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Conspiracy Theory # 999

Posted by dorian on September 6, 2009

new world order, anyone? goshdarn, it’s the been the Jesuits all along! Obama was brought to power by those Jesuit priests and not by the muslims! i knew i couldn’t trust those catholic priests. see ya later, guys, i think i’d better brush up on my latin.  just in case...

it’s not too late to convert. click on the picture of the Holy See below for instructions.

arcadio copy


5 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory # 999”

  1. princessxxx said

    well, then, it is time to burn the catholic church to the ground and rape the pope.


  2. Michael B said

    Jackson in hell? How do you know he isn’t?

    Rev Bresciani false? Here is a prophecy this blog is stupid.

    Bresciani’s article stupid, oh I already covered stupid.


  3. Princessxxx said

    yes, bresciani is false. he proves it in his own words.


  4. Princessxxx said

    michael bresciani,i don’t know if michael jackson is in hell, but i bet “your” murdered daughter is.


  5. Enkill_Eridos said

    Because Micheal Jackson believed that Jesus was his savior. He truely believed this.

    How do you know he molested kids? Are kids not capable of lying because a parent told them to or get attention. I lied all the time as a kid. “Did you break this?” “No momma” Just one example.


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