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BLACKWATER’S CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS – Eliminating Muslims & the Islamic faith from the globe.

Posted by princessxxx on August 5, 2009

It is time to get rid of these “christians”


11 Responses to “BLACKWATER’S CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS – Eliminating Muslims & the Islamic faith from the globe.”

  1. princessxxx said

    Prince is up for murder charges?

    give him the death penalty,
    send him to be with baby jesus ASAP.


  2. dorian said

    hey , why are the templars included! i liked those guys. + i thought you were talking about the artist formerly known as prince. he’s my man. don’t touch my bro! i wish i could wear his clothes.

    anyway, the rrr [radical religious right – hm. i like the way that sounds] is pretty scary. not subject to the military command? a private army? damn that’s so third world. is this a liberal conspiracy theory?? well, finally!


  3. princessxxx said

    it’s just idiots trying to make jesus return, which, he never will.

    “the martyr formerly known as Prince”

    i say, he should be sent packing to heaven via state sanctioned lethal injection.

    war criminal.


  4. Hors Service said

    Oh yeah, templars are good subjects for conspirationism^^

    Hey, you know that the burning Great Master of the Templar order threw a curse on the Pope, the French King, and his judge, and it fact it realised?
    Such coïncidences, sometimes^^

    Did you ever played the Knights of Baphomet? One of the best adventure game I’ve ever played.


  5. princessxxx said

    is it a video game?


  6. Hors Service said

    It is^^ from 1996, develloped by revolution software.

    One of the few point and click that I really appreciates^^


  7. Princessxxx said


  8. Princessxxx said


  9. princessxxx said


  10. Prince William said

    Things will never change. History will always repeat itself. Man is an egotistical being. Man will always find himself superior, and the strong will survive. They may call it religion, but it’s just the very root of man’s personality. “If you don’t believe me, if you don’t do as I say, if you’re not like me and believe what I believe, I will take you out, in the name of security, or religion” BS… Shut up!!!! Mind your own business. Leave me alone. Too bad the world is so overcrowded, otherwise, we could all just have our own little self sufficient farms and never have to interact with each other.


  11. princessxxx said


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