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Artist of the Day – Joan Miró

Posted by dorian on September 18, 2009


Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983; was a Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist born in Barcelona.

The collages, sculptures, tapestries and abstract paintings created by Joan Miró were bright, fantastical and reminiscent of cave paintings. Miró is closely associated with both Barcelona and Paris: he was raised in Barcelona and moved to Paris in 1920, where he became acquainted with other young artists and writers, including Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway (who bought Miró’s painting The Farm in 1923). Miró’s first solo exhibit in Paris was in 1925, and by 1930 he was being exhibited in the United States. From then on he worked on paintings, collages, tapestries and ceramic and bronze sculptures. His bold reds, blues and yellows and simple shapes make his work instantly recognizable, and his monumental, abstract sculptures are landmarks in Paris, Chicago, New York and Barcelona.

Ballarina. 1925. Oil on canvas. 115.5 x 88.5 cm. Galerie Rosengart, Lucerne, Switzerland.

more Joan Miró Bio


Stars in Snails' Sexes. Oil on canvas. 130 x 97 cm. 1925. Private collection.


Portrait of Mrs Mills in 1750 (after Constable). 1929. Oil on canvas. 116.7 x 89.6 cm. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA.

Signed Joan Miro, Original Color Lithograph, Ubu Roi VI (M477) (King Ubu) from Suites pour Ubu Roi, 1966

The Tilled Field. 1923/24. Oil on canvas. 66 x 92.7 cm. The Solomon R. Guggebheim Museum, New York, NY, USA.

Daybreak Tagesanbruch 1968 oil on canvas Fundacio Joan Miro’


Signed Joan Miro (1893 - 1983), Original color etching & aquatint with carborundum and cement imprint on Mandeure rag paper, Polyphème, 1968

“The Farm”. 1921 – 1922 Oil on canvas. Washington, National Gallery of Art

Joan Miro - Hand Catching a Bird

Hand Catching a Bird. Joan Miro, May 1968. Acrylic on canvas. 200 x 200 cm. Fundació Joan Miró


Portrait of Juanita Obrador (1918) oil on canvas - dimensions unknown - Art Institute of Chicago


Self-Portrait. 1919. Oil on canvas. 75 x 60 cm. Musée Picasso, Paris, France.

for more Miro’, click on self portrait


24 Responses to “Artist of the Day – Joan Miró”

  1. dorian said

    time for some eye candy. feelgood aesthetics for everyone. i’d like to take home one of the Ubu Roi lithographs, please.


  2. princessxxx said

    I love the artists of the day posts, they are quite popular with ADKOB readers.
    and hurray for salvador dali being more popular than the swastika.

    goodjob D.


  3. obama the antichrist said

    i dont get art ahahahaha i look at these pictures and i am like is there a deeper meaning to this cause it looks weird ahahahaha so i guess i am left brained right wing christian ahahahaha


  4. dorian said

    ota just relax and stare at the colors for about half an hour. tomorrow you’ll wake up a bleeding heart liberal!! heheheh

    art with its colors, shapes and forms good for the soul. just like music is.


  5. princessxxx said



  6. obama the antichrist said

    see i love music i love the different instuments and the sounds and how the harmonize together. especially the piano! now like sculptures and paintings arent my thing ahahah


  7. Stephanie said

    Oh, I love Miro AND the piano. Can’t you hear Ravel when you look at these pictures? Or Mompou?

    Anyway, I especially like the first two pictures – gorgeous!!


  8. dorian said

    ah the lovely stephanie… i’m pleased you found the miros i posted to your liking. my favorites are the first two and the lithograph. i was listening to faure’ and albeniz while i was posting and now can hear the ravel’s melodies in the colors too. i haven’t been introduced to mompou until now. i enjoy seeing the colors in your music. i’m glad you enjoyed hearing the music in my colors.


  9. Enkill_Eridos said

    Was he an impressionist?


  10. dorian said



  11. Anonymous said

    Extraordinary how childlike vison of modern artists is so infantile


  12. lucas said

    esta wen
    muchas grax 😀


  13. Anonymous said



  14. santo said

    I like Miro paintings, mysterious paintings, many of semiotics that need to be dug up again. I first saw the painting in http://gallery-art.org/joan-miro-ferra.html web. after that I was looking for looking for more about Miro. I finally found on this web Miro.
    thank you, this website has provided information about Miro, perhaps inter-web blogroll each other. so everyone can easily find information about Miro.
    thank you for this blog has provided information


  15. your mom said

    guess what,. awesomeee!(:


  16. sonyia said



  17. archir23 said

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  18. Heath said

    The Canadian painter, Ron Bloore, said, “An artist is his region.” He also said that the Renaissance geometric illusionism was a cul-de-sac, a proscenium that led western artists merely to imitate the visual reality. I think Miro would have agreed. The visual world is a disparate chaos of impressions that the artist brings into a ‘desegno interno’ as Zaccaro would have said. Bloore thought that Miro was the true artist, the modernist, who sought the significant, spoke only in a visual language and could only be understood visually. All the wordsmiths, curators, manifesto writers and journalists reliant on artist’s statements could not even imagine the dialogue between the artist and the viewer.


  19. roommaZem said

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    происхождение фамилии эверест


  20. why competition is good…

    […]Artist of the Day – Joan Miró « A Different Kind of Blog[…]…


  21. musicsbox said


    […]Artist of the Day – Joan Miró « A Different Kind of Blog[…]…


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  24. I think we have difficulty understanding abstract expressionism or surrealism for the same reason we minimize the experience of negative feelings or focus on facts rather than emotions. Essentially, we are afraid to let go of the control we have in the world, to take risks, or be different. What do you think?


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