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Rudy Giuliani: “We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush; We’ve Had One Under Obama.”

Posted by princessxxx on January 8, 2010


43 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani: “We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush; We’ve Had One Under Obama.””

  1. princessxxx said

    bush’s press secretary dana perino said the same thing


    anyway, guiliani was on wolf blitzer this afternoon, making himself sound even more of a stupid liar when he was explaining what he meant.

    i will post that video when it is up on youtube.

    god, could you imagine if that lispy drag queen guiliani had been elected prez.


  2. kay-ms said

    I have a comment in moderation on the other post.

    This post is so silly… Princess, I’ve already explained to you that when they say this, it is obviously referencing the time AFTER 9/11 when we, ALL dems and republicans etc., got our wake up call and extra precautions were taken. Bush’s extra precautions were successful, and it seems not as successful under Obama.

    That the liberals and Dems continue to bring up this pointless point, as Seth Myers did on SNL last night only shows that liberals don’t really have very much on the GOP to critisize.


  3. Princessxxx said

    bush extra precautions were successful? really kay?… think again.

    richard reid shoe bomber
    the anthrax terrorist
    oh, the list goes on, just listen.

    i’m so tired of the conservative lies that “bush kept us safe”


  4. Princessxxx said

    and let us never forget, 9/11 happened under george w bush watch, despite adequate warnings.


  5. kay-ms said

    The guest Chris Hays argues that the right wants to categorize all terror incidents under the same category and makes the statement that the underwear bomber incident is a long way from 9/11. I disagree.. I don’t know how many people were on that plane 100s? And I also heard that is was timed so it would do the most damage on the ground also, is not a long way from 9/11. It would have been horrific. Yes, I agree that a guy driving his suv in a crowd is a long way from 9/11.

    MSNBC, Olbermann and his clones (and the liberal left) are a joke.. when I first read your comment P, I was ready to agree with you 100%.. but not now.

    Guiliani’s point was completely ignored.. this whole overly dramatized piece “aha!.. we caught you in a lie” by OLBERMANN’S clone and MSNBC was all about how he’s a liar and the right is pushing misleading propaganda.

    Those incidents that did happen on our soil under Bush do seem to be “forgotten” by Guiliani but if you look at the big picture… not the “snapshot” of “liar” Guiliani, He is right.

    The point after 9/11 is keeping Americans on our soil safe… there were incidents where people in small numbers were killed and Islam was linked. The worst one was the DC snipper, who had a Muslim name. But prosecutors claimed his real motive was to extort $10 million from local and state governments. And also a plot to kill his ex wife and regain custody of their kids.

    The POINT to all of this is how culpable the government was in preventing Islamic terror attacks. Did they have any signs or warnings concerning the DC snippers in regards to their links to Islamic terrorism? Because that is what the issue is here.

    And also the other smaller incidents that did happen under Bush.. were there any signs that the government missed that could have prevented those attacks?

    Well, there WERE signs in the underwear bomber incident and there WERE signs in the Hasssan Fort Hood incident.

    Guiliani’s point (the REAL issue, not whether Guiliani is a liar or not) that is completely ignored in this MSNBC piece is that this administration is NOT addressing this problem properly as Bush did. Obama is reluctant to call it what it is… WAR against Islamic terrorists, and to act accordingly. And because of that, Hassan was able to do what he did.

    WHY is Obama trying the 9/11 attackers as criminals instead of combatants in a war??? Giving them RIGHTS! WHY is he treating the underwear bomber no different than a bank robber? The guy was trying to commit an act of war!

    This is the point! Not whether Guiliani is a liar or not… This administration is NOT dealing with this problem effectively thus putting us in more danger, not giving us better protection as Bush did. Guiliani’s points are valid and need to be addressed but the liberal left only wants to argue about whether he’s a liar or not… give me a break. MSNBC, Olbermann and the liberal left are a sad joke.


  6. princessxxx said

    kay, your just busting my balls here.

    i don’t see how anyone could believe what you are saying,
    so i am going to have to chalk it up to a practical joke of some sort.

    i think you are so far left leaning that you are just being hip and ironic when you say such things.

    hmmm…. i wonder what dorian would think of this????

    and why doesn’t yemen rhyme with semen?


  7. princessxxx said

    and kay, the fort hood shooter, well, all the reports of him were made to the higher ups before obama was even elected president.


  8. princessxxx said

    ..just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean you can get away with lying about it tomorrow…..


  9. princessxxx said

    that would be unreasonable….


  10. kay said

    ahh.. you’re so funny.. I’m going to look into that (comment 7).


  11. princessxxx said

    ok, if you don’t find it, i will.

    i will get back to you with all terror attacks under g w bush.

    i have a feeling i will need to be reciting them again and again.

    i am so tired of this cold weather.


  12. kay said

    ok.. but I still think the point is being missed… Obama is not addressing this problem as it should be addressed, making us less safe.

    “i am so tired of this cold weather.”

    I was thinking the very same thing!


  13. dorian said

    we are no more or less vulnerable now than we were under g.w. bush. no, i take that back. the terrorists hated bush more than clinton or obama. if the republicans had won in ’08, we would’ve been less safe now.

    hey, i thought florida was the sunshine state.


  14. Giuliani was self-evidently speaking about what happened post-9/11. His larger point is: Obama never learned the lessons he should have learned from 9/11. Bush didn’t have the lessons of 9/11 available to him until… wait for it: 9/11. Flight 253 and Ft. Hood happened in Obama’s first year, and Obama had seven years of post-9/11 activity to learn (or not learn) from, whereas Bush didn’t.


  15. princessxxx said


    a fascinating read scott, however i do not agree. bush and cheney are war criminals.


  16. dorian said

    in other countries bush/cheney may have been tried as war criminals. c’mon now – deliberately lying to the nation about weapons of mass destruction, saddam being responsible for 9/11, etc.., to make war, for their own personal vendetta and business gain?

    anyhow, that’s water under the bridge. terrorists can and will attack and we’re just as vulnerable. there are many under the radar. add to that the potential domestic terrorists within the proliferating hate groups around the country now that we have a black president. http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=1027


  17. princessxxx said




  18. dorian said

    it looks like giuliani’s definition of “terrorist attack” is exclusive to attacks by islamic groups. i get it. if the bomber or shooter ain’t muslim, he just ain’t a terrorist.


  19. kay said

    Here’s a Fox News article about Nidal Hasan and the warning signs.


    You are right P, there were signs under the Bush admin. It seems that it was the military officials at Fort Hood, the doctors, his fellow officers etc. who failed to act on the warnings.

    But there is this one paragraph in the article that I think is very significant:

    — In the months before Thursday’s shooting Hasan tried reaching out to people associated with Al Qaeda — and did so under the watchful eye of at least one U.S. intelligence agency. An intelligence official told FOXNews.com that “Hasan was on our radar for months.”

    They had been watching him for months (during Obama’s presidency) and did nothing. I’m not sure if this is a direct result of Obama’s lax policies concerning our war on terrorism or not. Possibly it was just the intelligence agency at fault.

    In the earlier years when the signs first occured, it seems that political correctness and the fear of law suits was the main reasons that no action was taken. Political correctness… hmmm… that sounds very liberalistic to me… just like Obama now, trying to be politically correct and not offend the Muslim world.

    This is ridiculous.

    Dorian, what you said here…

    “no, i take that back. the terrorists hated bush more than clinton or obama. if the republicans had won in ‘08, we would’ve been less safe now.”

    This line of thinking implies that if we are nice to the terrorists then they will be nice to us. The liberal left still doesn’t get it. And that is the problem.

    The Islamic terrorists are going to try and kill us whether we are nice to them or not. The Koran doesn’t say “kill all infadels who are mean to us”… it says “kill all infadels”….all who do not convert to Islam.

    Being afraid of offending the Muslim world seems to be more important than protecting Americans for this administration and the liberals.

    Hasan interpreted our fight against Islamic terrists as fighting against Islam. That is where the problem is, we need to help them to understand that that is not the case. Instead we walk on the egg shells that they have put under our feet, taking care not to break any. We have given them control, and left ourselves more vulnerable.

    Bush took control by first identifying the problem: we are at war with Islamic TERRORISTS. Obama can’t even take that first step. And until he does we don’t even stand a chance of avoiding another 9/11.


  20. kay said

    I have a comment in moderation.

    “it looks like giuliani’s definition of “terrorist attack” is exclusive to attacks by islamic groups. i get it. if the bomber or shooter ain’t muslim, he just ain’t a terrorist.”

    Dorian, I think, as Princess would say, you are just busting my —.

    I know you are smarter than that… you are just trying to elicit comments from me. But I’ll respond anyway.

    The point is 9/11 and what we are doing to prevent another one. Islamic terroists are our biggest threat right now. And that is what Guiliani is addressing. It doesn’t mean he’s not aware of or concerned about other kinds of threats that are present in this country. But I guess that IS along the lines of liberal thinking… got to be fair to all the terrorists.. no discrimination… they all should get equal time.


  21. kay said

    P, I just visited your links (comment 17).

    Even Wolf Blitzer & CNN is accomadating the left and this STUPID issue… I don’t get it. The only conclusion I can draw from this.. the only conclusion that can be drawn from this, is that the liberal left has NOTHING else to critisize that they feel they have a chance of winning in a debate. Again THIS IS SO STUPID!

    How sad and how ridiculous we must look to the rest of the world if this is the best news story we can come up with…

    that Rudy Guiliani forgot to make it clear to the less intelligent that he meant AFTER 9/11.



  22. kay said

    Only a freaking idiot could actually believe that the mayor of New York could possibly have forgotten about 9/11.


  23. Princessxxx said

    this is rudy giuliani, drag queen extraordinaire, you’re talking about right?

    kay, rudy giuliani is crazy as hell.

    what we should be discussing is the latest terror atttack.

    sarah palin is a commentator for fox news, oh it’s a good thing that her silly job as governor of alaska didn’t get in the way of that…oh, gosh, this is too much and she is on glenn beck tonite. yes america is doomed.


  24. princessxxx said




  25. Princessxxx said

    and kay, you are missing the whole point.

    conservative republican “christians” are trying to rewrite history write before our very eyes and i just can’t allow that to happen.
    sure they may have gotten away with it before, but not this time.


  26. dorian said

    that’s okay, P., the majority do not share their version of reality. it’s the 21st century and there isn’t much of a chance that the salem witch trials of 1692 nor the mccarthy era can happen again. people are stronger and more intelligent than that now.


  27. @dorian

    I would like to share your optimism, but I fear bad things could happen again, quite easily.

    Even fascism.


  28. kay said

    Great counter points guys, as usual. I fear the liberal left will NEVER take their heads out of the sand no matter how valid the arguments are.


  29. Princessxxx said

    i’m with hors, something really bad is going to happen and the christian right is going to rise up and we are going to have no choice but give them makeovers.


  30. Enkill_Eridos said

    The war on terror is one of the biggest jokes in the DoD system. It is a bigger joke than the “war on drugs.” Terrorism isn’t new 9/11 was a wake up call, but really it could have been prevented. We are actually allowing the terrorists to win, just by taking precautions that are just overboard. Department of Homeland Security is a huge joke as well. It is a department that is doing what three other law enforcement agencies already do. Here is fact. 9/11 happened, Rudy was mayor during that terrorist attack. Now we are talking about the Somalia pirates as a terrorist attack? That happened because we withdrew from Somalia. Guess what? The same conditions that made us withdraw from Somalia we faced in Iraq. I listened to this and laughed. There has been a major terrorist attack under every presidency since the 60’s. In one way or another whether it be a embassy bombing (I believe there was one or two during the Bush Administration.) Or something else it was. If they are talking about the bombing in Afghanistan against the CIA operating base. What about the five plus suicide bombings that hit US bases in Iraq alone in 2003-04. What about the six that happened in Afghanistan since we got there from 2001-2004? Those are terroist attacks against US citizens. Or are we not to count that we are fighting terrorist insurgents in Iraq and not the actual Iraqis themselves? I have lost touch with the intelligence community since Obama’s term. Mainly because the Obama administration did a huge audit of people who have Top Secret clearance or higher, but do not currently work for the US government anymore. There are things the media CANNOT tell you. Mainly because it would violate opsec if, they air it. The government isn’t controlling the media, the government is just protecting the people that protect us. But I can tell you that there have been multiple terrorist attacks against soverign US soil abroad. During the Bush administration. But there has not been an attack on US soil since 9/11. I mean we are fighting something we created. Terrorism has been around for a very long time, and while our allies in Europe was fighting it we did nothing. Just like in WWII when Hitler was trying to conquer Europe and Asia, we didn’t join in until the Japanese attacked us. The same thing with the “war on terror.” We joined in very late. Terrorism wasn’t created on 9/11, we just didn’t care that it was happening to others in Europe. Just as long as some of us are pointing fingers at who is to blame let me point to. The left is to blame and the right is to blame. This bullshit left vs. right generalizations and just general stupidity has got to go. The world doesn’t stop at the eastern or western coast-line of North America. The world doesn’t operate around the US. We are supposed to work with EVERY government that makes up this world. We are just a small part of a big system. Instead of the left and the right actually debating on issues that matters what do I see when I turn on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and whatever other news network that makes up mass media. I see people critizizing healthcare reform, which is something that should have been important 20-30 years ago. It is that outdated. I see people arguing about AMERICA’S ECONOMY. I see people (mostly left) who say we should keep the same stance as we have kept for decades. This stance has not worked and caused more problems than good. The UN is a good idea, we need to be focusing and pushing what America can do to help the rest of the nations. We are complaining that gas is so high when in Europe gas has been over the equivalent of 10 USD per liter (3 liters make a gallon). We are as a nation very vain, we care only about ourselves and this thinking needs to stop. We as a nation debate over the most pointless issues. It may mean something to you, but looking at the big picture of humanity these issues are very small. So its the left wing thinking’s fault things are the way it is. It’s the right wing thinking’s fault things are the way it is. We do not embrace progress anymore. Obama has made huge progresses in making America more active in the bigger picture. More progress than we have seen in eight years. But do we applaud him for this feat? No we use buzz words that don’t mean a damn thing anymore. Socialist, Communist, Red Threat? The cold war is over, we are not fighting a war against these things anymore. We have to stop trying to change things towards how WE want the world to be. We need to start trying to improve what is. We need to collaborate and try to fix what is broken. We need to stop making existing problems worse. Obama is making efforts in doing this. So what if the House and Senate, is voting down his administrations bills, and legislations. They really are not important. He has made more of an effort to fulfill his campaign promises, than any other President has since JFK. Instead of America collaborating with the global community we are trying to run the global community. NEWS FLASH: IT ISN’T WORKING! We are not a democracy, we are a REPUBLIC DEMOCRACY. There is a huge difference. On paper a true democracy is run by the voice of each citizen. A true democracy is actually run, much like how communism is supposed to be run on paper. They both look good on paper, but really they both do not work. A true democracy states: Eeach citizen’s opinion matters. But our government has never worked like this. We vote on people who we think may do what we want, but most of us don’t write our Senator or Congressperson. So they are doing what THEY think is right. We don’t take the time to read the bills that is being run in congress. You may need a legal dictionary, you may need to actually care about what happens in this country. Americans both right and left are lazy. Our political thought is stuck in the past when it should be focused on the future.

    I am going to say the one thing no one has really truly said. I hope President Obama sees this, or is told about this….President Obama, you have done your job to the best of your ability. You turned out to be a good President so far, and I appreciate the sacrifices you have made in attempting to make this country great again. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. Thank you for making me proud of my country again. And hopefully the narrow-minded people stuck in the political thought of the Cold War, both right and left, will at least acknowledge the truth. That you are a man tasked to lead a country during the worst time in its history. That you are not spending as much time with your family as you can to try to make things better for them and the rest of the citizens. I truly thank you for all that you have done. It may not look like much, but it is an improvement to the way things have been. I hope you do bring the change in political thought this country needs.


  31. dorian said

    hors – if the world economies continue to slide and political parties continue to be divisive and hostile with each other, conditions will be ripe for big trouble, and yes, even fascism. religious extremism will rise and so will fear and paranoia. this is so evident in this country. i doubt if we will ever be fascist here because no matter what, the constitution holds strong; strong enough to protect against those who will try to force their convention upon others.

    i’m still hopeful that we have all learned from history and not repeat the same grave mistakes.

    right on, E_E. credit has to be given to our current president. he has shown a lot of strength and humanity in this most trying times. obama is just what this country and this world needs right now. let the fault finders waste their time thinking of ways to make themselves miserable. the ones who really want to make this country better is doing what they can do to help in the endeavor.
    sweet land of liberty.


  32. dorian said



  33. kay-ms said

    You guys need to watch Glenn Beck. Obama has (had) people on his staff who are admitted communists, admire mass murderers like Mao Tse Tung!! (Anita Dunn).. people with socialist ideologies who want to take money from the people who work and give it to the people who don’t want to work. If they are successful, they will run this country into the ground. And our future children will owe more on their first birthday than they will ever be able to pay back in their entire lifetime. You guys are completely in the dark.. seriously, watch Glenn Beck to learn things that the liberal main stream media won’t inform you of.


  34. kay-ms said

    I have comments in moderation.


  35. princessxxx said

    kay, i do watch glenn beck,
    he’s a crazy, satan worshipping cry baby making money off of the fears of ignorant people.
    and all he and sarah palin are good for is reproducing differently-abled children.


  36. kay-ms said

    Glenn Beck is not making stuff up… he always has video or recordings etc. to back up what he says. There is video of Anita Dunn saying that she turns to Mao’s as her POLITICAL philosopher. Thanks to Glenn Beck we no longer have an admitted COMMUNIST in the White House. And Dunn is no longer there either. The list goes on and on. Something isn’t right in the White House (no pun intended). And no one else is bringing this to our attention.

    The liberals want to brush this off as fear mongering… because, as I’ve said before, they live in the land of make believe where nothing bad ever happens. Obviously they never paid attention in history class.


  37. dorian said

    seriously, kay, i’ve watched glenn beck. you were right after all about him the first time. he has a mind that dwells in the dark where satan lives and he’s doing a good job of putting fear in people’s hearts. in your words, he is satan’s tool. he;s dangerous because he is in the media and can spread his paranoia and lies to many gullible people.


  38. kay-ms said

    And as usual Dorian.. you give no specifics, address none of my points.. you just give fancy critical commentary with a superior tone but with nothing to back it up. Ignoring my points will not make them go away. And you authoritive, superior tone certainly won’t fool the more intelligent people into thinking you are right. You are only bs-ing yourself.


  39. dorian said

    why do you judge my tone that way, kay?
    and i’m not addressing any points. just expressing what i was thinking.
    i don’t want to convince anyone about anything.
    why are jumping down my throat?


  40. kay-ms said

    I apologize Dorian.. it’s just that you have always expressed what you are thinking but you never explain why you think that way… it’s very similar to what TBG is doing right now.. it’s extremely frustrating sometimes. I don’t understand why people don’t listen to other views and consider them.

    plus, it’s a hormonal thing right now… sorry. I notice myself getting this way every month.. just like clockwork. To think that the scientists at one time denied that hormonal changes effected us. No doubt, it was a “fact”.


  41. dorian said

    okay. i’ll make a note of it in my calendar for sure!

    i should let you know that i usually write down what comes to me, it’s a free-association kind thing where i read some lines and i type away without thinking much sometimes. so if i don’t make sense to you at times, that’s alright.
    sometimes i make sense to others, sometimes not.

    i just hope princess doesn’t have the same hormonal schedule as you! WWIII!


  42. Enkill_Eridos said

    And as usual Kay you show you are easily confused. I paid attention in History class. I would like to point out that you are talking about Communism in the Cold War era sense of the word. Here are some Historical FACTS I learned in history. Under Lenin the USSR supported its citizens and every law and government action was done for thier benefit. The USSR elected it’s leaders pre-Stalin. Another Historical Fact. Stalin’s Communist USSR WAS NOT REALLY A COMMUNIST NATION. It was what is called a tyrannical facist nation that described itself as a Communist nation. Same thing with the People’s Republic of China. It is not really a Communist Nation they just call themselves that. It’s just like a wolf saying he is a sheep because he is wearing wool. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is a saying coming to mind when I think of China and the old USSR governments and how they actually work/worked. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck chances are you are looking at a duck. I can put in many old timey sayings to make you understand my point. You are either ignorant of the Marxist writings on Communism or you are being a sheep and displaying “reverse ignorance” or total oblivion to the truth.

    As a further example: We tell the world the US is a democracy when it really is not. It is a Republic. I mean the 2001 election should have told you this, you know when the citizens elected Al Gore, and yet Bush became president? The Bush administration has been apart of a problem plaguing our nation for a long time. I all it ME politics. I will be posting a more detailed explination of what ME politics is.

    Now to explain to you what COMMUNISM truly is. Communism is when the average citizen is apart of the decision making process, when it pertains to laws and foriegn policy. Communism was actually started by our founding fathers *gasp*. Communism is when the government actually makes descisions based on the actual best interest of the citizens. Communism is when the citizens decide for themselves what is in thier own best interest. These ideals are actually what this country is founded on. This country was not founded on the thought that a government has the authority to tell its citizens how to live and think. This country is a melting pot of cultures. Incorporating different cultural ideas making our culture unique. America started out as a Communist country. In the aspect of how the government is SUPPOSED to work. The government does not work this way. Politicians make thier descisions based on how if it will best benefit them. Not the citizens of this country.

    If you want some examples. The TSI no-fly list, and the Patriot Act are two examples. Or HALLIBURTON being the company with the most civilian government contracts. If you do not understand how Halliburton becoming the biggest civilian government contractor benefited someone look in our last VP’s personal history. He was CEO of that company until he got elected. They got thier contracts after 9/11 most of the contracts are DoD or to not confuse the easily confused military contracts. Do you think me stating that the Bush Admin wasted trillions of dollars to pay a company that is doing EXACTLY what certain occupations in the military are trained and paid to do, is just something that I am just saying for my health. I must add once again that the military personell trained and paid to do exactly what Halliburton is doing over in Iraq are not doing it. They sat and waited for a mission while collecting money from taxpayers.

    I mean really? Has no one actually connected those very obvious dots?

    So what if there are people who believe incorporating aspects of Communism may improve our already broken and flawed government system is in a position to incorporate those aspects into our government. I mean to say that the government pay everyone’s salries is ridiculous. I mean there must be competition there must be jobs with higher pay. But I am not talking about the fantasies of Karl Marx. I am talking about the application of one policy. For our elected officials to not care about the kick backs special interest groups give them for going one way or another. The members who pay these groups on the internet, is basically bribing Congresspeople and Senators to vote that way. This pay for a legislation or against a legislation makes me sick. LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES ARE TO BLAME FOR OUR PROBLEMS. BUSH JUST DIDN’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER AND ADDED TO OUR MORAL PROBLEMS. But at the same time during the Bush Administration the only real job security there was, was in government jobs… Oh yes there was a lower unemployment rate during Bush’s first term. But does everyone forget the military is an occupation? The recruitment rate was up and the military is a form of employment. But they couldn’t retain many of them. So here is a surprise, after his second term most of the ones that joined are going back to civilian life. More workers than civilian jobs equals economic problems.

    But maybe the main Communist principle as written by Karl Marx, that the citizens should have a say in our government and should be the last people to decide on major issues. Like Health Care reform, or laws or policies that affect the citizens. These bills and issues should be sent to each tax payers home so we have the adequate information for our decisions. It’s our country too! We should all be able to make more of a difference than allowing corrupt politicians control things that could possibly affect us very negatively. Maybe that is what is best for this nation. Conservatives wouldn’t want it because it is fair and most of them think we are still in a Cold War and that us cooperating with the rest of the world is bad.And that Liberals are conspiring against them and create conspiracy theories against Liberals, Science, Technology, Entertainment, and whatever else may improve the quality of life in our country. Liberals would want you to think that Conservatives would make things much worse by . Also they would be against anything that may improve the cooperation between the two sides. But we would PAY MORE ATTENTION to what the politicians are doing. There would be more awareness to actual events overseas. Conservatives want you to believe that the system is fine the way it is now. Liberals want you to think it’s broken and it’s solely the conservatives fault.

    But, in reality none accept or even see the full FACTS.

    FACT: If the citizens have more say in how OUR money is spent, things like what is happening now would not happen at the same level ever again.


    Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

    Don’t drink the Liberal Kool-aid.

    Don’t drink the Conservative Kool-aid.

    Go and actually research on your own, come up with your own opinions. Do not let anyone, whether it be politicians, political talk show entertainment members (i.e. Hannity, Larry King, Rush, Sarah Palin etc.), religion, the media etc. decide what something means or what will happen for you. You can read entire bills, laws, proposed constitutional amendments and amendments to a bill, or law at the Library of Congress’ web site.


  43. Enkill_Eridos said

    Of course we blame the liberals and Obama for a mistake T.S.A did. It is that organizations fault not Obama, maybe liberals and maybe conservatives. They did not think about that possibility. Well actually they did, and requests have been made for special scanners designed to look for explosive materials (much like the luggage scanners.)For a almost naked person. But special interest privacy groups actually urged for this not to be implemented. These groups are not necessarily liberals either there are special interest conservative privacy groups. In short it may have been prevented, but T.S.A folded under pressure. Way to go…A little advice for the T.S.A. don’t listen to special interest groups. Do what you have to do to catch the bad guys. When you do catch the bad guys, no scandal. But if it’s there in use and you don’t catch them..well people will complain. But T.S.A. has one purpose, to ensure security on American flights both foreign and domestic. Don’t listen to opinionated people that don’t know the first thing about security.


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