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Glenn Beck – Hey, This Guy’s okay!

Posted by dorian on August 17, 2009

maybe the obnoxiousness is just an act. the man actually sounds God-reverent and loving here.  must be the good lds influence.


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  1. obama the antichrist said

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ahahahahahahah 😀 well good dorain! Glenn Beck is one of my idols ahahahahahaha!


  2. Princessxxx said


  3. dorian said

    i like the young turks – these guys are sharp.

    ah, there’s the glenn beck that everyone loves!! he really does his job real well in telling The Mob the misinformation that they expect to hear.


  4. Princessxxx said

    i actually posted the wrong youtube clip, but this one works just as well.

    i watched becks program the other nite when he compares the obama admin to the nazis.
    stupid morman.


  5. obama the antichrist said

    He has an opinion and you hate him for it…sad


  6. He has that teary eyed schtick down pat; in any case:



  7. dorian said

    i’m telling you guys – glen’s the best of the right wing media men. his act is over the top. that’s why he’s making the bucks. and he tops it of with the religion bit.
    ota, anything new on the palin trail? did she really come up with the term “death panel?”


  8. obama the antichrist said

    honestly i had no idea…i was quiet upset when she stepped down as govenor D: i think she might have come up with this term but it sorta is in the bill she just added her own name to it ahahahaha the end of life counseling i mean which i highly doubt that even Obama knows what that is. its all up for interp right now and that is sorta what i am leading toward.


  9. obama the antichrist said

    this health care reform is a battle of power! notice how nancy pelosi is pushing for the bill (a dem) and no one in congress has read all of it then you have palin who is “dealth panel”. i think its not as bad as the conservatives are saying but worse than what the liberals are saying. like this dems are wanting a canadian style health care but canada is changing their health care
    however i dont think that the repubs are giving health care reform the chance…it NEEDS to be changed but this isnt the way so they are blowing up things that are left up for interp. i have looked at the points and they are extremely vague but judging by how fast the dems are forcing this bill i would side with palin with more confidence than i would with pelosi (God help that poor womans [pelosi] soul)


  10. dorian said

    at least most people understand there’s got to be a healthcare reform. now that new co-op plan would be bogus. it’s written by the insurance companies and the pharma. groups, so they protected their own interests there.$kaching$kaching$. whatever it is, it should be for the people’s interests. no need to scare the old folks. nobody but their kin or themselves will pull the plug.that will never happen. but of course you’ll side with your palin. i wouldn’t expect you not to! 😉


  11. obama the antichrist said

    😀 of course gotta love her…if you arent liberal HA! but anywho i need to throw this out there…
    people create business to make money and that is their biggest incentive, unless you are non profit
    so insurance companies and pharmacies want to make money and thats exactly what they are doing…gotta love capitalism…unless you are a liberal 😀


  12. kay~ms said

    From Betty’s link:
    Exposing the Euthanasia Scare
    Harold Pollack

    Pollack critiques quotes from the following statement by the House GOP Leaders Boehner and McCotter on End-of-Life Treatment Counseling in Democrats’ Health Care Legislation…

    “Section 1233 of the House-drafted legislation encourages health care providers to provide their Medicare patients with counseling on ‘the use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration’ and other end of life treatments, and may place seniors in situations where they feel pressured to sign end of life directives they would not otherwise sign. This provision may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia if enacted into law.”

    Pollack says “Actually, the House bill expands (and thus necessarily describes) Medicare coverage for counseling about advance directives and palliative care. You are permitted to have one such a counseling session with your doctor every five years, more frequently if you have a life-threatening illness. To state the obvious: No patient is forced to undergo this counseling, to sign an advance care directive or living will. As far as I know, no one is forced to do anything at all. ”

    We are “permitted” to have a counciling session? By a program with a stated goal to cut healthcare costs? Gee, thanks for giving me the “free” opportunity (and little push) to end my life sooner. Give me a break. And this would probably be a good time to say that the government and even our doctors have NO BUSINESS making suggestions and giving unsolicited advice about when and how to end our lives.

    Pollack says; “As far as I know, no one is forced to do anything at all”. Technically, that seems to be correct but now let’s read Sarah Palin’s and many other’s interpretation of this particular portion of the bill…

    She quotes Charles Lane in a Washington Post article:

    “Though not mandatory, as some on the right have claimed, the consultations envisioned in Section 1233 aren’t quite “purely voluntary,” as Rep. Sander M. Levin (D-Mich.) asserts. To me, “purely voluntary” means “not unless the patient requests one.” Section 1233, however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives them an incentive — money — to do so. Indeed, that’s an incentive to insist.

    Patients may refuse without penalty, but many will bow to white-coated authority. Once they’re in the meeting, the bill does permit “formulation” of a plug-pulling order right then and there. So when Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) denies that Section 1233 would “place senior citizens in situations where they feel pressured to sign end-of-life directives that they would not otherwise sign,” I don’t think he’s being realistic. [7]

    Even columnist Eugene Robinson, a self-described “true believer” who “will almost certainly support” “whatever reform package finally emerges”, agrees that “If the government says it has to control health-care costs and then offers to pay doctors to give advice about hospice care, citizens are not delusional to conclude that the goal is to reduce end-of-life spending.” [8]

    Key notes… “Section 1233, however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives them an incentive — money — to do so.” And… “Once they’re in the meeting, the bill does permit “formulation” of a plug-pulling order right then and there.”

    “right then and there” !! No “why don’t you go home and think about it”? It’s worse than a used car dealership! That’s a perfect example of why more time should be given to debate and make changes to this plan. At the very least there should be a REQUIRED waiting period before signing.

    Again… NO WONDER people are outraged! I really don’t think it’s because “he’s black” Dorian. That “opinion” is really starting to look kind of silly now, don’t you think?

    And I noticed that Pollack convieniently leaves this very reasonable portion out when quoting the House GOP leaders…

    “At a minimum this legislative language deserves a full and open public debate – the sort of debate that is impossible to have under the politically-driven deadlines Democratic leaders have arbitrarily set for enactment of a health care bill.”

    This is NOT asking too much… what is asking too much is trying to get Americans to aprove of this bill without enough time to debate it especially when it is so lacking in clearity.

    And also especially when Obama has recently demonstrated faulty judgement and incompetance in the recent past… the unsuccessful billion dollar stimulus package and the cash for clunkers program where the dealerships are still waiting for the money that they were already supposed to receive.

    Like I stated earlier.. if we do not get some kind of healthcare reform it looks like the only person to blame will be Obama for not putting forth a better and more clear bill.

    Quit blaming the “mob” liberals. The “mob” is justified.


  13. dorian said

    i see we’re on to a blame game again? well in that case, i say the blame should be put on The Mob for turning off a lot of voters and causing mccain to lose the presidential office in a big way.

    i’m one of the biggest capitalists around and my business makes money off other businesses, the bigger the better. but i’m also a humanist. i would choose to help people over corporations. the big corporations will do everything to protect their interests. in this case those making the most money, the healthcare sector (insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, HMOs) are in danger of losing trillions if your president’s reform proposal passes.

    just open your eyes to this: these rich corporate entities and their conservative lackeys are throwing in these negative and unlikely factors of “death panels” and such to DISTRACT from the real issue. the real issue is to give everybody AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE. the “mob” is being used unknowingly, for these corporations’ self-preserving agenda. these corporations have the best advertising agencies and business strategists and actuarial and research analysts on their payroll. this is a business fact. it’s all about money. money is what rules in this country. it is more powerful than your president. for me it’s as simple as this- if you were to take sides: go with your government or go with the corporations.


  14. kay~ms said

    Dorian, I’m well aware of the evils of capitalism. But your view is overly simplified and naive…you’re saying that we should aprove of Obama’s plan so that the greedy, manipulative and selfish corporations don’t get their way? But then the greedy, manipulative and selfish liberals will get their way. You didn’t actually think someone would fall for that did you? These evil characteristics are not exlusive to republicans and conservatives.

    You, clearly are not afraid of a socialist government. I’m sure there are many liberals who would be pleased with one. And when you or your family member is denied medical coverage because of their age or disability then tell me who’s worse.. greedy corportations or a power hungry government that wants to control us.

    You are so right that money controls everything. And I can’t help wondering who’s money is controling Obama.

    Again, if Obama would just present a solid healthcare bill, it would probably pass. But he didn’t and now he’s got even the democrats backing away from him and his socialistic plan. And that is thanks to the “despicable mob”… the people who asked questions and brought very legitimate concerns to light.

    Just like with the issue of Obama’s place of birth.. if there wasn’t anything to it, it would have eventually gone away. The “death panels” didn’t go away because it is a very legitimate concern. Clearly the elderly (and disabled) are being targeted in this bill as an avenue to reduce healthcare spending. Thank goodness there are still people who speak up so that the manipulative and controling liberals don’t get their way.


  15. dorian said

    kay i’m not talking about liberals or conservatives here. your hatred for the ‘liberals’ clearly takes priority and everything leads to that same road with you.

    ‘But then the greedy, manipulative and selfish liberals will get their way.’

    greedy, selfish, manipulative. it seems to me that those adjectives do not fit with the the word liberal. so you would rather have things stay the way they are with health care here? you think that a nationalized health care system automatically makes the u.s a socialist government? you’re watching too much fox news. i go there too just to see their version of the news.

    the ‘manipulative and controlling liberals’ are not the ones making money in this country.

    the u.s is the only industrialized nation that does not have government funded health care. this is the answer to why the INSURANCE COMPANIES are the only ones reporting PROFITS.

    the insurance industry spends 1.4 million PER DAY for just for lobbying expenses. no figures for how much they spend on funding supposedly ‘grass roots’ campaigns.

    obama made a mistake in bailing out AIG. i’m hoping that some of the money goes back to everyday americans by way of the reform bill passing.

    please don’t continue to let your negative feelings for ‘liberals’ take joy away from your life. you can love Jesus more if you have less anger in your heart. here’s a televangelist for you, this one has a positive outlook on life and i guess it works for her because her ministries are huge and she’s probably raking in the bucks. darnit i’m in the wrong business…


  16. Princessxxx said

    not so fast with that cake & ice cream, dorian.

    joyce myers bodyguard just murdered his wife and two sons.

    he was dating a hostess at a gentleman’s club in Tampa, FLORIDA.!!

    it was a real gruesome scene, true story, i will try to find you a link to that.


  17. kay~ms said

    Yes, Dorian, you got me… I am biased towards liberals. But it’s against their dishonesty, egotistical pride, selfishness and hypocrisy. This is something that I developed since I started blogging about / against abortion “rights” and “Reverse Ignorance”. I am not going to be able to pass up an opportunity to point these things out. Sorry. If you want to characterize it as hatred go ahead but understand what the hatred is about… these characterists that I listed.

    “Selfish and manipulative” do fit Liberals very well from my experience. Greedy is in there also… just open your eyes to this: all of the people who will lose money if Roe vs Wade is overturned. :o)

    Honesty is the key element here and it is lacking, in some cases, on both sides I admit.. because both sides are comprised of humans.

    Again, with me, it comes down to adhering to God’s will. And liberals are the ones who are going against God’s will the most. And they must use dishonesty and egotistical pride ( absence of admitting that their views are wrong.. i.e. murdering innocent babies) and selfishness (wanting to fullfill their desires, not God’s).

    Conservatives must use none of these things… they are being obedient, honest and humble.

    Dorian, you don’t have to sell a government health plan to me… I want it! I despise the insurance companys, the high medical prices and our sorry ratings compared to other countries. Again, My argument is that Obama is “not doing it right”. And he needs to do it especially well because of his socialistic reputation. He’s dropping the ball here. Don’t fault people for not liking this bill, the BILL is the problem, not the people asking the questions. Do you think people should be rewarded for doing a crappy job? Well if you do, then you might just be a socialistic liberal!

    And believe it or not, my negative feelings for liberals does bring me a kind of joy! I have to admit I get joy out of pointing out these faults. You guys must know that by now…if liberals would admit their erroneous views and dishonesty (technically, humble themselves) it would take my joy away… but I would have a diferent kind of joy… and I’ll gladly take it…


  18. dorian said

    no crappy jobs will do for me, i don’t care what political side they’re on. i’d be up there protesting if i don’t like something.

    the real object of your joyful hatred is abortion and pompous atheists. give up on those atheists. there are good atheists. just leave them be with their non-belief, that’s their choice! you can’t change anybody’s mind if they don’t want to, and vice-versa. maybe waterboarding might work.

    actually, every time you say ‘greedy selfish and manipulative’ my yuppie corporate clients come to mind and guess what – they’re conservative and republican. you’re just meeting and reading about the wrong kind of ‘liberals’. or maybe they’re really conservative and just pretending to be ‘liberal’. i know a few of those!!
    i’m not socialist. i’m a liberal-minded fascist.


  19. Princessxxx said



  20. kay~ms said

    okay, “joyful hatred” sounds kind of harsh. I quess joy isn’t the right word. I’ll say that I take pleasure in pointing out other’s prideful shortcomings and hypocrisies. Especially if they have pointed out mine (incorectly). Who doesn’t take pleasure in that? (honestly). It’s one of the things I need to be working on I guess. I need to work on the “taking pleasure” part but not the pointing out part.

    And I do hate abortion but I don’t hate “pompous atheists” or any other kind. I said what I hated… dishonesty, hypocrisy and egotistical pride to name a few.

    I like Hors, Betty and Lawman. Dorian.. I still think you have a “mental block” of some kind when it comes to the concept of debating. I am so puzzled by your continued insistance that I stop trying to convince Atheists to believe. I really don’t get that. For one, when I’m debating with someone, it’s because they want to debate, or they wouldn’t be there debating right? So where’s the problem? If, as you say, they will never change their minds (how can you KNOW this?) who’s the one who loses? Me for wasting my time I guess. But I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time at all. And actually, I’m strengthing my understanding and faith when I debate with unbelievers. Why do you want me to stop trying to get non believers to re-evaluate their beliefs??? Why do always try to stop these debates? I don’t get it. Any true believer wouldn’t want to give up on anyone’s soul. You’re really confusing me.. can you please explain?


  21. dorian said

    not stoping you from debating, kay. i enjoy them. matter of fact, if you’re left with nobody to debate with, i recruit. i consider you an important key to adkob’s lifesource. without you, adkob would be left with what should i say… art, song and dance and some occasional news bits.
    i’m not for changing anybody’s beliefs if they’re not wanting to. but nobody’s stopping you! we’ll find a nicer word for your joyful pastime. but you have to lend me your bat for the trolls. have you checked out the spam bin? i’m deleting but there are some left, check ’em out if you want…


  22. obama the antichrist said

    dont pull joyce meyer into this she is not just a televangilist she is amazingly awesome. and you cant judge a person based on bodygaurds have you even read anything by this woman she is amazingly intelligent and kind hearted!

    btw the tea parties and such ARE grass roots. one of my family memebers lead one in indy and he took no money from any conservative organization it came from donations and his own pocket.


  23. dorian said

    not saying all of them are, there are lots of real grass roots orgs. around but some are funded indirectly by big money corporations. when busted, they don’t deny.

    i like joyce meyers. she’s positive. sometimes i turn on the tv in the a.m for news and i catch a few minutes of joyce meyers. i can see why people see her.


  24. kay~ms said

    No, I didn’t say that you were stopping me, that you were trying to stop me…you said:

    “just leave them be with their non-belief, that’s their choice!”

    And that is not the first time you’ve “dictated” to me to “let it go” when I’m debating with someone on this issue. You’ve done it several times now. And on other issues too now that I think about it.

    First, you’re implying that I’m trying to deprive them of their choice? Deprive them of their right to their opinion? If that is the case then anyone who debates whether it is on a cable news show or in a university, they are doing the same thing. Second, I’m asking; what is the problem if they are willingly debating with me? Clearly you are having a problem with it even though the other person is willingly participating. Not like Betty who does choose the other option which is to let it go (or give up, depending on which way you look at it). Some of these people WANT to debate this issue (Hors for example) just as much as I do or even more than I do. I still don’t understand why it bothers you.

    So, to summarize (again)

    There is nothing wrong with debating… debating is GOOD. And disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean that you hate them, whether it be Mormons, Atheists, Pro choicers or anyone else. Really… it doesn’t!

    de·bate (d-bt)
    v. de·bat·ed, de·bat·ing, de·bates
    1. To consider something; deliberate.
    2. To engage in argument by discussing opposing points.
    3. To engage in a formal discussion or argument.


  25. dorian said

    kay, i agree with you. there is nothing wrong with debating. i am not stopping you or anybody else from doing that. i’ve said it many times, i enjoy reading those debates, i even recruit people to debate with you! don’t you read my comments? read # comment #21. that’s not the first time i said that.

    did this bother you?
    “the real object of your joyful hatred is abortion and pompous atheists. give up on those atheists. there are good atheists. just leave them be with their non-belief, that’s their choice! you can’t change anybody’s mind if they don’t want to, and vice-versa. maybe waterboarding might work.” that’s not an implication. that’s a statement, that’s how i think, my mindset. the waterboarding reference my way of saying it’s gonna take that much to change somebody’s mind if their convictions are that strong. i never said it was wrong for anyone to debate but if that’s how you interpret my words, that’s your choice.


  26. kay~ms said

    Dorian, are you playing games with me now? Clearly you are not stopping me because you are approving my comments (as one example). Why do you keep saying “I’m not stopping you”. I’m not accusing you of stopping me.

    What I am saying (again) is that you are trying to persuade me, or dictate to me or convince me to stop trying to convince others to change their minds. EXAMPLE… “just leave them be with their non-belief, that’s their choice! you can’t change anybody’s mind if they don’t want to, and vice-versa.” And you’ve done this often in the past. I don’t get it… if two (or more)people are obviously interested in debating a certain topic, WHY are you trying to discourage it? Especially when it is an important topic! Do you or don’t you believe that if a person doesn’t believe in God that their soul will not be saved? If you do believe it then WHY would you want to discourgage me from trying to save someone’s soul? And if you don’t believe it why would you not want to see the issue debated since you do have a “side”.

    Dorian.. what did you mean by this (if you didn’t want me to stop the debate)?

    ““just leave them be with their non-belief, that’s their choice!”

    That means you want me to drop it..”leave them be”.. stop arguing my view.

    And “that’s their choice!” yes, it is a statement and it also IS an implication that I don’t respect their right to make their choice. (liberal translation…that debating is wrong)

    This is getting silly, you are starting to remind me of TTW and Lawman with these tactics. I guess now I know why you don’t debate much. Just, whatever you do, please don’t tell me “we had a bet”.

    Honestly, I just don’t think you like it when I am winning a debate. There I said it :o)


  27. princessxxx said

    yeah, i watch joyce meyer. she rakes in the money, she’s under investigation by congress, and her body guard killed his entire family, brutally, yes, joyce meyers is a real charmer.
    so is joe the plumber, he’s a real mover & shaker, too. hahahahaha. he’s an idiot.

    i find it hard to believe you are a christian ota 🙂


  28. obama the antichrist said

    o my goodness princess have you even opened o joyce meyer book like for real she is an amazing woman and you are basing your opinion on her body gaurd you need get out of olbermans bed sweetie it isnt doing you good


  29. obama the antichrist said

    here is her financial statements
    and here is the report
    but let me quote a piece of this article
    ‘”I don’t want to conclude that there’s a problem, but I have an obligation to donors and the taxpayers to find out more,” Grassley said in a statement about the investigation.’ Grassley is the repub leading the investigation so there isnt a def problem princess


  30. obama the antichrist said

    do NOT insult my belief becuase you do not believe in it. i will not insult you being an athiest.


  31. princessxxx said

    it is pretty easily determined who is a christian or not by how well they handle insults.

    no i haven’t bothered to read joyce’s many books. how many has she sold?

    i do however watch christian television while cleaning my apartment, so i am familiar with Meyers work.

    are you a fan of jessie duplantis as well?

    mike evans? wendy alek, god.tv? creflo dollar?

    who is your favorite televangelist, or are you a baal worshipper like kay? member of the liveprayer family, are you?


  32. dorian said

    princess i’m starting to think you’re the most christian one of all.


  33. princessxxx said

    i know that is the strange dichotomy.

    god gave me free reign to take the phony ones out.


  34. princessxxx said

    which by the way, they all are phony.


  35. obama the antichrist said

    remove the log from your eye before you remove the saw dust from anothers sweetie


  36. kay~ms said

    So, Dorian, I guess, to summarize, please don’t dictate to (try to control) people for unjust reasons. People recognize when you are doing that. It doesn’t reflect well of you. It is such a common trait and I see you as better than that.

    Okay… now it’s open season on me… If I can dish it out… I am truly trying to be constructive here.


  37. Hors Service said

    Well Kay, you don’t seem to try to be constructive^^

    I don’t want to interfere in the heart of the debate (healthcare in the USA), but I think I could make some points, maybe…

    Kay, I think you misunderstood from the start what exactly was said by dorian. Not by intent, but I think you may have some prejudices that partly blinds you…

    I think that dorian just wants you to adress the subject, and not derive to *greedy liberals wanting to impose a socialist state*, and blame their non-belief when we’re talking about healthcare.

    And there’s no money involved in abortion: it’s too small market for that. But if it was prohibited, there would be.
    It’s really a purely moral and societal question.

    Other things…

    From my point of view, the republican, refusing to build a national healthcare system, are the most self-centered individualists.
    Socialism is supposed to diminish individualism to the benefit of the whole society. So you, Kay, crusading against our selfishness, are socialist.^^

    And the rumors that the Jews are trying to take over the World are going on since a century, even if they’re absolutely false. And the Americans never landed on the moon, as everyone knows.
    So you see? The rumor sheer existence doesn’t mean that the basis is true.
    For example, comparing Obama to Hitler is downright stupidity. No arguments. They’re not.

    And each liberal is different, as each conservative is different.
    I know communist christians, and right-winged atheists. You can have ideas from everywhere, sides are just a political shortcut.
    So please don’t generalize.


  38. Princessxxx said

    good job Hors.

    Obama the AntiChrist, that beam in the eye thing. it doesn’t apply to me.
    that is what you believe.

    and where you say you don’t insult athiest,
    you called the speaker of the house of the united states of america a witch. twice.
    so i’m not buying the argument that you draw the line at insults when it comes to athiests.

    christians are so variegated, i’m just curious, who do you think is a right on preacher?

    anyway 🙂


  39. dorian said

    you made me think about that one, p – a right on preacher? i can’t think of any except for an ancient one, with initial JHS. and he was more of a teacher.
    my mother liked billy graham, anyway.


  40. kay~ms said

    Hors, by constructive do you mean “shut up”?

    First, I am being constructive in my critisism. Liberal minded people ( I have found from my experience ) don’t seem to believe there is such a thing as constructive critisism. And disagreeing is a form of critisism to them. They can’t seem to get past that. What seems to be the case is that liberal minded people ( and lets face it, people in one group or another do tend to think alike and that is why they choose the same group) liberal minded people seem to think that there is no growth to be had, or it’s not worth obtaining or that it is bad to encourage it if it in any way disagrees with the other’s views. By growth I mean, the growth we get in reasoning / thinking by way of debating (trading views, opinions and ideas), growth by way of correction which we ALL can benifit from and /or apparently growth in spiritualy beliefs as well.
    If one thing is clear to me it’s that it is a liberal “tabu” to believe that you are right in your ideas (and that the other person is wrong). This is so sad because there will be no growth if thoughts and ideas are not challenged. And I’m going to say it… it is a liberal poison affecting the well being of our society. I know that liberals think just the opposite, that disagreeing is probably a poison to society but the problem with that is that we are all different, we don’t all think alike and we will disagree! There is no getting around that! so the LOGICAL solution is to promote peaceful acceptance of another’s opposing views. AND to actually be able to discuss (DEBATE) these things to possibly, maybe find out if one idea / view could actually be a better or correct one. Why would we not want to find the truth, or better idea? Why would we or should we want to be content with a belief or idea that is possibly not the correct one? Contrary to what many liberal minded people believe… there is only ONE truth! So one of the two parties is WRONG! Why not try to find the truth??

    You said: “I think that dorian just wants you to adress the subject, and not derive to *greedy liberals wanting to impose a socialist state*, and blame their non-belief when we’re talking about healthcare.”

    I have addressed the subject of healthcare above, in other comments and below. You’re talking about several different things we’ve discussed (healthcare, liberal beliefs, and atheism) and mistakenly tying it all into one.

    You guys are really overly sensitive to my liberal critisisms I’ve found. And what is so confusing is that you all (all of you) at one time or another have gone out of your way to tell me that you are NOT a liberal. So, if that is the case why are you bothered by my liberal critisisms?

    Hors, I am not going to stop criticizing liberal views (especially when conservatives are being criticized by liberals). And the ones I don’t like are the ones that go against God.

    **Believe it or not, I do agree with some liberal views. I DO want to have a society that takes care of the less fortunate. Like I said in another comment, there is a fine line between capitalism and greed. This country was found on ” life liberty and the pursuite of happiness” which is by way of capitalism to many, and I believe we are entitled to pursue those things BUT not at the expense or suffering of others. Not if it includes indifference to the less fortunate. If you had read my other comments you would have already known this about me.. ( or maybe if you had read them without the biases that you and others seem to have about me) I’ve made referrence to it before (recently). I DO want a national healthcare system but not with all of the socialist strings attached (we are also entitled to our pursuit of happiness, life and liberty).

    Comment # 17 explains my problems with liberals. I strongly feel that to believe that abortion is right is selfish, prideful and dishonest. ESPECIALLY when late term abortions are acceptable. Your disaproval of my critisisms of liberals in this case is not going to sway me… at all. But I will acknowledge that all liberals are not “bad”. There are some good aspects to liberalism.

    You said: “And there’s no money involved in abortion: it’s too small market for that. But if it was prohibited, there would be.”

    There are people who would suffer financial losses if Roe vs Wade was overturned. Those are the ones who I attribute greediness to and I’m sure there are plenty of other examples too. I acknowledge that from a basic point of view liberal views are not mixed up with monetary greed ( and neither is conservative views) I was just making a point to Dorian that there are people on both sides of the isle that have hidden agendas. Her argument for voting for Obama’s plan was to not let the greedy corporations get their way. My point was that there were people on the other side that would then get their way. i.e. that her “simplified” resolution was not a reasonable one. It’s not that simple.

    You said: “From my point of view, the republican, refusing to build a national healthcare system, are the most self-centered individualists.”

    Not true. Republicans believe that the problem can be solved in other ways besides giving up our life, liberty and persuit of happiness.

    And lastly, I don’t feel that I generalize. I will say ” from my experience” and “it seems that”. Those statements leave the door open to changes in my views (based on future experiences and observations). I feel that I’m pretty good about that. I observe and I keep and open mind… AND, obviously, I do share my observations. I don’t see how you can get any more fair or reasonable than this… do you?

    And as for comparing Obama to Hitler.. there are similarities…

    Does that mean that these people are saying that Obama’s agenda is to wipe out an entire race? NO. Does it mean that possibly Obama is inclined to socialism.. yes, it does.

    Yes, it would be less inflamitory if maybe another socialist or facist was being used for the comparison but really, they were all control freaks.. you give a control freak power and they all turn out to be just as bad as the next. Using Hitler just makes people listen up faster. More power to them.


  41. obama the antichrist said

    no i said that i dont insult you becuase you are athiest. i dont judge base on belief i judge on values i know athiests who are as nice as can be and i know preachers kids who are whores. and i dont know i right on preacher cuz some preachers preach things i believe as true and others go against me so depends on the lesson being taught. for example back to high school my youth pastor taught us the sex thing in the bible and he believed that girls and guys hugging was bad because of the upper areas touching and the “lusting” there I didnt think that a hug is a hug in my opinion.


  42. Bad Kay. Makes them listen up faster….what is the most salient fact about Hitler? That he was a ‘control freak’? Hardly.That he was completely mad and evil, as well as murderous on a massive scale? Yup.
    So if you tie Obama to him, that is what you are implying. That is the whole point. Fair and reasonable?

    Let’s hear the republican way to guarantee universal health care. That Massachusetts attempt doesn’t sound so great….


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