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Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck explain God for you!

Posted by princessxxx on January 14, 2010


hey kay, why doesn’t palin call out beck for being a satan worshipping mormon?



3 Responses to “Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck explain God for you!”

  1. kay-ms said

    That’s a good question P. I noticed in the later part of the interview that she did seem distant from him a little. And that is when I was reminded of their different beliefs.

    As a Mormon, Glenn’s motivation is to unite the two in the eyes of viewers and I sensed that Sarah was aware of that and was pulling back a little. I sensed that she does know the truth about Mormonism and wouldn’t hesitate to say so. There are plenty of so called Christians out there like Ann Coulter and O’reily and on and on, who do not acknowledge the truth about Mormonism because it would hurt their agenda (or pockets). If Sarah spoke out against Mormonism, she would possibly lose Romney’s voters if it came down to that (if she decides to run).

    So, that would be a good indicator for me on her character.. knowing her stance concerning Mormonism; if she stated it publicly. But Glenn would never have had her on without the aggreement that the issue would not be brought up.. that she wouldn’t speak negatively about Mormonism.


  2. kay-ms said

    anyone who is considering donating to help the people of Haiti… search Charity Navigator for trusted charities… there are a lot of scammers out there right now.


    Don’t respond to email solicitations.


  3. Enkill_Eridos said

    I think its because I misjudged her character a little bit, and she isn’t a devout fundamentalist. Or maybe she agrees that everyone in America is entitled to their own opinions specifically about God, and does not try to push her own beliefs on him publicly for the simple fact that she already stated them. Maybe she actually believes in the parable Jesus taught about the seed and his explanation on it. That parable actually states how Jesus wanted the people that believed in his teachings to actually teach them. He doesn’t want you to go around and be negative towards those who do not feel exactly the same way. His actions did not indicate it. What the correct way to spread his teachings is to just tell others. If they get it they will want to know more, if not then just focus on the ones that are interested. That simple, not everyone will believe in his teachings and that is fine. The purpose of telling those teachings however, is to give everyone the opportunity to accept the teachings, and thus being saved.


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