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Quotable comment

Posted by 1minionsopinion on November 10, 2009

It happens to be my own, but it’s one of the better rundowns of “how an atheist thinks” that I’ve managed to assemble. And on so little sleep, too. Amazing.

As an atheist view, I’ll just state that I like to remind believers that there are other ways to think and live and be that don’t require daily devotions to a deity.

These other ways are not “wrong” so much as they are different. Different doesn’t have to be wrong. Different can be enlightening and educational.

There are ways to think and live that shouldn’t be encouraged or supported, obviously. We should all want to stand up against ideologies that promote mistreatment (and/or torture) of children, women, and any number of groups that are just different enough to be feared or killed by the more powerful group in those societies.

The assumption that atheists are ill equipped to deal with morality and ethics and goodness and just behaviour because we don’t follow a god is a silly one. We gauge appropriate behaviour based on the culture we live in, same as everyone else does.

Some of those appropriate behaviours are in the bible. Early thinkers promoted many of the same rules and laws we agree to abide by now and we’ve kept them them because they help keep societies from imploding.

But the bible doesn’t have enough wiggle room to account for all the ways to live and think today. I think we’ve learned enough about history and biology and all manner of disciplines to balk at the thought of restricting ourselves to severely outdated documents. We’ve already given up on phrenology and humours, so why can’t everyone give up on the notion of a 6000 year old earth, for example?

We’ve certainly learned enough about nature and the universe to look at the bible with different eyes and see how many things they believed were true because there was no alternative explanation available. I’m sure they did the best they could at the time, though, to make sure people had rules to live by and something greater than they were to believe in and be a part of. I can’t fault them for wanting that.

And I can’t fault the people who still wish to believe the same. It’s their choice. But there is still the choice to live another way and be worthwhile members of society. Not all of us need to shut up or be shut out of important discourse, yet those always seem to be the choices we’re given.

I’m going to shrug here and sign off on my early morning ramblings. Thanks for asking for input. Cheers.

Pastor Jeff has admitted a bias and graciously made space on his blog for other points of view.

I would love to hear your complaints, accusations or objections to Christianity. I want to hear from “real” people outside the church about what they think of the church. If you would like to take it a step further I would even be willing to entertain some of your questions about the Bible or the church. Who knows–it could be fun.

I hope everyone who takes the opportunity to respond will have fun, too.


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