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This Kid is SOOO Cute :D

Posted by obama the antichrist on November 18, 2009


6 Responses to “This Kid is SOOO Cute :D”

  1. obama the antichrist said

    this kid makes my day bright 😀


  2. dorian said

    he’s got a great personality, real cute. i just hope he trims down a bit. he’s being set-up to be an obese adult.
    honestly i’m wanting to eat him and i’m not even atheist.
    i’m going out for a roast pork dinner.


  3. obama the antichrist said

    why is it that fat kids are cute but fat adults arent?


  4. 1minionsopinion said

    I think this kid would be cute even if he wasn’t fat. I know some beautiful fat people who would also be beautiful if they were slim. And an ugly fat person would likely be an ugly thin person.

    Is fat unhealthy? It can be. Too much and there are diseases and joint problems that may need to be dealt with at some point. But ultra thin people run the risk of disease and malnourishment. Anorexic girls lose the ability to menstruate, as well. Our bodies evolved to require fat for some health and longevity benefits.

    People judge the fat and call the fat ugly because they’ve been conditioned to think fat is ugly and undesirable. Other cultures in other times did not treat fat with distaste. And people who do think fat people are beautiful are often hesitant to admit it on account of the cultural stigma against fat people and what else might be wrong with them mentally, physically or behaviourally.

    People look at fatness as some kind of let down, as if the fat person lacks the desire to care about his or her looks enough to be thin enough for everyone who has eyes that might see them. Did that make sense? They judge the figure before they know the person. They are often offended by the sight of the person, not the actual person.

    I’d like to see more effort put into stopping that attitude in its tracks, myself.


  5. dorian said

    i do prefer a little chubs on kiddies.

    you’re right, it’s just as unhealthy to be too skinny. bottomline, looks are only superficial and it’s what’s inside that matters. the media is partly to blame. all those physically beautiful icons all over the magazines/movies/t.v – creating a standard, an ideal of what looks good and businesses are quick to reinforce.


  6. 1minionsopinion said

    Didn’t Dove get some flack for touching up their “Natural” women in that campaign they ran a couple years ago? I wasn’t surprised by that at all, actually.

    Muscles, fitness, cardio stuff.. that’s what people should be focusing on. Healthy eating. Less looking at the scale like the number somehow represents worth. Less focus on sizes, but also more truth in sizes. Have you ever noticed how useless XL can be? I’ve seen some ladies’ XL shirts that match the size of a boy’s medium. I used to compare them when I worked at Walmart and there was very little difference.


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