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Posted by princessxxx on August 3, 2009




  1. princessxxx said

    “we couldn’t sit here and kill somebody, that would be murder.”


  2. kay~ms said

    Well, I would be extremely upset with him if he actually did that but I’m pretty sure he is just trying to make a point. Slowly but surely Christianity is getting “banned” in secular society while the most extreme garbage is allowed…


  3. princessxxx said

    oh kay, he made his point alright. he’s crazy.


  4. But it is apart of the Mosaic Law. To sacrifice a part of your flock to god. Back then the animals were currency and animal sacrifice was the same as giving money to the church today. They sacrificed the animals cooked the Kosher parts and after the service everyone ate. Which is where the breaking of bread ceremony in Jewish synagogues came from. So if he was to sacrifice an animal he would just do it to piss of non-Christians or “pagans.” Those crazy people that revere nature and think we should live more in tune A good majority of Christians think that the second coming will happen on 12-24-2012. I do not I think the world will end, I think ALL organized religions will fall. There is a lot of evidence to support this. The decline of people just not thinking and blindly following an ideal that no longer makes any sense. Christianity is not only in this decline. Judaism, and Islam is going through a decline as well. Those are the biggest Organized Religions, they are all getting scared and are blaming each other. Jihad on Zionists! the Islamic fundamentalists say. Crusade with the false religion of Islam the Christians say. Kill those dirty people that have claimed OUR holy city as their own say the Jews. The so called “pagans”, this is a term that I hate by the way, or esoteric religions feel that this is a time of when a more enlightened age will happen. And really the “banning” of Christianity in secular society, is not because of some heinous force outside the church but it is those religions doing. That is just my opinon however.


  5. Hors Service said

    Hey E_E, “A good majority of Christians think that the second coming will happen on 12-24-2012” ?

    Are you sure? Where did you get that idea? It’s the first time I hear about this “great majority”, and I know quite a lot of christians. (Catholics and Protestants)
    The whole “2012” thing didn’t really catch in Europe yet, we’re going to have to wait until this fashion cames to us…

    “There is a lot of evidence to support this.”

    If it’s supporting “the 24 12 2012 all great religions will fail”, then I should warn you that this has no scientific or even reasonable evidence (yet). We are not able to predict the future so accurately, you know.

    And you forget shintoïsts, taoïsts, buddhists, hinduists… By the way, you really think that in 3 years, people will suddenly stop believing?
    For the Eclipse, a lot of “prophets”, mediums or assimilated were predicting series of disaster, ranging from earthquake to nuclear war, and nothing happened.
    Oh, wrong: tourism improved consequently.


  6. princessxxx said

    e_e, you are so right.

    what we have going on right now is christians trying to make self fullfilling prophecies. jews & muslims, too.

    hors , my aunt is a christian and a very good one, but lately she has been coming home from church saying things like, “the new world order” and “2012” and “obama wants to kill old people.”
    she is picking this up in church and it is starting to spread like wilfire, especially since the “christians” that write countless books on this subject and sell it on t.v. for a “love gift” of $35.00 US.

    christianity is a mess, but i have a plan to help the christians make the health care system finally work in this country, and be with jesus right away. a win-win situation.


  7. Hors Service said

    The prophecy will be fulfilled by the people believing in it^^

    It’s not even christian mythical stuff… I guess one archaelogist wanted to have a bit of fun, told to his friends a nice anecdote about the end of the world in 2012 according to the Mayas, maybe wanted to impress girls/boys, and now we’re left with that. I hope that he’s/she’s feeling guilty^^


  8. dorian said

    shintoists, taoists, pantheists, deists, hindus too
    they prophetize and proselytize like gentiles jews and muslims do
    sages and oracles, bards and fools, wicca, witch or voodoo
    all rapped like nostradamus foretelling doom

    whoever said two thousand twelve we’ll all be dead
    is blaming it on the calendar maker’s hand
    the chiefs and the aliens were breaking bread
    then decided to move the entire party from earth

    the mayans are still partying with the aliens in some other galaxy to this day. and hors’ theory about the notty archaeologist wanting to impress the girls is probably true.


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