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Sesame Street turns 40

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on November 9, 2009

I seriously thought another author was going to cover this…since you know its on Google.


This past week there has been many things on the Google image above the search bar. As you all may have noticed it is all in the spirit of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary. If you do not know what Sesame Street is then you really have been sheltered both as a child, and if you are an adult, as an adult. To those very few who do not know, Sesame Street is children’s pre-k programming designed to teach about language, numbers, and just good manners. Sesame Street made it’s grand debut in 1969. Episode 4,187 airs Tuesday on the Public Broadcasting Channel in America.

I am unsure about what channels they are on in the 140 countries it airs in. Sesame Street and it’s muppets have become over the past 40 years quality tv education. Other than the Jim Henson’s Muppet Stars, such as Kermit the Frog, Big Bird, Snuffaluffagus (my personal favorite), Burt, Ernie, Elmo and many others. The show also has had many stars guest staring on the show. More recently Michelle Obama has appeared as a guest star. In Sesame Street’s 40 years it has recieved 122 Emmy’s, which set the record for the most Emmy’s awarded to a single television show. Sesame Street has set the bar for all the other Children Educational programs.

I had characters I liked. I liked Grover, I couldn’t find any decent pics of him. But Snuffy was my favorite because I saw myself in him. (I am naturally slow not mentally but physically in speech and movement.) The Cookie Monster was one the characters I loved the most (the google image is my background). I remember one episode where Big Bird said today’s letter is C. C is for Cat. Then the Cookie Monster comes in and sung his C is for Cookie Song. Then he got this big cookie and said COOOKIEEE! nomnomnomnom. Greatest American Episode Ever! I mean I have a few happy early recollections. Fishing with my grandfather, and watching this episode with him. He also got me a Sesame Street magazine subscription for my birthday one year. I mean as a little kid this was the only show I really watched. (That Reading Rainbow and Matlock.) I was able to read before kindergarten. But I remember my mornings at my grandparents house consisted of Sesame Street at 8 and Reading Rainbow at 9. With a bowl of cereal during Sesame Street. Those were the days…
Here is an excerpt from an article written by Tom Maurstad, a media critic for dallasnews.com

“It’s still the gold standard in children’s television for its use of research and work with real children,” says Dr. Cynthia Schiebe, a New York-based developmental psychologist who specializes in media literacy. Henson and company made perhaps their most important breakthrough by making Sesame Street fun and smart, allowing all the lessons to flow from that.

It’s always been good entertainment first and good-for-you entertainment second, whether it was Bert and Ernie as an odd-couple comedy team, the Count as a silly-scary sophisticate or celebrities singing about this letter or rhapsodizing about that number. That 40-year procession of celebrities forms an encyclopedic timeline of pop culture fads and phases, from Carol Channing and Itzhak Perlman to Natalie Portman and Jack Black.”

Sesame Street is also used in classrooms and homes as an aid to learn new languages. For example if I am stuck on something in my French homework, I just search youtube for Sesame Street in French and watch clips. It has helped me.

Sesame Street has also had a big effect primarily on America’s Pop Culture. Not only the most lovable and famous Muppets appear else where. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Fozzie, Grover and some others have appeared on other programs such as: The Muppet Show. Those characters even have had their own movies. Parodies have appeared over the internet since its inception. As well as radio and music artists albums. Sesame Street has appeared in many movies one of the most recent is “The Incredible Hulk.” Edward Norton’s character is learning Portugese while watching Sesame Street. Sesame Street characters have also appeared with celebrities. Those photos are below.


A picture of Loretta Long who has played the character Susan since its debut!


Glen Close and Oscar the Grouch's close-up.


Elmo trying to make George Bush look better. But alas Elmo was smarter.


Oprah declaring her love to Elmo.


Cheryl Crow and Elmo jamming out.

1994 Hillary Clinton and Big Bird

1994 When Hillary was First Lady speaking with Big Bird about nutrition and making a face.

Michelle Obama Sesame Street

Current First Lady's Sesame Street Appearance.


Snuffy and Big Bird

West Wing

Muppets de West Wing haz dem!

So in short on the behalf of the authors and moderators of A Different Kind of Blog, I would like to wish Sesame Street a Happy 40th Birthday. Here’s to 40 more years of quality children’s education television!


Some of the most recognizable muppets.

This post is brought to you by the letter J, O, and T. Today’s number is 3, and 3 is a magical number!

sources: For the quote and some facts
For the images.

4 Responses to “Sesame Street turns 40”

  1. 1minionsopinion said

    In Canada it featured French lessons and songs about caribous on quarters and how long a kilometer is (It’s a long way, It’s a long way…). It was also an hour long and it got brought to us by the letters B, Q, and the number 3.

    When I was in university, my friend and I found it on a channel and were completely bummed to find only one letter get a mention at the end of the show. It didn’t feel right.

    I never did like Elmo, but
    Give me Kermit (I have an original stuffed one).
    Give me Ernie and Bert (no matter what relationship)
    Give me Cookie Monster (thanks for using that one by the way).
    Give me Oscar, and Bob, and Big Bird and Snuffy and Prairie Dawn, and old Mr. Hooper’s Store

    But pretty please with sillies on top, give me Grover. Oh man, did I ever love Grover! Upstairs/Downstairs, Near/Far, and his horrible little waiter job were always the best bits. Sweet, dearhearted Grover.


  2. dorian said

    i loooved cookie monster . happy birthday, sesame street!!

    very cool post!


  3. microbusiness entrepreneur…

    […]Sesame Street turns 40 « A Different Kind of Blog[…]…


  4. […] endorsement, but you are aware that Big Bird posed for this photo with Hillary Clinton decades ago, […]


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