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TERROR ALERT – Sarah Palin on Fox News

Posted by princessxxx on January 13, 2010



10 Responses to “TERROR ALERT – Sarah Palin on Fox News”

  1. princessxxx said

    sarah palin liar of the year



  2. dorian said

    faux news analysis? i can’t think of a more suitable person. she is famous for perpetrating some good ones.
    more comic relief from fox news, yay! forget SNL!


  3. kay-ms said

    I’m really not saying this to agravate you P but the more I listen to Sarah Palin, the more I like her. Although I still do NOT want her to be our president.

    P, really, who DOESN’T lie in politics??


  4. Princessxxx said

    President Barack Hussien Obama


  5. kay-ms said

    uh, right off the top I can think of one lie of his… he promised transparency and then they go behind closed doors to work out the healthcare bill.


  6. kay-ms said

    Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are offering to host on SNL together…I can’t wait to see it! I can’t believe SNL would turn them down.


  7. Princessxxx said

    glenn beck is always groveling for attention, sounds just like bill keller.

    oh, i know, why don’t glen beck and sarah palin go on the bill keller show.

    seriously kay, these two are the biggest idiots in town. 2 christian phonies.


  8. Preston said

    Honestly, who else wanted her? She is perfect for “Fake News”, enough said.


  9. obama the antichrist said

    why in the world are people still talking about her. she has no political power right now she holds no office but yet liberals and conservatives feel the need to keep talking about her. liberals are afraid of the charisma she holds and conservatives worship her as a god. now lets all move on to a more important topic. the loss of the super majority in the senate 😀


  10. princessxxx said

    oh, i bet you are just loving that.

    i heard that gross gretchen carlson on fox this morning say that there was an earthquake in massachussets last nite.

    and sarah palin and her daughter bristle are on the cover of us weekly or something saying they are glad to have kept there babies and bristle, she said, “i will not have sex until after marriage”

    kind of an afterthought.

    post something obama the anichrist


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