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Cop killing cop leads to unanswered questions

Posted by 1minionsopinion on December 30, 2009

Questions like, “But he went to church with me as a boy. How can he be a killer now? No, no, no..”

CBC Radio was reporting on the story this morning and that was pretty much all a childhood friend of Kevin Gregson had to say. He’s the RCMP officer who stabbed and killed an Ottawa city police officer and was already in hot water for knife threats against a Mormon bishop here in Saskatchewan. This is certainly not a typical cop death.

In April 2007, Gregson pleaded guilty in a Regina court to uttering a death threat against a Mormon bishop, but received a conditional discharge when his lawyer persuaded the judge that cysts in Gregson’s brain had contributed to his behaviour.

The court heard that Gregson was off duty when he approached Bishop Robert Howie about receiving what’s called a “temple recommend,” which allows members to enter a Mormon temple for religious ceremonies.

When the bishop told Gregson he had additional spiritual work to do before he could receive the recommendation, Gregson became angry and said: “I’m a cop, I’m not like the rest of you,” according to court documents.

Gregson then pulled out a knife and said, “You don’t know how many ways I’ve been taught to kill.”

After he calmed down, Gregson left the bishop’s office complaining about feeling “messed up” in his head, court heard.

Several months after that incident, Gregson was diagnosed with cysts in his brain. He has since had brain surgery and been under suspension without pay from his position at the RCMP’s Regina headquarters.

Did they not get them all? Did they grow back? Or did cysts have zip to do with his violent predilections this time around, too? Is it due to stress related after-effects from his job with the Mounties, or has he always been a nutjob ticking down who still managed to get a job with our bright boys and girls in red serge?

There are questions to be answered, all right.

From a commenter, Naomi, on the article:

As angry as we all can be over this incident, the fact remains, our killer seems to have some enormously emotional issues. It is at times like these that I would honestly hope my fellow posters, while not in any way condoning what has happened, would consider the possiblity of mental illness not being a choice. The fact remains we don’t have details of this perpetrator’s issues, and yet nobody even seems to care.

The numerous calls for capital punishment don’t answer this particular problem Will I take a toothbrush: If it is as simple as an eye for an eye…go ahead. You have proved that evolution has meant nothing.

I’m assuming “Will I take a toothbrush” refers to this being a reply to someone else, but I don’t know how many pages back. But anyway, “Eye for an eye” never meant the actual eye. According to Jewish tradition, it was meant to be a monetary value to be paid back, not like for like.

I don’t want to get into capital punishment in this post. It’s too big an issue for this time of the morning. But, I seem to recall reading somewhere that it has yet to solve any problems, so why try and bring it back to Canada now? It’s not a real solution to anything.

This has been a cross post from yours truly. Glad to be back after Christmas!


18 Responses to “Cop killing cop leads to unanswered questions”

  1. kay~ms said

    Hi 1minion.. could you post a link to the story on the crime?

    You’ve got all kinds of questions / issues addressed in this post…

    1st, the false assumption that all Christians are supposed to be perfect or that all people who go to church are true Christians and represent all Christians.

    2nd, Mormonism… that could easily be the root of this guys problems right there.
    It is satan’s religion.

    3rd, mental illness or other medical issues being at fault. My opinion on that, if a person can take care to cross the street without getting hit, or take care to not hit someone while driving in their car… day to day things… they should also be able to take care to not stab someone.

    4th, capital punishment. If a person makes a conscious decision to break the law, knowing the possible punishment they will incure then they should receive that punishment if proven guilty. If Canada doesn’t have capital punishment, then I guess he’s off the hook according to this line of thinking. Does he deserve capital punishment.. eye for an eye? It certainly seems fair to me. But do I want to be part of a society that carries out this ultimate punishment? Not really. It seems brutal and barbaric and we are stooping to the level of the criminal in a way. I’m fine with letting God be the ultimate judge.


  2. dorian said

    hello minion, thanks for the cross post.

    i’m not back to blogging yet, y’all – not until jan.3 next year.
    thanks to the groovy authors and friends for keeping ADKOB alive! 😀

    i’d like to piggy back on kay:

    1) it’s true, there are good christians (or good people who just happen to be christian). i really think the bad christians are creating a bad stereotype for the christian religion. tsk-tsk.

    2) i think the church of satan is satan’s religion.

    3) if only it was as simple as that, kay! there are people who can kill (themselves or others) if not properly medicated. those people are born with acute biochemical imbalances and need drugs and psychotherapy to function in society. please don’t take the tom cruise scientology stance !

    4) i’m for capital punishment with cruel and unusual torture for the likes of child killers and molesters and the likes of ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, charles manson, etc…

    p.s. – kay, i’m still trying to get a scientologist here for you.


  3. Poland Romanski said



  4. 1minionsopinion said

    Click on “knife threats” kay. I cleverly hid the link in the middle of the sentence.

    Or google the dude’s name or whatever. There are all kinds of ways to find the story if someone wants it bad enough.

    It’s just a story that has so many factors involved that it’s impossible to point to one thing and say, “that’s why that guy did that.” Kay wants to put it on the Mormons. Others want to put it on his brain. Others maybe want to look toward his other religious upbringing. Some maybe just want to see him get some help and time away from pointy objects. Others want to see him dead. It’s just so…so human, isn’t it?

    Tragedy is tragedy. Sometimes there is no answer for why it happened. All we can do is try to stop it from happening again.


  5. kay~ms said

    Dorian said: “i really think the bad christians are creating a bad stereotype for the christian religion. tsk-tsk.”

    Based on the “tsk-tsk”.. I would like to ask what it is about the Christian religion that is bad?

    “2) i think the church of satan is satan’s religion.”

    Yes, because, of course, satan is going to plainly identify himself and his works… he wouldn’t deceive anyone or lie… he might be evil but he’s not dishonest and deceitful I guess.

    Dorian, you always bring out the anti liberal in me… your views always seem to fit so well with the liberalistic views in society today… in this instance, it’s that what people say is always the truth; never question, never disagree (except with conservative Christians of course). That ignorant belief that we are living in a make believe perfect world. That ignorant liberal belief that is going to get us into serious trouble real soon. Like profiling… we shouldn’t profile because that is wrong; a violation of an individual’s rights. Unfortunately, that puts us in an extremely vulnerable position, including the people who are being profiled. The people who want to destroy us are using, and are aided by, these liberal stances to accomplish their goals. It’s another situation where we have to weigh each one and decide which is worse… just like the issue of abortion… we should choose the least harmful way.

    “please don’t take the tom cruise scientology stance !”

    No, don’t worry about that… I understand that it’s not always that simple.. but many times it is. Based on the situation with the Mormon bishop, this guy seems to have anger management issues which shouldn’t be confused with mental illness and therefore be excused.

    “4) i’m for capital punishment with cruel and unusual torture for the likes of child killers and molesters and the likes of ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, charles manson, etc…”

    My view is that if these kinds of people receive this kind of punishment… I’m certainly not going to cry about it or feel bad in any way but who ever exacts this kind of punishment may not be that far off from the perpetrator. Maybe not even crying about it is not that far off either.. I don’t know.


  6. Enkill_Eridos said

    Actually, he should be in a mental institution for the rest of his life. Not prison. That is my unprofessional opinion. So let’s point fingers at the religion. Okay The Unibomber, Timothy Mcveigh, and The BTK Killer. They were not mormons. The Unibomber did what he did because he believed science and technology was against god. He sent mail bombs to scientists and people in the technological field. Timothy Mcveigh was Catholic and did what he did because he wanted to start an uprising against a government he felt was corrupt. His motives did not have anything to do with his religion but still. He was Catholic…let’s point fingers at the Catholics. BTK was a Lutheran Deacon…Let’s point fingers at the Lutherans. Let’s not point fingers at the fact the three of these people where infact very disturbed individuals with serious mental health diseases and imbalances. More realistically this particular person more than likely suffered from an inferiority complex, he probably also had other mental health issues. It may have been caused by the cysts. Cysts don’t always go away when removed. Cysts sometimes do grow back. Not very common but still. I mean a lot of things could have been the problem, but it is clear to me he was a disturbed individual anyway. Really who in their right mind threatens to stab someone because they say no? Who in their right mind would stab someone over a trivial religious event?

    Please tone down your hate mongering towards Mormons. And you do have a hatred for Mormons and their religion. This much is clear. (You can actually tell a persons emotions over a subject based on word and verb placement.) It is the same if someone called someone who follows the Hebrew religion a Kite. Or something similar. We don’t need prejudiced thinking or comments on this site. I am tired of it personally. If they live in America, they are free to join any religion they wish. They also are allowed to say anything that they wish as well. Which is all well and good. That means you can do so as well, but I ask that you show a certain politeness we all know your views on Mormonism. Everyone knows my views on Organized Christianity, but I am respectful and polite enough to not say these views every chance I get. I said them once and that’s enough for me. I know you like to overemphasize and just beat a dead horse by repeating the same thing over and over again. I am not asking you to stop that just don’t do it so often.


  7. Enkill_Eridos said

    Mental Illness DOES NOT excuse anyone from any crime…But given on what I have read about this guy, he is a danger to the inmates. I don’t know about Canada, but our felony laws are a joke. But I will assume that there are some people in Prison in Canada for something very stupid. Like for instance missing a month of child support payments because a person lost his or her job. (There are people in Prison in the US for that exact reason.) Given the guy does have anger issues as well as some other very obvious issues. He has control issues, he must be in control if not, well we already know what happens if he is not in control. Those are mental health problems they are deficiencies. But mental institutions are there because the person has no self control. It happens with most Serial Killers. The scary thing is no one is seeing this. No one is seeing that this person that WILL kill to put himself in a control position. In Prison he will either kill other inmates or be killed himself. He should be in a mental institution (Not that much different than a prison, they just get more medication and padded rooms.)


  8. 1minionsopinion said

    Well, I don’t know how Ontario will deal with him , but Saskatchewan has a history of accidentally letting people out of prison who aren’t supposed to be out. One such incident just occurred around Christmas, actually:


    but he turned himself in. How nice. Others wouldn’t.

    And prison breaks happen once in a while (one recently in Ontario: http://www.thewhig.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2195487), but at least here it’s flat and boring with barely any trees to hide behind, or cities big enough to hide a felon for more than an hour.


  9. 1minionsopinion said

    I know little about our justice system. I took a criminology course in university and another in human justice and while the first was interesting, I nearly flunked the second one due to apathy. There were four R words we were supposed to memorize though – one of which was restitution. I don’t think recidivism was one of those words, but it would be a concern in Gregson’s case since he has a history of using knives when attempting to deal with people.

    I wonder if the Mormon minister man wishes he’d just let the guy into Temple rather than tell him he still wasn’t “good” enough or whatever. But maybe he still would have found a reason back then to violently threaten someone anyway. For this type of person any reason probably becomes a good reason.


  10. kay~ms said

    EE, I will try to be more tactful but sorry, I will not pass up any chance to help people understand what I and the majority of Christians (true Christians) believe to be the truth concerning Mormonism. Just like you don’t pass up any chance to critisize Christianity.

    Being good had NOTHING to do with this man being allowed access to the temple. I (and the majority of Christians) believe that the reason he wasn’t allowed access was because he hadn’t proven dedicated enough to the Mormon cult to gain access to their precious and highly protected secrets. Secrets that reveal more clearly what this “religion” is really about.


  11. kay said

    I have a comment in moderation.


  12. 1minionsopinion said

    You know, kay, I think much of the time you write stuff not because you seriously believe it, but because you know it’ll get a rise out of people. This is so not about Mormons being tools of the devil. It’s a ludicrous idea anyway and not worth my time.

    Plus, I think you know full well that “good” can be both a level of morality and a level of ability. I’m sure you’re a good enough debater to understand the difference. But I don’t mind being wrong if that’s not the case.

    Gregson’s level of commitment wasn’t good enough. It didn’t meet or exceed the bishop’s expectations, which is why the minister denied him admission to temple. A stable, well adjusted individual would either quit at this point, or work towards improving his chances. Gregson, on the other hand, grabbed a knife and threatened to slice the man’s larynx just because he couldn’t have his way.

    Update to the story now: accused cop killer on suicide watch (http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Crime/2009/12/29/12292231-qmi.html)

    Asked about the suicide watch, [his lawyer, Israel] Gencher said “it’s a precaution the police are seeking.

    “Something in the course of their interviews has caused them to have concerns.”

    Gencher said he has yet to see a DVD or transcript of the police interview — which was far lengthier than any contact he’s had with his client — or hear the basis of the allegations.

    He’s considering asking for a psychiatric assessment, but that it would be a common request given the charges and background. Discussing Gregson’s psychiatric state would be “speculative,” he said.

    The charges have been a blow to Gregson’s parents. It’s “rocked their world,” Gencher said.

    No doubt.


  13. kay ms said

    1minion, what I stated about Mormonism is what I believe. You think it’s a ludacris idea? What do you base that opinion on? I base mine on research and common sense.

    When you used the word “good” in the context of religion, I made the assumption that you were referring to morality. And that is my point.. it isn’t about morality.. it’s about the level of dedication (how “good” is that dedication) to the Mormon cult and Joseph Smith.


  14. 1minionsopinion said

    I think Mormonism is flawed and faulty and wonder how Joseph Smith ever came up with the idea that Native Americans are people God brought over on a boat from Jerusalem, the so-called lost tribe of Israel. I’m sure genetically they have more in common with the Inuit. Mormonism is a joke. It’s filled with so many silly ideas it’s a wonder it didn’t get laughed out of existence. Then again, so is astrology and palm reading and people still look for their fortunes in both of them.


  15. 1minionsopinion said



  16. Enkill_Eridos said

    Lately, I have been laughing at these things too. Mormonism is entertaining and it has as much religious validity as someone who worships House. (For those who do not get my metaphorical speech. Neither are valid religions.) But this is my opinion. I mean I am sure it made sense back before we knew about the now well known bering sea Russia-Alaska land bridge. But I believe Science has already proven this religion BUSTED!

    See kay can’t hate Science. It proves two things. 1.)That Mormonism does not exist because the claims of what happened are different from what actually has been proven by Science. 2.)Scientists are not atheists just anti-Mormon.



  17. kay ms said

    EE, I don’t hate science… please stop propogating TBG’s distorted misconceptions.. oh and I don’t actually believe the earth is flat either.

    So, 1minion, you believe that Mormonism is “wacky” (true) but you don’t believe there is any deceptfulness going on in that “religion” or anything less than sincere and good. Or, is it you just don’t believe that evil (satan) exists?

    I contend that all are true; Mormonism is wacky and it is built on deception and evil.

    I understand that you don’t believe in God so therefore a being called satan doesn’t exist either but the Mormon “religion” is worshiping something, and it isn’t God. So what else could it be?


  18. 1minionsopinion said

    I’ll quote from my chick tracts comments from a Mormon:

    “In short, we believe that the church that Christ established when He was on the earth was lost as the apostles were killed. In addition, the power to act in the name of God, the Priesthood, was lost with them. Christ’s church and the Priesthood were restored in the 1800’s through Joseph Smith. We also believe Jesus Christ, when he said that all men must be baptized in His name in order to return to heaven.”

    Joseph Smith was as false a prophet as anyone else. And no, I don’t think Satan has ever existed. That’s also a human construct on account of not wanting to think of God as the evil bringer.


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