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What was your number one moment of 2009?

Posted by princessxxx on December 11, 2009

this because it still makes me cry


2 Responses to “What was your number one moment of 2009?”

  1. dorian said

    ohh i can’t watch this. this can make hannibal lechter cry.

    how about some happy moment? can’t think of any right now. anybody??

    i can’t come up with a number one 2009 moment as intense as MJ’s kid’s here. it was totally unexpected and the emotion was all too real. and coming from a child, it was just gut wrenching.

    for my personal moment, all i can think of is that i am finally playing the bach-guonod ave maria on guitar, a duet with a good flautist. when the flute played the first few notes, i had goosebumps.


  2. princessxxx said

    this moment just touched me more than any other.

    i could share some happy moment videos but this site is PG.


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