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Professor Gates is a banana eating jungle monkey – I am not a racist.

Posted by princessxxx on July 31, 2009






8 Responses to “Professor Gates is a banana eating jungle monkey – I am not a racist.”

  1. dorian said

    larry: ‘what made you come up with that language, though?’

    officer: ‘i don’t even know…i can say that there was no intentional racial bigotry or prejudice by my words, i did not intend that. ‘

    hm. hard to believe. i don’t think this one will be invited for beer in the white house lawn.


  2. Mikki said

    Wow! If those aren’t racist statements, I don’t know what are!!!OMG, you can’t be serious in your own defense! You’re not a racist? hahahahaha! How much lower could you really have gone? Sure, you left out the dreaded “N” word, but other than that…YOU, Officer Barrett are a racist!


  3. thanks Mikki, i so agree.
    my mouth dropped open when i heard that he was the captain of the national guard.

    unfortunately, it seems to be a big problem with the police force where i live, too.


  4. PrinceWilliam said

    Absolutely a racist.

    I’m going to make a sterotyping comment, that should get me in trouble. First though, I do appreciate people who go into the profession of law enforcement. This is a great country, far safer than most, however, most of those who chose to go into law enforcement have some kind of ego issue. They chose that profession because they think they are somehow better. They think they are smarter and more patriotic and that we should all treat them as heros. Their personalities are such, that they are thinking these thoughts 24 hours a day. It’s even how they treat their spouses and children, I’m the boss, I’m the greatest, bow down and worship me, all of you.

    Most are good actors and can hide these true feelings, but many times they will slip and the true arrogance spits out like our dear Ms. Barrett here. A Racist. An Egomaniac. An Asshole that we will put up with because he is willing to, or should I say likes to, deal with all the low intelligence human trash out there, in the name of law enforcement.


  5. princessxxx said

    prince, sarasota is having such a problem iwth cops like that these days, but now that i think aboutdisturbing. it, it always seems that way.

    and not too long after the election i overheard a couple of cops talking about the “sandn!**er”.


  6. Hors Service said

    Prince, I think you’re having a very widespread stereotype, like a lot of people in France, I must say^^

    What do you make of the policemen/women who joined because they felt they must help others, as the ones called to priesthood?
    What do you make of the ones who joined because they had problems with policemen, and therefore thought that they should become policemen in order to have a better police?

    I think that there’s as much idiots, racists, egocentrical people in police as there is in every other profession, but they have more “power” in the police. They’re given a domination on other humans.
    And I think that everyone entitled to a power on his fellow humans is bond to abuse of it, sooner or later, it’s human^^
    Look at the doctors;)

    If you can read french, I would propose you some good police blogs, that could help you change your mind about policemen and women.


  7. princessxxx said

    hi hors, i think prince william is refering to the area in which he lives.

    we both are in Florida, and he and i both live in the cities that are named “THE MEANEST CITIES IN THE U.S.” and it’s true. a lot of crime and corruption, “in the police”.

    let’s just say it is redneckville. and this attitude runs thru more than just the police.

    of course there are good cops, but, honestly, not many, here.

    il est grand que vous avez la bonne police

    anyway, don’t vacation in florida soon, as it will be short before it is devoured by snakes.


  8. Hors Service said

    Oh, it’s bad, then… Sorry for you two…

    I just wanted to avoid a generalisation to every police officer… All my relations with them have always went well, but it’s true that I’m a man, white, with no extreme-left opinions. Some of my friends are policemen, one of them is even a soldier^^
    But the police isn’t perfect, of course.

    Okay, that’s cool I didn’t planned any vacation in Florida… Anyway I can’t afford a vacation further than Luxemburg^^


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