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Avatar: A look at a good movie, a good story, and what I think the REAL message is.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on January 16, 2010

By now everyone has heard the big stink Conservatives are making about James Cameron’s Avatar. I have seen there is things that are against God, but conservatives always say something is against God when it portrays the possibility of alien life. I really haven’t seen any of these Nature Worship images they are saying is in the film. I mean there is no actual religious teachings of the spiritual practices that talk about nature worship. How about the claim this movie is against the US?

In my opinion, that statement is also crap. The movie had a good story here is a synopsis if you haven’t seen this very beautiful modern day opera. A corporation from Earth comes to mine a planet with a very valuable resource. The goal of this corporation is to suck this particular planet dry of all of its resources. (This does sound kind of familiar.) The native population, that has no technology what so ever is being bullied and they are being killed for defending their homeland. (Again this sounds historically familiar.) There are scientists that are their that’s only goal is to study the indigenous peoples and learn from them. In order to do that they have to create cloned bodies out of this race’s DNA and human beings DNA. This allows the human beings to both interact with the natives and breathe the atmosphere. They call this program the AVATAR program. (This is something not really explained as to why the natives can and humans can’t but who cares it’s a fictional movie.)

I mean the plot is simplistic, but the movie is beautiful I also believe the story is as well. I mean there was some underlying points about HUMANITY, and our current problem with ex-military personnel that is actually very accurate. I will tell you my thoughts on the only two political statements I have seen in this movie, and it is a good movie. It had things I could identify with being a vet. But let’s talk about the most obvious thing.

Pollution and humanity as a whole’s greed and selfishness. I mean this movie could have been more accurately called a film about the negative impact that strip mining has on the environment. This is not a liberal brand of poison, and if you have ever seen a former strip mine site you can actually see this. I mean in Florida there is several Limestone strip mining operations and they have had a negative impact on both the environment and the aquifer. This is not some conspiracy untruth, this can be seen without the need for instruments. After the miners leave what happens? The forest that was there takes 10+ years to be able to become a habitat for native life. Logging destroys ecosystems and makes species extinct, as well as makes other human beings that do not want to live in civilization displaced. This is also not some liberal tree-hugging claim with no actual proof.  There is proof, I mean there is so much we don’t know about the rain forest. New species are found in South America every year. Maybe our economic troubles are a good thing and we can actually see the impact our wasteful habits have made on our planet. But of course I must be pushing Nature Worship, because I want to live on a planet with sky, trees, water, sun and animals. I don’t want to live on a space station because we cannot live on our planet anymore. Not all conservatives say Global Warming is a conspiracy. That claim is plain stupidity, because that would mean over one million people have met in a building somewhere and say hey let’s all pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. I guess the Earth and the Sun are in on this conspiracy too because average temperatures have risen drastically in the past 10 years. There have been more natural disasters, because the Earth is in such a state of imbalance. I mean freak weather systems in 2004 remember that hurricane season. Four hurricanes hit Florida alone. Many more hit Hatti and other Carribean islands.But I digress. There are many Conservatives that see the facts. Jeb Bush the Florida Governor that belongs to a family that has controlling stock in one of the biggest Oil drilling corporations in America, pushed for biofuels and alternative fuels. Charlie Crist has done the same. This may come as a shock, but if either of those two politicians ran for president with the Republican party I would have voted for them over Obama. This movie specifically portrayed a big company that’s whole goal was to mine a planet of all of its precious minerals. Let’s look at the real world for a second. Governments in the Middle East are actually worried about what they are going to do in ten years after the Oil starts to not be as plentiful. I heard this in 2003. In 2003, there was at least 5 closures of Oil Drilling structures in Kuwait. We are running out of Oil, it is not a renewable resource. So finding alternative and one that doesn’t impact the environment so adversely. Don’t think gas powered engines is polluting anything? Look at Tampa, Miami, LA, New York, Detroit, and Pittsburgh.  All of those cities have a lot of drivers. All of those cities have smog indexes. Some of those cities get so smoggy that they discourage people to actually leave their homes without something to filter the air so pollutants do not get into their lungs. And yet there can not be a global warming problem, and there is no such thing as green house gases… That statement is the very definition of “reverse ignorance.” Because we do know there is green house gases, we do know there is a hole in our Ozone layer (the thing that protects us from the harmful radiation of the sun. So obviously a movie that shows something that probably would happen if we colonized another planet is trying to push nature worship. Sometimes I think our global education systems are really substandard. Which is why I don’t watch the news any longer, because when I do I ask why haven’t we just blown ourselves up yet? To actually think this is not the practices we would use if we colonized another planet is just plain retarded. We would mine everything and commit genocide. Much like we did to the Native Americans so long ago. (I just had to throw in that guilt trip.) Is it likely looking at our history that this movie shows an uncomfortable truth to our destructive and overly aggressive way of thinking? Yes it very well does. I am glad we haven’t actually started to explore space more fully, because if there is any life out there we would just piss that life form off and we would probably be destroyed. This movie did not get me thinking like this, this is something that I learned in History and Social Studies in elementary and middle school. We colonized America, and then caused genocide to the native peoples of this nation. Then we started to strip mine and just damage the country we colonized and killed anyone who spoke out against our practices. This actually happened and there is historical proof that supports what they teach us in History and Social Studies class. (Now the Conservatives will stop complaining about Evolution and start saying that History and Social Studies is against God as well.)

There is a line in the movie that I just had to laugh at. No one got the joke it seems. “Once these were members of the military fighting for freedom, now they are nothing more than mercenaries offering their services to the highest bidder.”  This concept was also in Rambo, and it is a very accurate one. There are ex military members world wide that will work for the highest paying clients. People that are willing to wage war in a country for money not for freedom. THIS IS HAPPENING ACROSS THE WORLD. Maybe my experiences with Black Water has clouded my judgement. I mean I am grateful they were there, but a majority of them actually said they signed up with the private “security” firm because they paid more money than the DoD paid them. I don’t condone these practices. Mainly because what if one of America’s enemies paid these people more than this company would? Would they betray their own country, morals, and ideals for money? I wouldn’t put it past some people. I am not disillusioned like a majority of Liberals and Conservatives. The real world past the boarders of North America (Canada really isn’t that viceral, but they legalized pot and crime rates are way lower than in America. GO FIGURE THAT ONE.) is a very harsh place. There are people willing to kill you for no other reason than you are an American. This is not liberal propaganda it is the truth. I am not talking about the Middle East either, I am talking about Europe.

Of course the Liberals are wrong about this movie as well. Because this movie isn’t about saving our environment. It isn’t anti-American. This movie revolves around one main idea ethics. I mean if the American government told me to go kill people so they can get more Oil, or any other resource from another country. I would have told them about the size of my foot and where they can stick it. I love this country, but killing people over resources is against my moral code. Killing people to get rid of Tyranny and corruption is not against my moral code. Fighting for the freedoms of my country and countries that are led by blatant tyrants is not against my moral code. Killing so gas prices can be lower? So I really see no anti-american messages. I see anti-mercenary messages, which I support. Mercenaries do not fight for any ideal but their own and only are willing to fill their own pockets. If they ever had any honor, or ethics they lost it the moment they sold those things for money. What is this movie about exactly you may ask? Two things

1.) To tell a fabulous and accurate story (honestly I feel that the movie portrayed humanity as a whole and not just one country. Because it is very probable we would commit genocide on that level just to get more money.)

2.) Here is the irony that is lost to everyone obviously. To make a profit.

That’s what it boils down to, the hype and buzz shows they really wanted to make the profit they did. It was a good story, that any person with a brain can identify with. It is funny how Conservatives (It may just be coincidence that most Conservatives are Republicans and most Republicans support big business and increased profits.) are very quick to denounce a work of fiction and art because there is no guy preaching about God to the indigenous peoples. And humanity is destroying a beautiful landscape and most of them used to be in the US military. But they sold themselves for money. I mean if anything this movie shows human nature and how James Cameron thinks it should change and where human nature will take us if it does not. If there is hidden message that James Cameron has left in there I believe that would be it.


12 Responses to “Avatar: A look at a good movie, a good story, and what I think the REAL message is.”

  1. Princessxxx said

    i haven’t seen the movie yet. i would mostly want to see it for the 3d.

    anyway, i was watching the view the other day, and sherri shepard, the one that thinks the earth is flat, says the film makes the u.s. military look like bad guys…..duh!


  2. Well, I saw the movie, and I didn’t liked it so much.

    It was very beautifull indeed (although not very original), but I found the story stupid.
    Too much self-gilt, and heard previously a hundred times. Ok, it was not as manichean as I feared, but it was sooo clear that there was the “bad guys”, trying to make money and kill the “good guys” who wanted to defend their homeland and traditions and lived in perfect harmony with nature.
    And at the end, there was this part “reject all humans except a few chosen ones”… Don’t like this ideology.

    The marines were so much american (like if all humans were american), and the natives were so much indians (like if all natives looked like indians).

    But all in all, an average movie.

    Anyway I agree with the rest of what you said: what does God has to do here? It’s a political movie: it has nothing to do with religion. And the natives have a physical link with the rest of their world, not us.

    To see a good ecological film (to me), I recommend Princess Mononoke and other films of Hayao Miyazaki.
    I prefer it when the two sides are grey and when they both have reasons to fight each other.


  3. Enkill_Eridos said

    I liked it..but, like I said I am very anti-mercenary.. Because there is always the chance that the mercenaries are more for money than ideals..I see being a mercenary for money the same as prostitution. You are selling yourself, your skills, and your very morals to the highest bidder. I don’t have problems with mercenaries who are hired to protect civilians in active war zones. Such as Cambodia, some parts of India, many parts of Africa, and the list goes on. People who will do their job, not just for the money, but to protect someone that is not affiliated with an extremist religious group. (Talking about Christian Terrorist organizations as well as Islamic..There are Christian Terrorist organizations. They do exist, and they give Christians everywhere a bad name.)

    But again that is because of the circles I have lived in for so long my perception is kinda tinted. I like to say I view the world much clearer than the average American. Now America is all about the money, Conservative Republicans like Dick Cheney wants to privatize space exploration. There is an excellent way to get blown up by extra-terrestial life…Do something Dick Cheney wants to do because he stands to profit off it…He may go “quail-hunting” with one of the alien leaders. But really look at the actual waste the past 8 years of bad bugeting has gotten us. For the conservatives that blame Obama solely for our economic crisis..look at the rise in unemployment rates since 2004. You will see a sharp incline 2006-07 was the flashpoint when things got really, really bad. This movie as far as statement is concerned, I believe was supposed to be more of a wake up call to what we are actually doing to our planet. When I say we I mean the biggest corporation in the world..The United States of America.


  4. 1minionsopinion said

    I saw it more as ecology vs industry, but also about flawed assumptions – mostly on the part of the interlopers who didn’t understand the culture they were invading and didn’t really care to understand either.

    I also read a really interesting blog complaining about white racial apologetics making movies like this. The whole “walk a mile in a moccasin” idea that some white dude can really “understand” the people, but only if he’s allowed to lead them…



  5. princessxxx said

    right on, i agree.


  6. Adam said

    horsservice: hahaha!! You should probably never speak your mind about a movie again. In fact, never go to see one again.

    Maybe if you didn’t think of humans as perfect little snowflakes who could never, ever do any type of evil, you wouldn’t be as offended by such a movie.

    The whole point of the movie is to show what’s wrong with destroying habitats and nature.. which you agree with, but then have to take it out on the movie itself, instead of your own race.


  7. @Adam

    I don’t think humans are perfect. I don’t think they are evil either. They’re just human.

    I don’t like manicheism.

    “The whole point of the movie is to show what’s wrong with destroying habitats and nature..”

    Yes thank you I got the point. Only idiots couldn’t see it. And that’s what this is all about: Navis are showed like perfect little snowflakes who could never, ever do any type of evil. No complexity at all. Quasi no humanity in the feelings of the colonel.

    I would have prefered, for example, that the mineral would be essential to the peace on Earth. Or something.


  8. Enkill_Eridos said

    Yea, but then it wouldn’t be realistic. It is more realistic to see an American like society, destroy a planet for our own selfish gains than to see humanity being selfless. To tell the truth Americans in thought nowadays we have the every man woman and child for themselves. This can be seen primarily in politics. Any Bill that gives to the people, but hurts the rich more than benefits the rich it is mislabled Socialism.


  9. Well, I don’t agree at least on the “realisticness” of the navis being so nice… Primitive societies have also flaws, they allow very little freedom and such…
    I don’t object to the navis being the “good” side, but what I would have liked is a bit more complexity in it.
    Like showing that destroying a planet even for good reasons isn’t the way, for example. And that violent opposition isn’t the way either, but sometimes you’re only left with that and so on.
    I prefer a good movie to ask questions rather than imposing answers.


  10. princessxxx said

    well, it comes on pay per view this week, should i watch it?
    because of southpark, this movie will always be “dances with smurfs”


  11. Enkill_Eridos said

    Its not that they were labled as good. They just drove out an opposing force. Why does anyone assume the Navi’s were primitive? Ultimately I don’t really agree with the end, because two wrongs do not make a right. Also, niether side tried to resolve the conflict peacefully. I mean if you think about it niether side won. If anything it would be a short term victory. Basically I feel that the writers message was that we as a species are messed up. We would rather destroy each other, than actually try to coexist. Like it really matters if my belief is better than yours. Or my country is better than yours. It makes me sick to think there are people that really would rather humanity to become extinct rather than change and move into the future. Seperately the Human race is weak, if there is life on other planets it is more likely they would try to enslave us then allow us to coexist with them. And sadly if Earth is the only planet that can support life in all of the universe, then life doesnt have a chance past bacteria and microorganisms.


  12. Enkill_Eridos said

    Also, Hors… You forget about what the movie industry is about now a days. You forget about what America is about now a days. You cannot deny it selfishness, greed, corruption, Corporations having more influence in government decisions than the rest of the citizens.

    The Companies own America not the people. Look at the Health Reform issue the conservative republicans are pushing. It will hurt the business more than the people so it must be socialism. But what these corrupt or stupid people that spout these lies are against is direct democracy, or even possibly representive democracy. But mainly they are against direct democracy.


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