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The Ritual Sacrifice with Pie

Posted by 1minionsopinion on November 26, 2009

In honour of a holiday tradition, I provide readers with a piece of a post from last year. Whether it’s turkey or tofu, hope everyone’s eating their fill!

It’s been a while since I trumpeted the fun that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so a quotable bit from their Turkey Day ep in season four, called Pangs (transcript edited for proper grammar because it was annoying to leave it looking bad):

Gerhardt : And that’s why it’s appropriate that the ground-breaking for the U.C. Sunnydale Cultural Partnership Center is taking place so soon before Thanksgiving. Because that’s what the melting pot is about– Contributions from all cultures, making our culture stronger…

Willow : What a load of horse hooey.

Buffy : We have a counterpoint?

Willow : Yeah. Thanksgiving isn’t about blending of 2 cultures. It’s about one culture wiping out another. And then they make animated specials about the part where, with the maize and the big, big belt buckles. They don’t show you the next scene, where all the bison die and Squanto takes a musket ball in the stomach.

Buffy : Ok. Now, for some of that, you were channeling your mother?

Willow : Well, yeah, sort of. That’s why she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Columbus day– You know, the destruction of the indigenous peoples. I know it sounds a little overwrought, but really, she’s…She’s right.

Buffy : Yeah. I guess I never really thought about it that way. With Mom at Aunt Darlene’s this year, I’m not getting a Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s just as well.

Anya : Well, I think that’s a shame. I love a ritual sacrifice.

Buffy : It’s not really a one of those.

Anya : To commemorate a past event, you kill and eat an animal. It’s a ritual sacrifice, with pie.

One Response to “The Ritual Sacrifice with Pie”

  1. dorian9 said

    thanks, minion, i love the big bird and pies and everything else and i’ll be eating all day. happy thanksgiving day to all!!


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