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Stroke alters sexual preference

Posted by 1minionsopinion on October 26, 2009

From a letter to Psychiatry Online:

The patient, a 57-year-old right-handed man, sustained his first cerebral vascular accident in the right middle cerebral artery region at the age of 45, which resulted in right-sided hemiparesis that resolved completely within 3 months. He continued to run his private business successfully while living with his mother.

The patient lost his father in early childhood. There was no evidence of an emotional or conduct disorder during school years, and the patient eventually obtained his university degree. He continued to manage his successful practice until he sustained the second cerebral vascular accident in the left middle cerebral artery region at age 53.

The patient became aware of his homosexual orientation in his early teens and had several gay partners. He suffered a major depressive episode at age 26 that resolved within a few months. He also had a diagnosis of excessive harmful use of alcohol, but there was no evidence of dependence.

The patient started complaining of his changed personality and heterosexual orientation 6 months after his second stroke. At the same time he complained of excessive mood swings and changed interests. He became preoccupied with photography and had a successful photographic exhibition a year after his second stroke. His sexual orientation remained heterosexual 4 years following the second stroke, and he preferred to describe himself as bisexual because of his previous homosexual orientation.



7 Responses to “Stroke alters sexual preference”

  1. princessxxx said

    well, let’s all pray i don’t have a stroke,
    the last thing i want to be is a heterosexual.


  2. obama the antichrist said

    the brain is so complex. its a fascinating organ!


  3. 1minionsopinion said

    I just find it interesting in terms of the assumption that people choose to be gay. If a stroke can switch some switch in the head, then gender identity has nothing to do with mom letting a boy play with dolls, or no father role model, or whatever exterior experiences get the blame for wanting the “wrong” mate.


  4. dorian said

    yes, that proves the case against external influences “creating” homosexuals.
    at least the man was open and accepting of his previous life. that’s very cool.
    i guess for someone who starts out as bisexual, a stroke like that wouldn’t be life-changing. i like you just the way you are, P. don’t get a stroke!


  5. Princessxxx said

    i’ve seen people change their sexual preferences for money or drugs?
    ted haggard…MANY MORE.

    a mind is “tuhrrible” thing to get wasted.

    i don’t think people choose their sexual preferences, even if their preferences change like the tides. bi-polar gender identities.

    oh dorian, i skipped that toys 4 tots gay sex fund raiser last weekend.
    i know, i know,…obama is right, i should do more to volunteer for my community.
    but i’m a sloth.

    anyway, i have a question, what is you guy’s sexual preference?

    mine is myself.
    that way, i can have all the “strokes” i want…lol.


  6. 1minionsopinion said

    I’m hetero but totally on board the gay right’s train. It’s ludicrous to ban marriage. What will two gay people in love do to the world? I don’t get the reason for why it’s supposed to be appalling.

    Somebody give me a reason independent of any biblical/religious source for why gay marriage and gay love in general is a horrible thing that must be penalized from every damned angle.


  7. heh heh he said penalized…

    When I saw this post’s title, I thought it might be a way of stroking someone to change their preference! No, not really, but that was my second thought.


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