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The Media Morons’ War on Christmas

Posted by princessxxx on December 6, 2009


11 Responses to “The Media Morons’ War on Christmas”

  1. princessxxx said

    “…and gretchen, though pretty, she’s still quite insane…”


  2. dorian said

    here’s another:

    malkin: “you treat these people like trolls” (referring to atheists ).


  3. Hooray though that more and more atheists are “coming out,” and our relatively enlightened President Obama (relatively enlightened compared to George W. Bush, but then, that would be dang near everyone on the planet) even acknowledged non-believers in one of his earliest speeches as President.

    There are billboards and signs on the sides of public transit vehicles offering atheism as a viable alternative to mainstream religion and as nothing to be ashamed of. These are positive steps for the sanity of the planet and the future of the human race.

    If Christians are “losing” Christmas, perhaps it isn’t the atheists or commercial interests that are to blame. Maybe it is that the Christian world view is being recognized by more and more people as only being one way (not the ONLY way) to spiritual truth. Maybe more people are recognizing the great gulf between what some preachers are saying compared to what is real. Face it. A fundie Christian world view is out of touch with what is known to present-day science, which means the Christian myth no longer fits us as a people.

    For a mythology to work, that is to say, in order to effectively bridge the inner and outer worlds of human existence, a mythology has to incorporate the cosmology of the people for whom it is intended. The Bible was written by people who believed the earth was flat and immovable, and that the stars are embedded in crystalline spheres holding them up so they don’t fall. We know a LOT more about the physical structure of the universe now than when the Bible was ritten. We need a new mythology that teaches the spiritual truths that ARE still in the Bible (although diluted and polluted) AND is in touch with reality as we perceive it.


  4. princessxxx said

    TBG, i really enjoy reading your comments.
    i’m going to start studying more ZEN.


  5. Thank you, Princess. I am honored. There’s lots out there about zen buddhism, but anything by the late Alan Watts is bound to be good. He is very good at explaining eastern philosophies to western audiences. I’d recommend any of his audio CDs more than any of his books. I don’t enjoy reading his books nearly as much as listening to him talk. He’s also good at explaining Christianity, its history and meaning.

    Several pages of the philosophy section of my web site are heavily influenced by Alan Watts. However, just as with Joseph Campbell, as much as I love the guy and learn from him I do not necessarily agree with everything he says. He is after all just human like you and me.


  6. dorian said

    TBG, you talked me into wanting to read alan watts.


  7. Instead of reading Alan Watts, I recommend you check out some of the YouTube videos that feature him talking. Some of them have animation to go with his talk, and his estate has given blessing for people to do stuff like that. warning: I am not a lawyer; I don’t even play one on TV, so don’t count on that as a legal guarantee.

    If possible, get some of his audio CDs. There is an official Alan Watts web site. I recommend his “Myth and Religion” series, the “Out of Your Mind” series (almost like a greatest hits album of Alan Watts), the “Tao of Philosophy,” hell, just about anything I’ve ever heard him talk about was awesome and very enjoyable to listen to.

    I have about fifty hours worth of audio files of Alan Watts talking about various things. About five or six years ago when I first discovered these, I would line up six or eight hours in the media player, lie down, and listen all night. About six months ago I started doing this again, but lately what I do is pick about an hour’s worth, start it going, and go to sleep listening to it.


  8. By the way, today is Pearl Harbor day. It is one of the moments of history I focused on more than other moments.

    If anyone wanted to chat with me about the attack on Pearl Harbor, I can rattle off trivia for hours about it. Mitsuo Fuchida led the attack in a Nakajima B5N “Kate” Type 97 bomber (these were used as torpedo bombers and as level bombers). He flew from the aircraft carrier Akagi, which had been converted from a battlecruiser after the Washington Naval Conference of 1922 had limited construction of capital ships among the great naval powers of the day. Originally built with three decks, in the 1930s the Akagi was rebuilt with a single flight deck the length of the ship. Her sister Amagi was also going to be converted, but was destroyed on the stocks during the great Tokyo earthquake of 1923. The hull of the battleship Kaga was substituted in place of the Amagi. Kaga and Amagi were different ships, but I have seen at least one book that mistakenly thought that Kaga was the Amagi renamed.

    Akagi and Kaga formed the first carrier division of the Kido Butai, the premier striking force of the Imperial Japanese Navy commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo…

    All the above was from memory, and I could go all night and fill the blog to overflowing with the amount of names, dates, guns, airplanes, ships, damage done, etc. What has all this knowledge ever got me? Strange looks from people. That’s all. Oh well.


  9. dorian said

    hey, we all have our special affinities. good to have an expertise. next time someone has a question relating to pearl harbor, TBG is the man with the answers!


  10. I take that back, somewhat…

    When Dana and I first moved to Oregon for me to be closer to my daughter, we had trouble finding a place to live that would accept pets. Rather than give up her dog or my cat, we lived in my car for many months. Sometimes we would go to a local Catholic school that provided free meals Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    One of those dinners I was by the coffee dispenser when an old man made some remark about how he had drunk enough wine in his time to float the battleship Arizona. I mentioned that the Arizona was 608 feet long, and that started a conversation.

    This old guy wasn’t a wino. He was born in 1917 and grew up in Hawaii. He had actually stood on the Arizona’s deck before it was blown up in the attack. During the war he held an important position concerning labor for the shipyard at Pearl Harbor.

    Anyway, he ended up letting Dana and me stay on his property for many months until we found a house to rent that would accept pets. I helped him write and publish a book about vocabulary he had been working on for decades. His name is Henry A. Mattos. After Dana and I moved out, he got MARRIED. So far as I know, he’s still going strong…


  11. The other strong point in history I am expert in is the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen. He has always been a hero to me. No, he wasn’t perfect. For one thing, he enjoyed hunting even if the prey were other people. But he personified the ideals of loyalty and courage, and I think Heinlein wrote in one of his books that if you find yourself in any society where those are devalued, get out. Heinlein (I *think* it was Heinlein) said you might be able to save yourself, but that society is doomed.

    His comrades knew they could count on him. I always wanted to be someone people can count on. The Red Baron was critically wounded in aerial combat in the summer of 1917. I wrote a song about it with a video on YouTube (link on the song lyrics page).

    He should not have fought again, but refused to take any special favors because of his fame when ordinary soldiers would have to go back to the front. As my song says, he stood by his friends until the end.

    oh by the way, the serial number of the engine of the triplane he was killed in is 2478. it is in the Imperial War Museum in London, England.


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