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‘Teabagger’ was an Oxford Word of the Year finalist.

Posted by princessxxx on November 18, 2009


In February, when conservatives began protesting against President Obama with tea parties, the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel photographed a protester carrying a sign that declared, “tea bag the liberal Dems before they tea bag you!!” Soon after, the term “tea bagger” became a ubiquitous and often derogatory handle for right-wing protesters. Now, Mediaite reports that the term “teabagger” was a finalist in consideration to be the New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year:

In a press release touting “unfriend” as the word of the year, the New Oxford American Dictionary may have unwittingly made a more controversial move than the New Oxford American Dictionary pretty much ever does.

No, it wasn’t another cutesy tech neologism: they included “teabagger” as one of their Word of the Year finalists.

According to the release, they define “teabagger” as “a person who protests President Obama’s tax policies and stimulus package, often through local demonstrations known as ‘Tea Party’ protests (in allusion to the Boston Tea Party of 1773).”


5 Responses to “‘Teabagger’ was an Oxford Word of the Year finalist.”

  1. 1minionsopinion said

    That’s not the definition I’d heard for teabagger…


  2. obama the antichrist said

    ahahahah i love that sign 😀 yay right wingers for being able to turn an insult into something funny 😀


  3. dorian said

    i guess oxford american dictionary is totally p.c because i’ve heard more to-the-point definitions myself!
    the boston tea party allusion is incidental. it is less protest for obama’s policies and more anti-obama sentiment.
    the real agenda is to protest everything obama and his progressive administration represents. half the teabaggers don’t have a clue what the policies are. they’re just there to protest. before they were “teabaggers”, they protested against the new “socialist” government when they couldn’t even define the word. the general consensus was “socialism? isn’t that like communism?” heehaw!


  4. 1minionsopinion said

    Socialism is the ideal. Communism is the sad reality wrought from that ideal.


  5. dorian said

    christianity is the ideal. ____________ is the sad reality wrought from that ideal.


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