie Crist changed his mind at the last minute… the Orioles are not of the same caliber as the Red Sox but it’s better than not having a team at all. Sarasota has had spring training here since 1960 so it would have been ashame to not have anyone here. Spring training really helps the local economy.
    I just read that the Orioles get to change the name of the stadium so it won’t be Ed Smith for much longer. A little trivia I just learned… Ed Smith was the one who wooed the White Sox here in 1960. They played at Payne Park which they recently razed and made into a nice park area for outdoor concerts etc. That park brings back memories… we used to play tag there all the time, great hiding places under the bleachers. I have a nice momento of a huge scar on my knee from climbing a rusty fence there.

    Another little bit of personal trivia…that park.. Payne Park.. abuts the parking lot seen in the video of the police officer kicking that poor guy in handcuffs. When I see that parking lot and think about Payne Park a few feet away… I always think of the time when I was a teenager, me and my two friends (we were always getting into trouble together due to bordom) got arrested for “attempted burglery” I think was the charge. It was just curiosity and boredom.. there was this historic house that the city relocated near our school..one Sunday we found ourselves strolling by it, we got curious, looked in the windows, tried the door knobs etc. We never got in. But that’s when I learned about Sonitrol. It was just getting dark and I happened to notice a police car creeping up the street and he had just turned his headlights off. I looked down the other street and saw the same thing.. there were 3 cop cars on 3 different streets creeping up on us..there was no where to run. I said “you guys..look!” . We immediately turned into the 3 stooges literaly bumping into each other because we each saw a different cop car and tried to run in the opposite direction. We ran in the only direction we could and next thing we knew we heard ” stop or you going to get hurt”… I learned later that that very same cop had just been involved in a shooting. Anyway, we stopped and they handcuffed us… they handcuffed me and my friend Lisa together and Joe separately and in a separate car. When we got to that parking lot in the station and the cop gets out of the car to let us out…Lisa says… “Kathy…when he lets us out, let’s run”. She was serious. I envisioned us trying to climb that same fence that I got the scar on handcuffed together. There was no where for us to run and we would have never outran the officer…she just didn’t want to get in trouble, one more time, with her mother… needless to say I declined her offer.

    Anyway.. good times..

    P, the pants I had were corduroys! I think we are talking about the same time period… late 60s. That is hilariuos… is your name Gary by chance? There was this boy in our nursery school that was a terror.. he was always causing a scene with temper tantrums, hitting the adults, etc. I became good friends a few years later with two sisters that were family friends of his family. Gary never wanted to play with the boys, he always wanted to play house with us and be the mother. I ran into him many years later at a gay club… I was there with my friend Lisa and our boss who was a good friend (and gay). But despite that Lisa had “fallen in love with him”, another story… Anyway Gary was working there and of course it all fit together.
    But, I’m guessing that you might have been a “litte terror” yourself at that age??


  14. dorian said

    I love that u like sports, kay. you know your baseball. you’re getting another team in fla.! I love baseball, nat’l league bec. i’ve gone to s.f giants games since I was little. here rooting for the marlins to beat the dodgers right now!


  15. kay~ms said

    Hey Dorian, actually it’s only for spring training. I take it the Dodgers are a big rival. I actually like football more than baseball. I’m love my Bucs… I’ve watched them since the days of Doug Williams in the 80s, a very rare black quarterback. I was so mad when they refused to pay him what he was worth. He then went on to get a Superbowl MVP with the Redskins. Hah! There was a saying that a voo doo curse was put on the team because of the way the owners cheated him. It was a valid explanation because the Bucs were the worst team for a long time afterwards. Any comment there EE?

    Dorian, I still can’t get in to edit… I just posted another comment on the other page and it’s awaiting moderation… is there a new password? Or maybe I forgot the old one..very possible… what is it again?…could you email me?.. thanks.


  16. Princessxxx said

    haha kay. that is funny.
    well, don’t go get arrested anytime soon, because the cops are really getting brutal from what i hear.

    kay, that gay club you went to wouldn’t have been “stinger’s” on central?
    i used to hang there all the time. then of course there was “ryan’s” and “bumper’s”, both on 41 and the lesbian bar “sporter’s” near the art school. sarasota used to be very gay.

    kay, you crack me up, i am so glad that you are not who i thought you were.

    well, i no longer have corduroys but i will trade outfits with you anyday.


  17. dorian said

    oh yeah i skipped the spring training bit.the baseball got me excited. baseball and tennis was the family’s sport but i like the s.f forty niners too.
    i love kay’s teen-age trouble story.
    betcha we can all have a good time together because we’re all notty.
    one boring summer day when i went to a local five and dime store where some friends used to shoplift and i lifted a pair of shades. well i got caught and got taken to the office and they called a cop in. i wasn’t arrested but oh boy did they scare the hell outta me. they kept me in there for two hours! that cop was about 7 foot tall and mean looking but i think he was just there to and scare the kid for some free donuts.


  18. kay~ms said

    P, no it wasn’t Stingers… I don’t remember what it was called but it’s now an Italian restaurant across from the airport on 41. I had only been there a couple of times. It was a nice little place. I remember Stingers.. I don’t think I ever went there though and I’m pretty sure I never went to Sporters.

    I’m glad you all liked my story….see… I have a sense of humor.. :o)

    Dorian, I love tennis!! I love to play it and watch it. I don’t play as much as I used to though. That was such a good Wimbledon final with Andy Roddick and Roger Federer.


  19. tothewire said

    Kay you still going on about Bill? The good news is before long it won’t matter if I tell all on good ol’ rev Bill…. LOL BUT for now I will just paste what I have already typed in an earlier post.

    Bill Keller is the definition of Religious intolerance: failure to respect “the fundamental right of other people to hold religious beliefs that are different from your own.” Devaluing other faiths as worthless or evil.Spreading hatred about an entire group; e.g. stating or implying that all members of a group are evil, behave immorally, commit criminal acts, etc.;It has nothing to do with religious practices or behavior motivated by religion.
    This form of faith bashing is a serious concern. It fueled the Witch burnings of the Renaissance, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Nazi Holocaust.
    Followers of Keller are motivated by their religion to change society.
     It is typically based on misinformation knowingly spread by a religious leader against a small religion.
     It often seeks to build up public hatred against a benign faith group. It can contribute to public hysteria that has led to lynching, attempted murder, firebombing etc.
    Bill Keller is full of blasphemy against the Constitution and the Fist Amendment!
    Keller should be thankful that the First Amendment demands that the government be neutral toward religion.
    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want clergy campaigning for their favorite political candidate. Does anyone want their houses of worship turned into a political convention hall? Collection plate money used to line politicians’ pockets…leaving our religious freedom in ruins!


  20. tothewire said

    Enjoyed the post princessxxx, and the other site as well! Well done.


  21. tothewire said

    E_E I will be in Orlando from the 31st-Aug 7th hope to see you there!


  22. lawman2 said

    no kay “keller say’s this or that” comment? lol
    honey, are you going to meet up with e in orlando? lol


  23. kay~ms said

    Ok, I’ll comment even though I already responded to this on the SNL site a year ago…

    I agree that it is wrong to label people evil for following a false religion and I also agree that it is wrong to hate others who believe in these false religions. These kinds of practices do fuel horrible actions.

    I don’t agree that Bill Keller is guilty of these things. I believe that he hates the agressive actions that encourage people to believe lies that lead them away from Christ and I do too.

    I don’t think that Bill fails to respect a person’s right to believe what they choose. Anyone who tries to FORCE someone to believe a certain way is guilty of failing to respect another’s right to believe what they choose. Radical Islamists would fit into this category. And of course, most liberals.

    The common misconception is the failure to understand the difference between respecting someone’s right to believe and respecting their actual religion. There are many ludacris wacked out “religions” (cults) out there… were supposed to respect them? I will never respect any “religion” that is against Christ. Never.


  24. Kassie said

    There are some rights parents just shouldn’t have. In the culture they were brought up in, they were taught to see those different from them as abnormal. I would say, I hope with the new movement toward understanding and accepting diversity, that will soon change, but all you have to do is look at slavery and compare to the modern community to know it won’t happen.

    I’m really sorry about your experience and I hope that your current friends can respect you where your parents didn’t.


  25. princessxxx said

    well, thank you very much Kassie. I made the best out of the situation.


  26. susuzotoyikama…

    […]Search the Scriptures – Robert B Greenblatt (1906-1987) Hurray, he’s dead. « A Different Kind of Blog[…]…


  27. DST said

    Dr. Greenblatt saved my life when I was 25 years old… He was a saint… He is definitely with Jesus! I am 61 now and a grandmother. I adored this man of God!


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