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Moment of Hilarity – Octomom gets slapped by her son.

Posted by princessxxx on August 27, 2009


4 Responses to “Moment of Hilarity – Octomom gets slapped by her son.”

  1. obama the antichrist said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love her she is so funny 😀 i read both her books and i lmaoed the whole time


  2. princessxxx said

    really, you like chelsea, great, then you and i can be friends.
    i find her hilarious.
    she’s half morman and half jew and all funny.


  3. obama the antichrist said

    have you read her books? my favorite is are you there vodka its me chelsea. i had never heard of her until i that title caught my eye 😀 i am so glad i found that book i watch the show almost every night she is so funny


  4. princessxxx said

    i watch it nearly everynite, too. i haven’t read her books.

    after 5 hours of watching cnn, msnbc and fox, chelsea lately is a great change of pace, i have a few laughs and then fall asleep.

    my favorite is heather ‘longboobs’ mcdonald. and chuy.


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