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The New Republican Leaders and their Conservative Support Groups

Posted by dorian on August 24, 2009





Conservative Support Group

Nice Gun! Everybody's got a right to protect themselves from those speakers!


Nice gun! okay, bro, but i don't think you're talking water here. Unless that's a water gun you're carrying...



One Response to “The New Republican Leaders and their Conservative Support Groups”

  1. Princessxxx said

    great. the pictures say it all.

    michael steele on tv going off about the torture investigation saying it is a dem political ploy to take the attention off of health care. hmmm…

    political ploys, like picking a women vp candidate, hoping to win hillary supporters,
    or hiring a black man to run the rnc, because we have a black president?

    steele + palin = tokens.

    and i mean that in the most racist and misogynist way i can.
    (trying to feed both of my dingos. “here dingo dingo…dingo wanna baby?”)


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