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Good Answer Obama

Posted by obama the antichrist on October 16, 2009

Even though I do not like Obama, he gave an excellent answer to this boys question

Article Below:

Little Boy Asks Barack Obama, ‘Why Do People Hate You?’


President Obama went to New Orleans for the first time as president Thursday to visit a charter school and to hold a town hall meeting. While there, he told the people of the city that he is committed to helping them continue to rebuild, more than four years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region.

Obama observed that the destruction on the Gulf Coast was caused not just by a natural disaster, but also by the failure of government at every level to prepare for it. “We will not forget about New Orleans, and we are not going to forget about the Gulf Coast,” he promised. “Together we will rebuild this region and we will rebuild it stronger than before.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attended, as did Sen. Mary Landrieu, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, and Tyren Scott, a 4th-grade boy who asked the president the last question during the question and answer session of the program.

“Why do people hate you? And why, aren’t they supposed to love you, if God is love?” Tyren asked the commander-in-chief.

The crowd clapped for Tyren as Obama laughed and patted Tyren on the shoulder. “First of all, I did get elected president, so not everybody hates me; I got a whole lot of votes,” Obama joked. “A lot of it is what’s called politics, where once one party wins, the other party feels like they’ve got to poke you a little bit to keep you on your toes. So you shouldn’t take it too seriously.”

He went on. “But people are worried about their own lives. A lot of people are losing their jobs right now. They’re losing their health care or they lost their homes to foreclosure and they’re feeling frustrated, and when you’re president of the United States, you’ve got to deal with all of it. You get some of the credit when things are going good, but when things are going bad, you get some of the blame.”

“But that’s all right,” Obama said, adding, “I’m a pretty tough guy. Are you a tough guy? You look pretty tough. So you’ve just got to keep going on going, even when folks are criticizing you, when you know you’re doing it for other people.”

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9 Responses to “Good Answer Obama”

  1. obama the antichrist said

    if you have seen the movie miss congeniality i feel like that one old guy after when Miss Rhode Island gave her answer during the top 5 interview session. He said “terrific answer…dammit”


  2. dorian said

    yeah, that was a good answer. if he’s that way with kids, he must be a good guy. anyway, i wonder what he would have said if a kid asked him if he had a long-form birth certificate!!hehe


  3. 1minionsopinion said

    I like the fact that he ignored the god aspect of the question, and instead turned it towards the benefits of learning how to deal with criticism.


  4. princessxxx said

    haha, me too. although i would have preferred he said something like, “God??… watch you talkin’ bout, willis?”

    by the way, i hope the little boy doesn’t want to marry a white girl in louisiana, i hear it’s taboo.


  5. 1minionsopinion said

    Yeah, that was a stupid story, and I’m glad the Judge is getting mocked for his antiquated ideals. Yeah, life is tougher for a mixed-race kid probably, but for him to refuse to marry the couple? I think Canada’s had a few cases of judges passing similar “judgments” in same-sex marriage situations, too. It doesn’t matter if he’s sending them to other JP’s. They’ve picked him for some unknown reason, so do the job. Sheesh.


  6. dorian said

    in case anybody’s confused abt minion’s post#5, she’s responding to my comment to this post: http://1minionsopinion.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/im-not-a-racist-but/


  7. obama the antichrist said

    wow 1 thats a good pt!!!! i didnt even realize he avoided the God topic….i was just so impressed with his answer to the kid i overlooked that detail…


  8. Enkill_Eridos said

    I applaud the fact that Obama did not interject his own religious ideals to that. Religion has no business in politics. Let’s face it when Religion gets involved in politics Holocausts happen. Not just Hitler but also the Christian Church committed a type of Holocaust and Genocide during the Crusades. It is also a huge reason why the Muslims may truly hate Christians and Jews because of that autrocity that happened that no one was held accountable for and everyone just swept it under the rug. I mean Isreal created the Mossad as the Muslims created Hamas. The Mossad was created to hunt down people who took any part in the rise of Nazi Germany as well as anyone who was enlisted (including the unwilling) and survived. The Mossad even hunted defectors that defected from Nazi Germany to the Allies. Most of those cases were dropped and asylum granted, but those cases are because they defected just to join the military in the Allies. But I digress from my rant.


  9. Polprav said

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?


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