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MOMENT OF HILARITY – God tells Bill Keller to die his hair blonde! [neverending story]

Posted by princessxxx on October 10, 2009




To: bkeller@liveprayer.com

Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 8:29 AM

Subject: HELLO




 Bill Keller (bkeller@liveprayer.com)


Sat 10/10/09 11:07 AM

God said so

Know that I am praying for you, be richly blessed,
Bill Keller
Founder,  www.liveprayer.com



18 Responses to “MOMENT OF HILARITY – God tells Bill Keller to die his hair blonde! [neverending story]”

  1. princessxxx said

    gee whiz, you would think with all of the disease and poverty in the world, god would have better things to do than make bill keller look even more like a fag.

    is bill keller’s blonde hair the equivalent of the mormon “magic” underwear?


  2. kay~ms said

    oh my gosh.. don’t you have anything better to do?? So you’ve never done anything to make yourself look better? Please… He’s not allowed to because he’s a pastor? Unfortunately there are many shallow people and also many young people who haven’t fully matured yet who do judge someone by how they look. Bill is trying to appeal to these people too… he wants to reach everyone. Yet, another concept that’s really not hard to understand.


  3. Princessxxx said

    kay says: “So you’ve never done anything to make yourself look better? Please”

    i hope you aren’t trying to say that billy looks better as a blonde.

    trust me, no one and i do mean no one finds miss keller’s “hairdon’t” appealing.

    never in a million years has god told anyone to dye their hair blond. she’s just a vain queen.


  4. dorian said

    maybe he likes the billy idol look.
    hey, lots of people do things because they think God told them to do those things. just following the will of God. then God says “hey buddy, i gave you free will. don’t blame me for the bad hair”.


  5. Princessxxx said

    i never thought of that dorian. billy “idol” keller.
    kay worships him like an idol, why not?

    god told bush to run for president.

    white wedding


  6. kay~ms said

    No, I don’t think he looks better, I think he thought the younger viewers would like it. I don’t know… I will say that when he did it, it did make me question him. But I do believe now that it was a move to try to appeal to a wider group of people.


  7. princessxxx said

    so kay, i see you admit, bill colors his hair of his on volition and not as a commandment of god.
    gee, i wonder why bill would lie about such a thing?
    probably because he is a liar.

    anyway, i feel, if almighty omnipotent god wanted bill keller to be blond, he would have been born that way.


  8. kay~ms said

    This could have been another one of those cases where he misread God.. like when he made that incorrect prophesy concerning who would win the presidency. I think that whether He did hear God correctly or not, the obvious motive, imo is the desire to appeal to / reach the younger audience. Who are the most vulnerable of society… ripe for any cultist or any other bad influence; drugs, liberals etc. etc.


  9. dorian said

    kay – really, you’re putting ‘liberals’ in the same category as drugs, cults, bad influence?
    that’s a very broad stroke there. you’re putting the majority of the world in the village of the damned. where’s the love?


  10. princessxxx said

    keller misreads god every day of the week.

    kay, i don’t care how drugged out a liberal is, they are never going to find that attractive.

    i think keller has a “feminine” side. a lot like susan stanton.

    i think i will make a poll.



  11. Prince William said

    Desperation. (He can’t use words to motivate the youth? Can you imagine him in skinny jeans riding a skate board just to try and appeal to the youth? Give me a break Kay!)

    Insecurity. (This shows lack of confidence. Worded another way, lack of faith. Lack of faith in himself.)

    The man obviously has issues as do so many who turn to preaching. They think that if they put on a “Holyer than thou” persona (a mask or facade)they will somehow be redeemed. There is such irony here. There is also hypocrisy.

    Those who want to believe so bad. I feel sorry for those like Kay, willing to make excuses and rationalize behavior of a man. An ordinary, average man….. Who is gay……. And a woman…… And a liar……

    At least there are some folks out there like Princess who can point out these obvious fools and make us all laugh (even if it is at the expense of ignorant humans).


  12. kay~ms said

    Dorian, I was kidding (kind of :)… I still have a comment in moderation from last night…

    PW… Bill in skinny jeans on a skate board?… haha funny.. that just proves that lines must be drawn…liberals!

    Susan Stanton moved here after she left Largo… I don’t think she’s still here though. She almost became our City Manager.

    That’s what I thought at first when Bill changed is hair color… he was displaying a lack of confidence. But that just shows again, that he is human… as you said here…

    “Those who want to believe so bad. I feel sorry for those like Kay, willing to make excuses and rationalize behavior of a man. An ordinary, average man….. Who is gay……. And a woman…… And a liar……”

    Were you expecting more from him? All of God’s people are human just like you and me.

    And this that you said…”The man obviously has issues as do so many who turn to preaching. They think that if they put on a “Holyer than thou” persona (a mask or facade)they will somehow be redeemed.”

    I don’t get when you all make that accusation that Christians have that “Holyier than thou persona”… we are making a choice of what we believe to be the truth. And that in no way means that we think we are “Holyer than thou”…. the VERY MESSAGE of Christianity is that we are not…none of us our… I’m still trying to figure out how you all come to that conclusion… I have never shyed away from admitting my faults and Bill hasn’t either.. he is always talking about the mistakes that he has made and still makes.

    That is the one thing that I’ve noticed the most about non believers… you all are so intimidated (offended?) by those that choose to believe…. Why??


  13. kay~ms said

    our??? I meant “are”… I’ve been doing that a lot lately.. wow..


  14. Princessxxx said

    prince william wasn’t saying that all christians are holier than thou.

    bill keller is most definite a holier than thou. calling people false prophets when he is one himself..

    and the only time i ever heard keller say he made a mistake is when he got caught in his 2004 presidential false prophecy. remember, he said false prophets should be stoned to death.
    then he chickened out when he was proven wrong. that’s it.

    if he had been a real man of god and his word, he would have let us stone him to death.
    i guess she didn’t want to mess up her hair.


  15. dorian said

    P – why are you obsessing with billy’s blond ambition? the man’s vain. let him have some fun with the bleaching! he should crop the hair a little, though. sideburns would probably look good. add a guitar and some leather, he’ll catch the young crowd…


  16. Princessxxx said

    OCD. plus god told me to obsess over it.

    i can’t help it, i’ve been obsessing over gay issues all weekend.


  17. Prince William said

    Don’t ask, Don’t tell!!

    The world as a whole is driving everyone to OCD. Society (in non third world, “modern” countries) has become OCD. I’m obsessing over obsessing because now I am acutely aware that I am obsessing because of the internet.

    Anyway, Kay, I think that it is great that you believe, just don’t judge others who chose not to!! (At least you will debate a little with an open mind??) Believers don’t want to discuss things, it’s their way or nothing and it is scary when they don’t form their own opinions and simply believe what someone like Keller says when he is such an obvious fool, simply trying to make money off of those who are such believers that they are gullable.

    Galileo. That’s all I have to say about ignorant people believing blindly what another man swears is true, where that other man is some Bishop or Pope. There is so much we don’t know and that is what is intimidating to believers. Afraid of the possible truth if it somehow contradicts their belief. Even if it is a harmless contradiction. The “holyier than thou” attitude comes from people believing so strongly they are not open to any other explanations. “I know whats right and that’s all there is to it!”

    We don’t know everything, so let’s just live and let live. Except I can still despise madam keller and his awful dye job.

    That’s it!!! It’s not so much the fact he’s blonde, it’s just a terrible dye job, and YES YES YES sideburns!!!


  18. princessxxx said

    9-11 “christian” center scrambles to do damage control


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