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Republicans want you to die quickly.

Posted by princessxxx on October 1, 2009


31 Responses to “Republicans want you to die quickly.”

  1. dorian said

    Hey, finally, an angry non-conservative!! Alright! and why does he need to apologize? he didn’t personally insult anybody in the room, repeatedly shouting and pointing a finger at someone. Instead he gave a real presentation, complete with charts. OTA likes to see liberals with backbone. me too.


  2. obama the antichrist said

    its quite humorous when a liberal has a backbone…they are one step closer to being a conservative 😉


  3. obama the antichrist said

    the republicans want you to die thing is just as extreme as the death panels…just sayin


  4. dorian said

    see, OTA? all humans really are alike. the man was just givin back a bit of what his constituency is takin all this time, with the death panels and all…
    if the dems continue to fight back like this, nothing will get done. except a lot of mud slinging. can’t they just get something done!!
    i do enjoy watching the bickering, though. life imitates adkob.


  5. obama the antichrist said

    …i just realized what adkob stood for…..i thought it was acronym of our names like kay ota dorain but i didnt know who a and b were ahahahahaha i was so confused then i am like what bout lawman ttw hors princess EE betty and centered….i just was so lost ahahahahaha but it all good i get it now


  6. Princessxxx said

    republicans want an apology from him, yet:
    rep. ginny brown-waite (r-fl) “democratics health care bill tells seniors to drop dead”
    rep. steve king (r-ia) “save money by rationing care, people die while waiting in line”
    rep. louie gohmert (r-tx) “1 in 5 people have to die because they went to socialized medicine”
    rep. paul broun (r-ga) “this plan will kill people”
    rep. virginia foxx (r-nc) “republicans will not let seniors be put to death by their government”
    rep. michelle “dumbest slag in the world” bachmann (r-mn) “watch out if your disabled”



  7. dorian said

    well i guess the dems have a lot of catching up to do, then. too bad they don’t have kay to fight for them point for point. the reps have it coming. hooray for kay!!


  8. princessxxx said

    T D E K L C O B P H




  9. dorian said

    i don’t get ‘daisie’.
    if i look at this long enough i’ll get hypnotized and won’t work and just blog all day. i wish the words spelled ‘liberal is good’ . flash that all day and OTA will stare at it and he’ll be liberal by the end of the day. then he’ll have a crush on nancy instead of sarah.hahahahahahah


  10. princessxxx said

    that is the only scrabble related animated gif i could find on such short notice.
    work with it.


  11. dorian said

    when and if i start posting my ghost stories could you add some cool stuff to them, oh gif master?


  12. princessxxx said

    100’s of halloween gifs here.
    i’m working on my scary halloween post, too.
    but sure, let me know what you need.
    anything you want


  13. dorian said

    ‘anything you want’?? careful what you say, princess from the tower…
    i’m in a weird mood today.


  14. princessxxx said



  15. dorian said

    en guarde!!

    that site has some cool creepy fonts too. i’ll have to fugure out how to use them for our posts. wordpress changes the fonts. unless i convert the whole post into a gif image huh?


  16. Princessxxx said

    yes, i was thinking the same thing because i want a black background.
    i’m going to work on my own as soon as my uhmmm pharmacist calls.
    anyway, if you have any ideas and pictures email and i will see what i can come up with.


  17. obama the antichrist said

    i dont think any stretch of the mind will make me think that nancy is attraction


  18. dorian said

    okay then, OTA pick any other liberal – tina fey or ashley judd. wait, it’s gotta be someone who can gut a buck…heheheh


  19. Princessxxx said

    this guy is great.


  20. Things could change, but for now and the past few years at least I am greatly encouraged that the internet (including such great sites as YouTube) make it much easier for people to check things out for themselves to see if they are being lied to.

    The internet, cell phone cameras and satellite transmission make it possible for anyone anywhere to be a video reporter and share it nearly instantaneously with the whole world. If it’s a good story, others will copy and host it. This is great for catching liars and crooks such as Bill Keller and corrupt politicians and lying governments. The latter is why, though, this situation may not last much longer.

    The powers that be, rich corporate bastard political puppet masters, are not going to take this lying down. On the other hand, maybe this trend will only increase. Opening the internet to the citizens of the world may end up being similar to opening Pandora’s Box, except in this case it is a GOOD thing.


  21. And of course, as with print media, the ratio of b.s. to useful information is about a million to one. I recently posted to another blog that claimed to be supporting the “TRUTH” (remember that word, Kay, jest kidding!) about Christianity.

    That guy was trying to say that since the Bible is true, evolution MUST be wrong. I pointed out that evolution also says man was made from the dust of the earth and evolution also says animals bring forth after their own kind (I know I’m anthropomorphizing here, but it’s a shorthand way of saying those who study evolution have a general consensus that…). Animals do bring forth after their kind, but over time the allele frequency of a population (populations evolve, not individuals) can shift enough to result in a new species.

    The latter point especially that came to me in a flash of insight seems to have at least temporarily shut the fundie up while he goes to check things out for himself as I encouraged him to do. I warned him of sites such as Answers in Genesis (full of lies, misquotes, distortions and general misinformation dishonoring God and Christ by spreading such falsehoods) after he gave Ken Ham (founder of AIG) among a list of who he considered SCIENTISTS supporting his viewpoint!

    Maybe, just maybe, this guy is actually doing some research with a search engine. Maybe, just maybe, he can remove the blinders of faith long enough to receive some truth about what evidence for macroevolution exists.


  22. oops, I had added to what I said and posted before proof reading…the “latter point that came to me in a flash of insight” is the realization that evolution does NOT contradict the idea of the Bible saying animals bring forth after their kind.


  23. dorian said

    hi TBG, i enjoyed reading about your radioactive beagle, daiquiri. a lot of us here have dogs. http://www.thebicyclingguitarist.net/beagles/daiquiri.htm


  24. Daiquiri is famous now decades after her death. Who knows but that having such a pet may have something to do with how I’ve turned out? I mean, Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him his superpowers, and The Bicycling Guitarist cuddled with a radioactive beagle for fourteen years.


  25. Even though I live with two doggies, I am mainly a cat person these days. On the official Family Guy web site, I recently saw an episode (I think season 7, episode 12) where Quagmire got a cat, then the other guys were so disgusted by how ga ga he was over the cat that they decided to sneak over to his house and shave the cat. Unfortunately for the cat, they gave Peter Griffin a straight razor to do it with!

    That same episode also dealt with the legalization of marijuana, which I wrote a song about many years ago.


  26. I’m disabled with a neurological condition since birth and live with another disabled person (owner of the two doggies). I feel the icy hand of death approaching me quickly. My car has been broken for two years so we can’t get to the grocery store or food pantries anymore and have to buy most of our groceries at the local convenience store where you get half the food (junk food at that) for twice the money. My feet and back are bad so I can’t walk very far, and if the weather is too hot, cold or wet I can’t use the bicycle either.

    Anyway, reason I’m sharing way too much personal information is to ask for whatever help any of you can offer in publicizing my web site in hopes of getting either a recording contract for my original songs or possibly some commercial sponsorship (The Bicycling Guitarist “pedals” a product) so I won’t go hungry so often and also so we can afford flea medicine and good food for our pets. Shameless plug here, but like I said, I’m pushing fifty and don’t know how much longer I can last.

    If you can, please put links to my web site on yours or add some of my pages to the social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, and the like). I have provided buttons for such links at the top of most of my pages.

    On the other hand, I’m sure some people whose opinions I disagree with won’t be too terribly upset if my voice is silenced. Pesky pusher of liberal ideals, etc.

    I might very well regret posting this, but figured I might as well shoot some arrows in the air and see what happens. Peace TBG


  27. Before I am labeled a beggar with a tin cup:

    I’m not asking for handouts. I’m asking for help in finding a way to get paid for doing what I can do. As I said in another post that also gave way too much personal information, for now I pay back all I can by posting all my creative and scholarly efforts for free on my web site and by answering all requests as best I can when people write me for more information or resources on a variety of subjects.


  28. princessxxx said

    hey TBG, i have a chronic fatal illness that i have been dealing with since 1985.
    yet, here i am, still carrying on, it’s tough sometimes.

    people keep telling me that “god” must have a purpose for me, and i reply, “Yes, to expose the christian frauds” it keeps me happy. 🙂

    we should all put our collective capitalist minds together and make some money before obama makes us all communists.

    i say start another religion of hate and sell bumper stickers to mindless idiots.
    of course i’m kidding, but, hey, it’s a goldmine. liveprayer has assets of $2,950,000.
    and check out newt gingrich’s scam.


  29. dorian said

    TBG- youtube videos would help publicize and myspace and other free sites like wordpress facebook, etc…have you ever thought of writing a book – your life experiences alone i’m sure would make a great story. if i get a real good break with my capitalist ventures (i’m not just referring to my blackjack here, P!) your and P are on my list of beneficiaries.seriously. good talented people should enjoy conveniences in life…


  30. Glad you’re here Princessxxx. Some of your posts make my day! I can relate to the happiness one can get from exposing frauds, Christian or otherwise. I love truth and hate to see charlatans preying on sad gullible people’s weaknesses. And thanks again Dorian too. Anyone’s life story if presented properly can be a great book or movie.

    I had a friend once (or thought he was a friend). Anyway, he used to say how things would be different when his people took over and made him emperor and supreme commander. Things aren’t that different so I can only surmise that didn’t happen.


  31. dorian said

    i had a friend like that too, TBG. big dreams. said i would be included in his supreme council and be a musician scribe. i’m still waiting. in the meantime i’m struggling along with the other capitalists. princess is right, we should come up with a great idea and sell something. maybe we’ll sell our own bumper stickers.how about it? princess is the christian fraud exposer, me the bigot basher..let me do some business analysis on bumper sticker sales.

    will definitely help publicize your website, starting with putting it on our blogroll on this one!


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