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Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler

Posted by princessxxx on August 20, 2009





32 Responses to “Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler”

  1. dorian said

    you go, girl!!
    now why is it that everybody else is so PC and doesn’t tell it like it is? democrats have to be more aggressive back. liberals will have to go and start wearing guns to rallies too. do liberals have guns?? why not? not their style, huh?
    i like going to the shooting ranges with my brother in law. i don’t have a gun but i love them. my father collected guns and i used to play with them so he locked up the loaded ones.


  2. kay~ms said

    okay, the uranus joke and being over 12… that was funny.

    Oh.. the dreaded Hitler comparisons! It’s real simple… if Obama’s Healthcare Bill (and policies) promote socialism then the comparison is valid.

    Barney Frank is just jumping on the liberal (yes liberal) band wagon of making accusations of “craziness” etc. etc. when ever anyone critisizes ANYTHING Obama does. It’s the only defense tactic they have it seems. And it’s right out of the mob mentality handbook they so frequently like to use. It’s definitley a mob (bandwagon) tactic.

    Here’s a great explanation to clear up the Obama Hitler comparisons. Hey, “if the shoe fits”… speak up about it and don’t let the biased liberals shut you up with cheap accusations (tactics).

    From Yahoo answers

    Obama and Hitler?
    Do you see any similarities or differences? I did my own digging today. Interesting comparison. Just wondering what you thought.
    2 years ago

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Certainly there are some similarities. Look at Hitler’s campaign early on, it didn’t blatantly support facism. The Nazis promised to clamp down on Big Business and end the class struggle (sounds familiar). It appealed to the young most, they thought they would fight the evil bourgeois and and establish a youth dominated culture. The uprising of the poor and beaten down, crushed by the evil corporations and industrialist (again, sounds familiar). Along with the youth idea, the NAZIs would use the slight of hand trick, accusing their opponents of facism; evil creatures who hoped only to increase the wealth gap and control the downtrodden proletariet. Hitler gained the young and the old alike with idealism.

    The biggest similarity is the idea of Nationalism and Socialism. Americans are naturally nationalists, and it is a good side to appeal to. Also, Obama is in favor of many socialist initiatives. So, it would be appropriate to call Obama a NAZI (An advocate of National Socialism). Both NAZIs. Bring on the thumbs downs.


  3. Princessxxx said

    i am the last person that should have a loaded gun. and i probably will be.


  4. kay~ms said

    I made a comment… waiting for it to post…


  5. dorian said

    just got back, will rescue your comment, kay!


  6. kay~ms said

    Thank you Dorian… I just posted another one also…

    And I want to say that I appreciate your integrity in approving my comments despite their negativity towards well, you know…. could liberals actually redeem themselves with me? I won’t give up hope.


  7. Hors Service said

    I think that’s Voltaire who said “You disagree with me, but I will fight to death for your right to do so”

    But I must say that comparing anything to Hitler is degree 0 of argumentation.
    Check “Godwin’s law” on the net^^


  8. dorian said

    integrity towards the accomplishment of my adkob duties is a promise that will never be broken. i will continue to stay sober when it’s time to hit the ‘approve’ button. outside of that the sobriety and integrity is a free for all. especially when i’m gambling. hey kay time for you to write more poems. click on the Poems? page to the left sidebar, i collected our poems (all the ones i could find before i got lazy) and put them all in there. i think we should just forget the i minute rule. you can take 1 day if you want. liberal ruling.


  9. dorian said

    hors, a french poem would be nice. princess will translate.

    i’m uninspired. someone give me an artist for an artist of the day post!!


  10. Hors Service said

    What about Friedensreich Hundertwasser?

    It’s an architect, it would be original^^

    Or Gaudi?

    I could try a poem, but it would certainly be one of the worst ever… I’ve no talent for poestry I fear.^^ Even not bad enough to be amusing^^


  11. Princessxxx said

    well, andy warhol’s portrait of michael jackson just sold at auction for $1 million yesterday and they are archiving his time capsules. i just saw that on CNN now.
    thanks dorian for approving comments and especially for leaving the comments of gerhardt in the bait buckiet for me to have a good laugh at the library.

    oh never mind, i will make the warhol post.


  12. dorian said

    hors, architects are fine too but how about let’s stick to a five-syllable limit name? well at least something i can pronounce easily hehe. deutsche is not one of my languages. let me check some images for gaudi and see how they look on a computer screen…

    princess to the rescue! i was not touching warhola. you said she was yours.
    i saved some of the troll stuff in the bucket in case someone was curious enough. good for a laugh.


  13. obama the antichrist said

    wow a liberal with a spine i am sorta proud even tho he did nothing to support himself but he did humiliate and degrade the protestor…hmmmm hope for liberals…nah not with pelosi in office she is just a spineless wicked witch of the west.

    but he doesnt like the first amendment but he hides behind when he calls out seperation of church and state! silly politician


  14. princessxxx said

    i guess you are missing the point.
    anyway, as soon as obama is gone and biden is outta the picture,
    who will be president?

    nancy pelosi.


  15. dorian said

    raspberry for ota. high five for princess. hahahhaah. i want my smileys back why can’t i make smileys again…:p here


  16. obama the antichrist said

    any smart conservative will take out pelosi first…evil witch woman


  17. dorian said

    hey ota the witch woman is not evil she was nice to her neighbor’s kids on halloween. she was our neighbor. i want to see your palin try and take pelosi (without her gun).catfightcatfight


  18. princessxxx said

    joe the plumber said he was would take someone like pelosi out back of the woodshed and beat the tar out of them.
    when pelosi is prez, who will be vice prez then?
    hillary? barney?


  19. dorian said

    1 Vice President Joe Biden
    2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
    3 President pro tempore of the Senate Robert Byrd
    4 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
    5 Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner

    The current President pro tempore of the Senate is Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia)will succeed Pelosi, and geithner, another democrat follows her.

    sorry, conservatives, the bush man really did the republicans in.


  20. obama the antichrist said

    yeah he did and i like joe the plumber and the pelosi v palin fight would be hilarious but palin would win cuz pelosi is skin and bone HA like seriously she can like prepare a moose after killing it…BEAST!!!!!!!!!


  21. dorian said

    have i got a beast of a woman for you, ota! you’ll have to wait, i’ll find her video…


  22. Obama is a social democrat of a very mild hue:even if he was a nationalist and a socialist, shouldn’t you be comparing him to Mao or Castro or Stalin? Not insulting enough? I suppose Franklin Roosevelt was a Nazi too?

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck: but if it doesn’t resemble a duck in any way, it probably isn’t a duck, and just because someone follows it around shouting ‘I’m telling you it quacked!’ doesn’t make it one.


  23. obama the antichrist said

    youre right if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck but isnt a duck then what is it? obama is a socialist like franklin roosevelt but i would never compare them to a nazi cuz they arent killing people


  24. dorian said

    Mob Mentality. i really thank God The Mob is a minority in this country. their leaders are limited to filibustering and shouting in their cable tv shows.

    anytime somebody new and different comes along trying to make a change for the good of the people in this country there will be loud and sometimes violent quacking. our short history shows that trend.
    let’s see…there’s lincoln, m.l.king, the kennedys. we can only imagine the security around obama.
    i think the ‘check your guns at the door’ rule should be adopted at these rallies, especially if the president is present. so it’s legal to carry a gun in some states. even if the gun owner has no criminal records, we don’t know their psychological history and disposition, do we? even if the gun toting person is just there to show off his big gun, we don’t know if a bigger guy behind him won’t take his gun by force and start shooting away. in some of the clubs in las vegas, there are signs that say ‘please check in your firearms at the door’. why not at those rallies?

    democrats and liberals are always appeasing the rightwing. they should stop pussy-footin around and be as aggressive. i think one reason for that is the idea of keeping civility. if both parties were just as combative and aggressive then there would be non-stop fighting and discord and NOTHING would get done. i do think, however, that if the german jews were less civil and fought back more against the rising mob, before hitler was allowed to take any power, things would have been a little different. who knows…


  25. princessxxx said

    and don’t forget the homosexuals. and the gypsies.

    it could all turn into one great big pie fight.


  26. dorian said

    problem is if i were there pie fighting glutton me would stop and eat the pie. i’d be killed easily if not by the mob, by the pie – if it’s bad pie.


  27. obama the antichrist said

    are all my comments sent to the pending thingy majig?


  28. Poleyerhotass said

    Looks like the republican party is the BIG TURD swirling around the bowl one last time before it’s journey down to septic Hell……….


  29. Pokeyerhotass said

    So Princess you must be a Highly Evolved Being….A independent thinker….and not affiliated with any creepy crawly CULT……Like AA…..Islam…..or those wretched Christians….. And some how I bet you have a Keen fashion sense.


  30. princessxxx said

    thank you pokeye, i do have a keen fashion sense.


  31. obama the antichrist said

    those were pretty powerful and relevant comments poke


  32. Princessxxx said

    pokeye is a native american indian.
    her great great Grandmother was an indian princess that used to canoe up and down the manatee river looking for settlers.


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