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Who’s paying for ObamaCare?

Posted by obama the antichrist on September 3, 2009

We all know the benefits (or if you are me the hindrances) of ObamaCare. So let us look at how this is going to be paid for if it is put forth.

First, Govt provided healthcare means the Govt will be paying for it. Ok where does the govt get its money? Taxes, thats right? And where do most of the tax money come from? correct, the rich! So if you exeedingly tax the rich, what is their incentive to be rich if they will lose alot of their gains when April 15th comes around? Wow youre smart, there is no real incentive to be rich! lets look at it this way. Jim owns a business. He is looking at his finances and sees that if he hires 20 people he earns alot and is taxed more. However, if he hires 10 people then he earns a decent amount but is not taxed as much. which sounds better? hiring 10 people! If all the rich decided to move to the middle class to avoid major taxation, who will the govt tax to cover the expensive health care plan? the middle and lower class cant pay for it all, so how will the govt pay for it? who know!? but most likely there will be a wait list where it takes months before you can see a family doctor for a cold. or we can ration healthcare. if it isnt a major surgery we wont give it to you. if your quality of life isnt that good you wont get the surgery. if it is just way to expensive to take care of you then you wont get that care.

So Great there will be no gender discrimination there will be no denial of coverage…you just have to wait 4 months to get heart surgery. So sorry for your misfortune, but you did vote Obama into office. You reap what you sow.


8 Responses to “Who’s paying for ObamaCare?”

  1. dorian said

    up the taxes. take away from the space program, what’s one or two hubbles less a year? take from the rich. they can sell the 300 foot yacht and settle for a 200 footer. or have less plastic surgery. or gamble less. btw, there’s a new tv show w/ joan rivers called ‘how’d you get so rich?’ i saw last week. amazing how the mega rich live and waste money. i’m trying to invent something so i can get lots of money. let’s all go on a cruise somewhere…


  2. dorian said

    i have good insurance so free healthcare is not so important for me personally, unless i get debilitated by some accident or serious illness then i would welcome government help, instead of depleting my savings and my family’s savings. there are many financial hardships leading to bankruptcy due to medical expenses.


  3. Anonymous said

    but we cant base all our govt money off the rich the rich can still go bankrupt


  4. obama the antichrist said

    sorry the above was me


  5. dorian said

    i doubt the government wd put it all on the rich. politicians are rich too so they’ll make sure they share the tax burden. democrats, republicans, they’re all politicians. not to be trusted hehe. if i were you i’d just keep praying hard. i pray that obama makes good decisions because if he does, our country benefits.


  6. obama the antichrist said

    but then why does obama wanna tax the wealthy so much? the rich pay most of the taxes in this country and if you burden them more they will give up the riches to pay less taxes! the rich hate taxes so much its such a burden on them


  7. dorian said

    the rich will do fine, they have the best accountants who will find all kinds of tax shelters. why do you think they give millions to charity? it’s tax-deductible. then they can move their money around like to the cayman islands or the bahamas for example. the rich only get richer because they’re born into wealth or they’re really brilliant or know how to make money. are you rich, ota?


  8. Anonymous said

    if only….dang loans to put me in med school…i am drowning in debt HA


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