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How the Mass Media shapes our social thinking.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on November 7, 2009

I know it has been a long time since I posted. I have my own personal reasons. But I have decided to once again step on the proverbial “soapbox” to rant and rave.

I have seen a disturbing social ill, and that is not reverse ignorance which is in its self both confusing and an oxymoron in my opinion. But seriously this disturbing social ill I see is the mass media. I’m not going into a rant of how some portions of the mass media is influenced by different political parties and ways of thought. This fact is actually both irrelevant and common knowledge. What I am focusing on today is Mass Media in print. Ten years ago magazines like people, time, and some others was considered valid sources for news other than newspapers. Today every magazine looks like a tabloid. Over the past year I have seen countless front pages that talk about celebrities and their weight. This is expected in Vogue, Elle, and Cosmo just to name a few. But now People, US (formally US Weekly which was a national news magazine), and some others have become nothing more than tabloids. The scary thing is people actually are influenced by the articles in these magazines. Just as an example, back when Jessica Simpson was happy and resembled the average american woman and not a barbie doll. She was berated and teased by these magazines, newspapers, as well as news programs. They all said she is fat. They dropped the f-bomb. After a while she changed back to what the Mass Media pictured and is pushing on the american youth and society as what every woman should look like. Which in my opinion, is a meth addict. Skinny gangly some muscle but not too much. But enough to make her stomach and butt flat. Today I was in the grocery store to buy soda and cat food and guess what I saw? These same magazines with the picture of a famous woman pregnant. The headlines read this is the most beautiful I have ever felt says X celebrity. And underneath that How X celebrity feels about being fat. I almost vomited when I saw a young girl pick that up thumb through it and buy it. Here is a news flash from reality, at one time the human body both male and female was considered sacred. This was in all its forms, at one time it was taught that beauty can be found in all shapes and sizes. At one time it was taught that each human body is a work of art in itself regardless of the persons actual appearance. The flaws just made that persons body more perfect. At one time the most beautiful look in a woman’s life was being pregnant. At one time Pregnant women where honored because their body was performing the miracle of life. All these things at one time was taught.

Now beauty is only skin deep. Now you’re too fat if your ribs cannot be counted, being pregnant is treated like a disease. Maybe this kind of psychological conditioning is what influences abortions. (There are valid reasons and I will not go there and if anyone does I will delete the comment. I’m tired of that song and dance and don’t really want to hear it again, so don’t play it. If you really want to know my views on the topic I have posted them on the Caveman abortion thread. I will gladly debate on there.) Just a thought. Methamphetamine, and Cocaine in all its forms are on the rise with women. I have met more women that did those drugs than men. A quick explanation of how those drugs work. Both of those drugs suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism. Causing your body to not store fat so your body uses all of your stored fat as energy. There are side affects to this. One of which is not being able to sleep. Some hardcore addicts can sleep on both drugs but most users don’t sleep. This happens sometimes for weeks at a time. A lot of “medical shows” state that going without sleep for x amount of days will make you insane. This is to incite fear in those drugs to keep people from using them. At the same time magazines show celebrities bodies that look like they use something that has similar effects. Ritalin is basically methamphetamine without the amphetamine. So there is a rise in the use of these drugs, there is so much of a rise in the use of Methamphetamine that under the Patriot Act it is considered a terrorist act to make, sell, and use this drug. And people buy into the crap that the Mass Media is shoveling down their throats. Some people see it for what it is, manipulation. Now I’m not saying there is some nefarious scheme by a so called shadow government to shape the social thinking of America. That statement is just absurd, and ridiculous. What I am saying is the Mass Media is pushing propaganda, not the governments except for the political “news shows”, this is more of a personal propaganda. Just like playboy pushes Hugh Hefner’s idea of a beautiful woman. It is the owner of the Media outlet that is pushing his or her own personal views on certain “key topics”. In turn this makes the female and some of the male population of America in to vain, arrogant, snobby people. Look at how kids treat one another. If a kid does not dress or act a certain way, immediately those kids are ostracized. They are turned into social outcasts, for things out of their control like looks for instance. Or because of their weight. I’m not talking about the overly obese either. I’m talking about the average woman’s body size. (Which is actually statistically between a 12 and a 16.) But the minority has taken control of the majorities thinking. When will people open their eyes and see things for what really is and not what the Media says it should be?


3 Responses to “How the Mass Media shapes our social thinking.”

  1. 1minionsopinion said

    Geez louise, are we ever in agreement on this topic. I hate everything to do with body image dilemmas. I hate how body mass winds up being the means of judging a person’s worth. I _hate_ it. I hate to see everyone buy into it. I hate to hear of larger actresses caving to stomach staples or insane dieting to lose weight.

    We need more women willing to be women in all their fleshy goodness rather than stick insects with bad cases of rickets. We need more people who encourage women to look average, to be a little larger than “average” (whatever the hell that even means these days) and remind younger generations of girls that there is a wide variety of shapes a woman can be and still be liked and loved and appreciated.

    Too much focus on looks over fitness or health. People get hung up on their waistbands and cellulite and quit thinking straight. This societal compulsion to be suicidally thin needs to be stopped.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    I always see things as they are. It doesn’t matter on looks just on personality. If I had a socially attractive woman who had a personality I could not live with, I wouldn’t want to be with that person. Too bad not everyone thinks this way


  3. 1minionsopinion said

    Funny story (in a sad depressing kind of way) — a few nights ago I was out with the Saskatoon Freethinkers club I recently joined for a beer night. They really made me feel welcome and everyone was super friendly. Which led me to some confusion. I’m not slim. I’m far more likely to be in social situations where I’m ignored, not invited to participate in lively discourse. But, since I’d had a few beers, I suppose my natural “effervescence” rose to the occasion and I got very chatty with the guys at my table, something I usually have trouble doing. I wasn’t flirtatious in any way (I never learned how to do that); it was all natural conversation and silliness.

    When I got home later, I got to wondering about a couple comments made by one of the guys – what if he was actually trying to express an interest in me and I totally missed the signs? Am I only wishing I belatedly spotted an interest, or did I actually goof it up because I don’t know the game works? I’ve been left on the sidelines so often, I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to figure out all the rules.

    You’d think with all the romance movies I’ve watched I’d have some idea but no. I really don’t want to think it’s all in my head, but I also don’t want to wander up to the guy next time and say something that winds up confirming my fear of the illusion of interest.

    If only I hadn’t been completely ignored in high school, I wouldn’t be such an incompetent dork now…


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