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E_E, so you had a skinhead in your unit, did you have any gays?

Posted by princessxxx on July 27, 2009

Just curious,  ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, you know, but you can tell me.

this is more of a question.  I never understood that ‘gay’s in the military’ issue.   How did that work out in Iraq?

Obama should really step up and put an end to that nonsense.  Any thoughts?


4 Responses to “E_E, so you had a skinhead in your unit, did you have any gays?”

  1. Princessxxx said

    on rachel maddow the other nite, she said since obama has become president there have been over 200 soldiers dismissed because they are gay. that sucks.


  2. lawman2 said

    yes, do tell “us”…lmao


  3. dorian said

    princess let me introduce you to lawman. world’s greatest republican.
    yeah wassup with the 200 soldiers dismissed? they ‘told’, eh? i thought i voted for a liberal administration!


  4. Princessxxx said

    pleased to meet you lawman.
    i had no idea that there were any great republicans,
    let alone a greatest.

    ttw & lawman back? sounds like a resurrection.


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