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Obama’s State of the Union

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on January 28, 2010

What a true debate is in politics.

This is a POLITICAL DEBATE. While religion may have a place in politicians deciding things, a theological debate does not. If you want to debate theology go to the current theological debate about Tiger Woods. Comments not related to the State of the Union shown earlier tonight will be deleted. Don’t cry that I deleted your comments, if you didn’t read the rules it’s not my problem it is yours…With that said..Let’s Get It On!!!


11 Responses to “Obama’s State of the Union”

  1. Princessxxx said

    oh, i didn’t watch the speech, glen beck told me not to. i’m going to watch beck today because he is going to tell us what obama should have really said.

    just kidding. but that’s what beck told his viewing audience yesterday.

    the good things, repealing don’t ask don’t tell and calling out the supreme court for their latest stupid ruling. and getting the troops out of iraq in 2011.

    of course, these things will only matter if they actually do something.

    oh yes, i liked he took blame for some of the things that have gone wrong, bush never took blame for anything.

    i also liked he reminded the public that, yes indeed he inherited the wars and the failing economy, so many people seem to forget that or at least trying to make it seem like that didn’t happen.

    i’ll comment more later.


  2. princessxxx said

    i enjoyed his speech in tampa today even better.

    i love high speed rail. it’s about time this country gets modern and becomes 21st century.


  3. princessxxx said

    are e_e and i the only ones that care about this?

    Republicans, the natural party of fiscal responsibility

    which presidents saddled america with the most debt, and which didn’t?


  4. Princessxxx said

    republicans, the party of NO, what a bunch of assholes


  5. kay-ms said

    What I don’t understand is how Obama can be so apologetic in the international community, in the interest of peace and progress, when he is speaking for the whole country but be very defiant when he is representing just himself.


  6. Because he considers the entire population, you do realize that right now this country has a huge target on its perverbial forehead? You do realize that everyone with nukes is watching us and is just itching to press that button..so yes he has to be humble and apologetic in the international communtiy. It’s very dangerous for an American to travel abroad, the international community is angry at us. Mainly because the last president we elected was someone that wasn’t very smart.

    But Obama is not being defiant, because if he was that would mean what exactly? How can he be defiant? He is the leader of this country. Even if the House and Senate is the rudder, Obama is still the captain. And he is taking charge and being strong. Or is he defiant, because he just doesn’t say okay to the rich white man?


  7. Sorry I had to cross the PC line there..I know you all have been waiting to do so. Kay just set it up so perfectly.


  8. dorian said



  9. princessxxx said

    what i don’t understand is how kay can be so removed from reality.

    i’m so glad you find this funny, dorian.


  10. I am glad that Obama approved Jeb Bush’s project, when his own brother refused it. I mean honestly? I would rather have the ability to not have vehicles and just take high speed trains on interstate travels. Because face it I don’t drive because of Florida drivers, more accidents happen on the I-4 corridor than in many other places. Besides it would connect two major international airports in florida. Also more tourists would come, generate more money or florida’s economy. I mean seriously I was born and raised in Florida, and I refuse to drive because there are a lot of retarded drivers in Florida. So I am a resident, think of how the tourists feel. And if the I-4 corridor works interstate travel will not be done with vehicles anymore, which would reduce green house gases, and make our air cleaner.


  11. Republicans are greedy assholes and liars. They do not represent the best interests of the country. It seems they only care about their own pocketbooks. We are SO lucky to have Obama as President now. And as E_E pointed out, America has a lot of apologizing to do because of the stupid actions of the previous President.


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