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more signs and wonders – VIRGIN BIRTH IN MY SOCK

Posted by princessxxx on December 13, 2009

i swear this just happened, i was picking up my dirty sox and there she was.


6 Responses to “more signs and wonders – VIRGIN BIRTH IN MY SOCK”

  1. princessxxx said

    should i just leave it there and let the catholics come and put candles and fake flowers around it or should i just eat it like all the other sightings?


  2. Hello everybody! I’m just popping in here in between rounds of the big fight over in the Obama ring E_E so kindly provided.

    E_E, you wanted Kay and me to debate. You say you enjoy it. Are you sorry now? lol

    Cool sock, Princess! I have stuff like that lying all over my house, and because I’m so religious I just leave them there until they miraculously disappear (or maybe the dog takes them for a chew toy?)


  3. Oh I am enjoying it…There was some lymphatic fluid that shot out of my dogs growth that looked like JFK. Or maybe it was a shaven Jesus, I really couldn’t tell on that one. Unfortunately I threw out the chuck pad (something about it not being sanitary.) So I cannot provide a picture.


  4. dorian said

    holy image manifestation alert! holy image manifestation alert!

    too bad i threw out that good one from the dryer lint trap. it was baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    now for some fun. i’ll make popcorn and go to obama’s boxing ring of a post from e_e. thanks, e_e!


  5. 1minionsopinion said

    I’m getting up the nerve to wade into the three ring circus that is Obama’s boxing ring. Last time I looked there were 90 posts…


  6. dorian said

    how about a poem, minion? princess and i posted poems on the boxing post. i have another one i wrote but couldn’t finish. needs another line.


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