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Keith Olbermann Goes After Sarah Palin’s Lies

Posted by princessxxx on November 18, 2009




19 Responses to “Keith Olbermann Goes After Sarah Palin’s Lies”

  1. princessxxx said

    obamatheantichrist, how do you like your girlfiend now?


  2. dorian said

    uhm i think there’s already trouble in paradise. there must be another woman for the lad. confess, OTA!!

    i haven’t watched the dynamic msnbc duo in a while. glad you posted this.

    anyway, ms. palinocchio not a good lier. she forgets her previous lies and she lies to media. instant playback, instant busted lies!


  3. obama the antichrist said

    he uses a liberal media poll…um keith is glenn just with a deeper voice. also the russia thing she never said i can see russia from my house she said you can see russia from an island of alaska. come on lets stop twisting things mister keith.
    loves how he cuts videos off in his favor…hmmm olberman you truly are a great media man
    keithocchino ahahaha that sounds better. i really cant believe people hate glenn beck for his behavior when olbermann is the exact same. its all about what you want to hear. and he brought on a democratic strategist. please keith bring on controversy. dont safely hide behind youre thoughts and bring ppl who agree with your thoughts.
    also….i wonder how many ppl were on that poll and i was never asked. my friends werent asked. or was it an online poll where only cbs watchers go on…hmmmmm biased?
    i honestly want sarah back on snl with tina those were great skits 😀


  4. dorian said

    i definitely agree with OTA on bringing the sarah and tina skits back. they were the best. we need some good comedy.
    maybe they will. ms. palin is back in the media! i prefer comedy to politics anytime.


  5. luvnlife said

    ms.palin is a joke, really can anyone be that stupid to lie over and over on tv?


  6. obama the antichrist said

    wow so many people love watching the media like the “i was surprised….” she was cut mid sentence there couldve been more but wait that would have been way to risky for olberman…wow. its like those that hate fox news for how they present the news but worship CNN and MSNBC…they are the same thing just one is right the others are left


  7. Princessxxx said

    oh gee, obamatheantichrist, i’ve heard even more of her interviews and olbermann was being polite by cutting her off.
    she just gets dumber and dumber.

    i’m flaggerbasted that anyone would take this woman seriously.

    i hope she runs for president, AND WINS, so we can get this apocolypse thing on the road.


  8. OTA says: ” its like those that hate fox news for how they present the news but worship CNN and MSNBC…they are the same thing just one is right the others are left”

    How about one is right and the others are correct?

    Reminds me of a lady asking for directions at the train station. The guard tells her “Take a left and you’ll be right.” “Young man, don’t be impertinent.” “Okay lady. Then take a right and you’ll be left.” I also get confused when people say “Take a left right here.”


  9. Princessxxx said

    hahaha TBG, “one is right and the others are correct”

    how true, sir.


  10. dorian said

    i just made a habit of not listening to what sarah says and focusing on her facial expressions and body language. she’s quite charming. what’s with the fat hair? she was prettier when running for v.p.
    there i go again being shallow. minion have mercy.

    i’m actually excited about palin running for president, if only to see more SNL spoofs.


  11. princessxxx said

    oh, haha, i was thinking the same thing about her fat hair.
    i’m like thinking to myself, “what god awful queen gave her those highlites?”

    and then i figured the same evil fag that blows michelle malkins hair to high heaven, that must be who is doing sarah’s hairdon’t these days. hahahahah.


  12. dorian said

    Innocent Smileys
    i think need to get a michelle malkin fix. my liveral is bored.

    somebody please stop me. i’m possessed by the smileys.
    exorcism, please!


  13. princessxxx said

    here is your michelle malkin fix, on athiesm,


  14. dorian said

    that was yummy. thank you. i’m, adequately incensed now. the atheist in the video says it all.


  15. obama the antichrist said

    “one is right and the other is correct” is completely untrue one is so far right it cant turn around and the other plays have truths. they are both biased and things that are biased are completely wrong.


  16. obama the antichrist said

    i am conservative and i dont like fox news. i believe news on tv is only to laugh with or laugh at not to learn. news is supposed to be about learning. the newspaper is where it is at.

    bias brings about discrimination (like fox to obama or msnbc to palin) and discrimination in any form is wrong morally and intellectually. its politicalism, like racism but with political parties. its laughable to think liberal news is correct and conservative news is wrong. how about they are both wrong and bi-partisan news is correct. neither fox nor msnbc nor cnn can claim they are bi-partisan. and if you think I am wrong you must belong to their party.


  17. Princessxxx said

    well, i watch both fox and msnbc, cnn, too.

    i agree with the bias, but,
    fox claims to be “fair & balanced”,
    and i’m sure we all agree, that is not the case.

    i try to watch a lot of different things,
    from southpark to the 700 club.

    personally, i think they are all crazy.


  18. All news organizations are biased, but some are more biased. Fox is one of the most blatant examples of an extreme position pretending to be “fair and balanced.” South Park and Family Guy are both much better sources for news than Fox.


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