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DEC 25 2012 – Jack Van Impe – Crazy Christian of the Day

Posted by princessxxx on August 27, 2009



10 Responses to “DEC 25 2012 – Jack Van Impe – Crazy Christian of the Day”

  1. Christian TV is the best TV on TV. Comedy of the unintentional kind. I love Jack Van Impe Presents. I’ve posted some reviews of Jack and other wacky Christian TV shows. Would love if you joined the discussion.



  2. Princessxxx said

    thanks for the invite pastor. i often watch christian tv for the laughs.
    i will stop by your site and visit.


  3. princessxxx said



  4. Anonymous said

    You won’t be laughing when you look up from hell and Jesus says “I know you not”. Thanks for helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ without even knowing that you’re doing that. See God does work in mysterious ways.


  5. Hors Service said

    I thought that Jesus loved everybody… Was I mistaken?^^


  6. Enkill_Eridos said

    That’s the thing..Jesus does love everyone. If you say you believe in Jesus, then you should follow his teachings. IT would be hilarious to me if some of these fundamental Christians found themselves looking up from hell and Jesus saying “I know you not.” There are quite a few that only give lip service to the message..not many truly believe in it.


  7. Born-again said

    I find it sadden that one can call himself a pastor, a teacher of biblical teachings and say that Christian TV is comedy. All I can say is this Hypocrite! Pharisee! Do you think JESUS is proud of you? And JESUS does love all people, but you still have to make him lord of your life to get to heaven and have your sins covered by your blood. I mean, I want to be a pastor and when I hear of pastors like this guy I just can’t wait to be and fix up some of these hypocrites in the church! May GOD forgive you pastor for leading so many astray!


  8. Christian TV is comedy. Very few televangelists are in it to spread the word of God. Most televangelists are self serving and just want money, and recognition. Not all televangelists are like this, some actually teach about the true word of Jesus, and do not do it for the money. If you want to be a pastor, that is awesome. But if you want to be a televangelist ask yourself what kind of televangelist you want to be. Almost every single televangelist tries to sell something to people. Most times it is just crap with the word God and Jesus strewn through it. Many are scams..Billy Graham is a good man and my grandmother loved him, he preached and did what he preached. Anything involving money and religion should never be trusted. Events that happened in the middle ages, should be proof. And Born-Again, keep this in mind when those tried to profit in the house of God, Jesus was the angriest he was in that part of the New Testament.


  9. I used Billy Graham’s name because I believe he is one of the few televangelists that were not self serving. He serves God as EVERY preacher should, just few do.


  10. Anonymous said

    Jack V. is a hateful man lining his pockets by pedaling fear. Unfortunately he’s not alone.


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