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MORE STUPID CHRISTIANS – Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock, Bennie Hinn.

Posted by princessxxx on October 26, 2009

11 Responses to “MORE STUPID CHRISTIANS – Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock, Bennie Hinn.”

  1. dorian said



  2. tommy said

    If this lot are Christians, then I’m a monkeys uncle !!!! Look at them, listen to them, we know by their fruits that they are not christian, charlatans full of false prophecies, have no fear of them,


  3. One of the televangelists what actually close to making sense for a bit there, even though the studio audience was laughing and mocking what he was saying. Thoughts are things. Words are maps but what they refer to are the territories. It’s a common error to confuse the map for the territory. Words and things are both concepts. In the real universe there are no separate things. What you see as a separate object is a local pattern of the universe where the energy is more dense. This is one of the “things” I was talking about where Kay thought I wasn’t making any sense, but philosophically, logically, and even scientifically that’s the way it is.


  4. Oh and Tommy, since all humans are apes, and all apes are monkeys (cladistically speaking), you ARE a monkey’s uncle!

    All humans are apes, but not all apes are humans. Humans did not evolve from any species of modern ape, but modern apes and humans share a common ancestor millions of years ago.


  5. dorian said

    hehe TBG – tommy gave a perfect segue for that one, huh?


  6. Princessxxx said

    well, tbg, it’s true, words are things.
    however, that is the rev. creflo dollar. he preaches properity.
    imagine, he was born with the last name dollar. it must be god ordained. hehe.

    anyway, creflo almost got it to come out of his mouth,
    …those “word things”


  7. A thing is a noun. It is a part of speech, not a part of nature. It surprises some people to hear that there are no things in the real universe, because most people think of the universe as the sum total of all things.


  8. I should be more specific, no separate things in the real universe…


  9. What most people think of as a separate thing, an object they see such as a dog for example, is a local pattern of energy that in reality is NOT separate from the rest of the universe. To say where the dog pattern ends and the not-dog patterns begin is purely arbitrary. This pattern is an area of space-time where the energy is more dense, with the energy flowing into, through, and out of the pattern.


  10. The farthest stars in space are just as much a part of the “dog” as the dog’s head is. In some cultures, in some times, to realize this would get one killed or locked up. It got Jesus crucified in his culture, but in India such knowledge is common.


  11. Oh it only would get one crucified or locked up if one spoke out about one’s experience. Humans are chatterboxes. When one experiences something this wonderful, of course one wants to share it with others.

    However, what if the only conceptual framework you have to describe your experience is to put it into terms of the Christian Bible? What if Billy Bob has a mystical experience and he is from the Bible Belt of the U.S.? The only way he can think of conveying his experience to others is to say he is Jesus Christ, and many people do. But in this culture that is not acceptable to others, and Billy Bob might spend the rest of his days in an asylum.

    Jesus had such an experience and was limited to expressing it using the language and myths of the culture he was in. That accounts for the monarchical model of the universe, the patriarchal God, etc. The phrase Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings was the title of the rulers of ancient Persia for example.
    In his culture, it was blasphemy to say “I and the Father are one,” but in India he would have been congratulated about realizing this.


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