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Posted by dorian on November 13, 2009

cat catches an earful from his pissed pussy gf.  too scared and embarrassed to talk back. just sitting there taking it.

warning: cats who happen to be near the monitor while video is playing may turn ballistic and attack !!


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More movie musings

Posted by 1minionsopinion on November 13, 2009

I like movies, okay?

I don’t follow a lot of Twitter users, but I did click @SciFiHeaven which has turned out to be a good idea. Through that I found Wired’s article featuring Sci-fi movies of the 1960s and ’70s.

While I can’t say I’ve seen them all, I do have fond memories of Barbarella. I should watch that again. Duran Duran got the name for their band off that movie.

I recently saw A Clockwork Orange for the first time. It was an eye opener, and no mistake.

THX1138 was interesting, but I haven’t bothered watching it again. It’s interesting to note that Lucas has mentioned 1138 in every one of the movies he’s done since, though.

The Omega Man was cruddy compared to the original I Am Legend but better than the Will Smith version.

Dim recollections of watching The Andromeda Strain while on an a Michael Chricton kick. Probably worth another viewing.

The Stepford Wives impressed me when I watched it. I’d never watch the remake.

And Death Race 2000 was full of hilarious gore and pointless plot.

Others I’ve heard of but never seen, like Westworld and Fantastic Planet. I wonder if Flesh Gordon really is as good as it looks.

What movies would you put on the list as worthwhile futuristic/science fic time wasters?

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