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Republicans hold “prayercast” to stop health care reform.

Posted by princessxxx on December 17, 2009


you can check out these stupid queers at the above link.


29 Responses to “Republicans hold “prayercast” to stop health care reform.”

  1. princessxxx said

    gay people are inspired by the devil?

    i’m sure it’s the other way around.


  2. dorian said

    P – =))

    wtf!? don’t the re.pubic.ans have anything better to do? and they dragged in the fundie pastors on fire? gimme a break. that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. way to get back your political party integrity!!



  3. I would like to ask these republicans that are so called Christians talking about not supporting Health Care reform…WWJD? You know what it means, but really do you think Jesus is going to say what a majority of Republicans are saying? Oh, they cannot afford private health care? Then they do not deserve medicine. Some are even saying we shouldn’t have a health care system, mainly because medicine is apart of science and science is satanic. That is just something statements made By republicans, that can afford to pay for a doctor out of pocket without insurance. Or republican politicians that recieve Tri-Care, a government run health-care that’s payments come out of their paychecks. How is that fair, with insurance companies charging more than most families can afford. Because Jesus would support that. I am sure he would…If you think that sounds like what Jesus. The best way is to find out is to google how to tie a noose and find a big sturdy tree… Jesus healed the poor and sick. He didn’t ask for health insurance. But now a days, you cannot afford a doctor without it, and a doctor cannot afford to live if they cannot get paid. (Just the licensing and malpractice insurance, which is required in most states, cost an arm and a leg.) I agree with Robin Williams, politicians should have the special interest groups that are sponsoring them on their suits. So when you explain to your child that mommy and daddy cannot afford private health care, they work for a small business that cannot afford employer based health care, and they make too much money for medicare under current policy. So they can understand why mommy and daddy cannot afford the medication that will make that child feel better. The government run health care system does need to be reformed. It does need to be improved, so it does work. Right now to stay on medicaid, they tell you you need to find a job, but you would have to get a job that pays way under minimum wage. Because a minimum wage job will not insure if you get sick, or your child or wife gets sick they will be able to see a doctor. I now understand why Organized Christianity has discouraged individual thoughts and feelings for over 1000 years. They don’t people to go well that don’t sound right. Just like I understand why cigarettes cost an arm and a leg. I also understand who makes the most money from this. It isn’t the government or the tobacco companies. The phram companies are making the most money on that deal. Because either you are so afraid of lung cancer, or you have lung cancer. The people that makes both treatments get the most money. It actually costs more to quit smoking without insurance than it does to smoke. Also with looking at all the unhealthy fad diets people go on, it is no wonder people are resisting a way for more people to get healthy. Conservative Christians are not Pro-Life even if they say they are. They are Pro-let’s worry about a fetus, but a live child and adult we don’t care if they live or die. To those who don’t see a need for government run health care, just live in your sheltered lives. If you want to see who you are really hurting go to your local health department and look at the kind of people trying to get medical treatment there. (I’ll give you a hint they are cute and small, and are not diagnosed with dwarfism.) Guess who pays for that? The government… So go support the allowing alive children to die of swine flue, and other illnesses that they need medication. Allow teens and young adults to die of an illness that could have been cured with medication. Allow adults to die of an illness that could have been cured with medication. BUT GOD FORBID IF SOMEONE HAS AN ABORTION BECAUSE IT IS MURDER. SO IS DENYING THE SICK AND POOR HEALTH CARE.


  4. Enkill_Eridos said

    Oh because i couldn’t seem to be able to actually find an e-mail so i can e-mail the FRC I am going to just say it here. People supporting the FRC, you are supporting the murder of men, women, and children. I hope you all get infected with a very slow and painful disease that is dependent on medical attention. I can think of one that has no cure. AIDS. You all deserve it, and you all are the reasons why I hate organized Christianity. Let’s say no to abortion, and let’s say no to allowing poor children to have a PCP (Primary Care Physician.) Let’s say no to allowing poor families to be able to get affordable health care. Because they are probably heathen democrats right? Because obviously democrats can not be Christians at all. (That democrat part is called sarcasm just in case you missed it.) In my opinion, the best thing any of you can do to improve America is just go play on a busy interstate. All at once. I am afraid of the day I see someone call someone else a liberal, just because they read a fictional book. YAAFM (You are all Fucking Morons.) on all of you.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Yay E_E! yeah, WWJD indeed? Help the poor? God forbid!


  6. Jesus was a liberal, Kay! lol lol lol


  7. (actually as the second person of the trinity, the logos, He transcends all categories of thought, even such categories as Being and non-Being)

    I couldn’t resist though! I’m bad…I guess I miss Kay because she hasn’t responded to that-thread-that-shall-not-be-named for some hours.


  8. They need us, E_E, and we need them. Neither one of us can exist without the other. We depend on the universe AND the universe depends on us. Everything is mutually interdependent.

    The blatant hypocrisy of calling in christian pastors to pray AGAINST healing the sick and helping the poor should be something that even fundies should be able to see. If anything, this is further proof that fundamentalism IS a serious mental defect, akin to being insane or retarded. F’ing hypocrites!


  9. Enkill_Eridos said

    We do not need fundamentalists. I am not saying we do not need religion. I am just saying we do not need people saying that we shouldn’t do something because it’s not in a book written many years ago. People that believe that the Bible is all literal, and has no symoblic messages. Or any type of concepts not written down. Even though the whole bible except for the Epistles is a series of parables.


  10. Enkill_Eridos said


    Don’t buy the book just download it print it, or put it on your Palm Pilot, Smartphone, or whatever. This is the greatest work of fiction ever. It made me laugh so hard, and I am awaiting for the next piece of satirical fiction that she is going to write.


  11. Look up “Poe’s Law” (I posted a link for 1minion regarding Kay in that-thread-that-shall-not-be-named).

    It is impossible to tell a parody of fundamentalism from actual fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is so wacko, so crazy, that one can’t parody it without taking a chance on somebody taking you seriously.


  12. Oh we need fundies, E_E.

    The danger is in taking them seriously or in trying to restructure society to suit their particular brand of insanity.

    As you pointed out about Palin’s book, If nothing else, fundies are great for entertainment. I for one MARVEL that anyone can be that out of touch with what is real and also be so ignorant, arrogant and intolerant. Wow. All I can say is, wow.


  13. When I don’t hear from Kay for several hours or longer, E_E, I actually am hopeful that she is doing some research, checking facts for herself instead of taking anyone else’s word for anything (including your words and mine), and maybe even THINKING about what we’ve discussed with an open mind to truth instead of just trying to “win” the debates.

    I am hopeful that there is some sanity there waiting to be expressed, if she is brave enough to face it.

    As far as these debates go, as long as people who hold opposing viewpoints get a better idea of what or how the other side thinks (or doesn’t think as the case may be), then everybody “wins.”


  14. Enkill_Eridos said

    There is no such thing as everybody “wins.” There are win/win situations but really they are nothing more than compromises. We need opposing viewpoints, I am sure there are those that are not fundies that have an opposing viewpoint in many areas. I am sure there are intelligent people that, do not subscribe to the fundamentalist views. But still have a rational viewpoint. Or maybe I just hope too much.

    Actually when Kay doesnt respond I assume she tried to research but it gave her a headache so she goes to liveprayer.com for her research. Then I assume she goes to work, cleans her house, or goes to bed. Knowing that Kay actually does not read credible evidence, because “she doesn’t have the time”. Even when it is found and posted here. I am going to post the full 700 something page amendment. To open a discussion. But I know that no one will read it. (700 pages takes me one to two days.)


  15. Enkill_Eridos said

    My favorite passage in that book.

    I thought the letter E looked naked. I tried to persuade the nun who taught catechism, to let me add horizontal lines or something.

    that is exactly how it was written, in her book. Also at the end there was something that said Alaska was already working at 50% oil independence. Concidering it is the biggest state with a relatively low population. May say a lot.


  16. E_E, several of your posts are so long sometimes that if I read them at all I skim them. Sorry. I would read deeper but sometimes what I skim frankly seems so off the wall to me that I don’t read any further. This is what I was talking to Kay about, that on many subjects I do NOT agree with you. Maybe I do agree with you, if I really took the time to figure out what you’re saying, but some of your posts are just so darn LONG!

    Granted I have had several long ones myself. Most of my posts though are about this size, maybe two or three times this size, but not ten or twenty times this size as many of yours are.
    I know, you have a lot to say, and you can’t skimp on the description or you wouldn’t be doing it justice…still…

    Nothing personal. I’m with OTA on this though. Long posts are intimidating. It does help if one inserts blank lines to break up the text into manageable chunks.

    hope this helps, and I hope I am not insulting you or hurting your feelings. Peace


  17. I feel like such a jerk for saying that, especially since all your posts in THIS thread are SHORTER than the one I just posted complaining that many of your posts are so long…lol

    I am human. You expect consistency? btw, that would be a good answer for Kay or Synapse to use too!


  18. actually post #3 of this thread IS an example of a long post by you. Breaking the text up into chunks with blank lines would make it more readable even if that would add to the length somewhat.

    Oh btw, Dorain, if you’re reading this, it has been posted and is not awaiting moderation.


  19. the best comment anyone could post to these ASSHOLES is a simple four letter abbreviation: WWJD

    Just those four letters, nothing else, not all this other stuff…Hopefully, if they really ARE Christians and not just smug self-serving hypcoritical selfish greedy stupid ignorant assholes as so many of them seem to be, those four letters would touch their hearts…oh well. One can dream, can’t one?


  20. DORIAN! Now there IS a commment awaiting moderation! YAY! I knew I could do it! Just for you! Click away!


  21. hard to say which is worse though E_E, a few long posts like yours or dozens of short ones like mine that fill up the blog posting list and make it look sometimes that I talk too much…

    Oops…did I say that? I probably do. Since first posting to this blog, on threads where I do participate I do have a tendency to ramble. If I am out of line, I will hold my tongue, er, fingers, more than I’ve been doing.

    I probably should post daily to my OWN blog instead of here, except that here I get to interact with so many fun people! My own blog gets like two posts a month from me and NEVER gets any visitors that I can tell. If it does, nobody ever leaves any comments.

    Lemon curry?


  22. Well one thing about fundies exposed to credible evidence is that when they filter that evidence through their filters of faith, anything that threatens their world view is either blocked or tagged with a label that says “ignore or rationalize somehow.”


  23. princessxxx said

    thanks e_e. for the link to sister sarah’s book.. she truly is an idiot. i’m going to read it…for the laughs and the lies.

    everyone in america deserves quality health care.

    i personally would like to deliver a hot dose of AIDS to every single one of these “prayer warriors” including michelle bachmann.

    i am at the library now, so i can’t access youtube, but i saw a clip on tv last nite with these idiots praying.
    i’ll post it later, it’s really insane.

    oh and btw. the health care clinic i attend, even though they are called “manatee county rural health services”, turns out, is not a goverment agency, they just scam the government, using AIDS patients, to get govt grants, i.e. ryan white.

    it’s a ripoff. and i’m going to bring it down.

    my hobby is to destroy.


  24. dorian said

    thanks for the fix, TBG!

    it looks like our warrior princess is taking that clinic down.
    and hey, you got e_e riled up with this post too, P!

    this “prayercast” has got to be one of the most evil and hypocritical things the fundies have done. and they have the republicans by the balls with this one. it shows that they (GOP) will go to desperate means to take the democratic party down. health reform is one of the best things the government can do for everybody and they’re fighting it!! and with prayers!! IDIOTIC .
    pro-life? yeah, they only see the unborn. they deny the fact that many more lives of children, as well as adults, are ended because they don’t have the means for medical care. i can partly understand if those protesting affordable health care for all were all millionaires. but they are not. i’m appalled at the supposed christians that are “praying” to defeat the health reform bill. praying to stop something that will help people? is that what Jesus would have done? i think not.
    self-righteous and egotistic religious fanatics, yes.

    i’d like to read sister sarah’s book too! she’s my favorite comedian nowadays.

    now for some bacon.


  25. go princess, go princess! yeah, bring ’em down!

    WOOT! We’re “wooting” for ya!


  26. princessxxx said



  27. dorian said

    get those suited monkeys out of my government! they haven’t evolved into humans yet!



  28. Phantomx said

    I see a lot of people on here refering to the phrase wwjd and i cant help but ask myself that same question? I dont beleive he would call anyone a queer or an asshole!? and im pretty sure he wouldnt have a problem with anyone Praying to him either in government or not! I beleive that what Jesus would do is Love everyone! Gay, straight , Black,white,political,non political,republican,democrat etc. Oh wait!!! he would LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!! So if you beleive this? Then why dont we practice it now? Why does everyone have so much Anger and Hostility????
    In the words of Rodney King. WHY CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???????????????????


  29. princessxxx said

    in other words, “What Would Rodney King Do?”


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